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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
364 backers pledged €309,978 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. frank sommer on

      I'm selling my brand New never used or mounted Mellow Drive...
      Maybe your or your one of your friends like to ride on X-Mas 8))

      Franky 8)

    2. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi Nate,

      sure, not a proble at all, just write to with the request and we let you know about the next steps.
      Stay mellow!


    3. Nate Wilson on

      Stoked the international deliveries are up. Can I get some mellow front wheels added to my order?

    4. Emil Krog Ingerslev on

      Hi Mellow
      I'm backer #324 from Denmark and I see that backer 333 got his stuff. I'm really excited about getting my drive. Is it on the way? I shouldn't be hit by the international problem, right?
      Best, Emil

    5. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi Enrique,

      we doing some international shipping tests and hope to fulfill your order soon.
      Please check our next updates.

      Stay mellow!

    6. Missing avatar

      Enrique on

      Backer #230-USA here, when will I get my mellow?

    7. Missing avatar

      Standa Kucny on

      Hi all,

      when I first got mellow, it was malfunctining (remote was not calibrated as it should be). But I finally got the replacement and I must admit that mellow is realy cool device and is worth waiting.


    8. Kokarde on

      hi all. thats me, kai, from berlin - germany. backer nr. 333. i got my stuff at 23.07.2017 and it looks so nice. *thanx to ben for delivery* - start testing now ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Rafael Bertele on

      Backer 249 in Germany...
      Got mine today... and im Happy ����
      Thaaaaanks Mellow ���

    10. Mellow Boards Creator on

      @Jay Li - sadly yes, we are still looking for other opportunities to send international orders via our suppliers

      @Standa - we are sorry that you didnt get the expected service so far. In our last email to you we have mentioned that we are waiting for the new remotes to arrive. This has happened today and also got sent out today, which mean you should be able to get back on the drive by the beginning of next week!

    11. Missing avatar

      Standa Kucny on

      HI Mellow,

      it's nice that you managed to post another update for us. Actually I'm wandering if I'm going to get my mellow remote repaired or not. Right now, mellow is laying here useless and nobody is bothering to even reply to my emails.
      I expected much better service for the large amout of money I had to pay for your product.

      Regards, Standa

    12. Missing avatar

      Jay Li on

      192 here in Taiwan. Nothing yet. I guess non-EU backers are all suffering from recent TNT incident. T_T

    13. Michael Obermüller on

      FYI: I'm backer #206 and i got it on tuesday (Munich, Germany)

    14. Missing avatar

      Maik on

      seit über eine Woche keinerlei Infos mehr kommen! Der Umstand das es jetzt allein am Auslieferer liegen soll halte ich jetzt mittlerweile auch nur noch für vorgeschoben - es ist ja auch nicht so, dass für den Paketversand von Hamburg nach Berlin nur ein Dienstleister in Frage kommt. Eure letzte Meldung hörte sich auch so an, dass wenn TNT das Problem nicht zeitnah in den Griff bekommt ihr die Pakete persönlich zur Post bringt!?

    15. Missing avatar

      Maik on

      Ich kann auch nicht mehr nachvollziehen warum

    16. Missing avatar

      Rafael Bertele on

      Huhu Mellow,

      wollte mal fragen, wie der aktuelle Stand der Dinge ist ?!?!?
      Bin Unterstützer #249, und warte immer noch !?!?!?
      Sollte ja schon letzte Woche rausgehen ???
      Ist auch diese Woche noch nich raus...
      Info's gibt's auch keine mehr...
      Versuch immer positiv zu denken... aber fällt mir immer schwerer !!!

    17. Tramber En Short on

      Have a look at this
      Looks interesting, isn't it?

    18. frank sommer on

      Hallo Mellow,

      wie man in letzter Zeit lesen kann können die Deutschen Unterstützer ihre Drives im HH Office abholen! Ich habe Euch ja mit 5 Mellow Drives unterstützt und wollte Fragen wann Ihr mir die nach Berlin sendet?! Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn Ihr mir eine verlässliche Antworten geben könnt.


    19. Missing avatar

      KaiD on

      To all of you, who are still waiting, keep cool its graet! I got my Mellowboard this week and if anyone will cancel his Kickstarter order (early bird board or drive) I would take it!

    20. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Yes. They were changes we saw were necessary after testing and upgrades: bigger magnets, motor reinforcement, frame reinforcement, shockproof coatings on battery pack, stronger truck and heat shield.

    21. Kokarde on

      Hi, realy? U change the spec from Weight incl. Battery: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) to 3.9 kg????

    22. Missing avatar

      Standa Kucny on


      I got a question: I have got fast charger now. Is there any possibility to use it (or some different charger) to charge mellow from 12V car source?


    23. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Thanks Nik! The remote should last you a week or so - many many trips. Do you take it off the charger when the triangle is steady green?

      If you charged the Mellow with the remote connected overnight, the remote might have stayed on the whole time and discharged. Newer firmware updates will have an improved auto-off for both remote and Drive, but you can manually shut off the remote (instead of waiting for it to sleep) by holding down the button for two seconds.

      Write us at so we can troubleshoot further or schedule a replacement if none of the advice above helps.

    24. Missing avatar

      nik on

      First impression:

      * extremely nice and smooth acceleration and braking
      * very heavy, I did not realize that the specifications changed from the original 2.5 kg to 3.9 kg. 2.5 would have been perfect I guess. For me it is not very comfortable to carry around
      * Remote battery died two times after only riding one battery cycle of the drive. Is this normal? Do I have to charge the remote every time I charge the board as well? Is it just good for about an hour? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

    25. Mellow Boards Creator on

      @Michael and @all, we're about to publish the next update. There's only a slight change for backers but also an invitation for anyone in town. The app will be released on 1 July.

      @Ethan - we are really sorry to hear that. We've written to you at the new address and will get you sorted out.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ethan Beckman on

      I have already emailed you guys about my battery falling out when I hit small bumps but now my board won't even charge or turn on. Last time I rode it it was working and it's been about a week since I rode it. Can u please email me about this. My new email is

    27. Michael Obermüller on

      And what about the app? The last release date I remember was May 2017.

    28. Michael Obermüller on

      Hi guys, what about the next delivery batch? I thought that all kickstarter backers and some preorders would be delivered in June? I'm backer 206 and have no notice yet...
      Please keep us informed regularly!

    29. Mellow Boards Creator on

      To backers under #107, despite what we wrote in the update, we weren't able to send out every single Drive all we wanted because of a shipping snafu we had to solve. We should have more info this afternoon.

      @Nate Wilson - not yet no.

      @Standa Kuchy - Your board was indeed to supposed to go out last week, but hasn't because of the reasons above. Our apologies - it should be this week. Our logistics and manufacturing people are giving it their all!

      @Chéhin Toumi - we understand your your frustration. Weather has finally turned nice here too. We've already sent boards out as far as Canada, South Korea and Australia and are happy to see initial reviews are great. Refunds aren't possible for Kickstarter backers, but we are sure that you are going to think the Drive is awesome.

      @seb Unruhe gibts auch in unserer Mannschaft, die gern ihr eigene Boards haben möchten auch. Fokus und Priorität is auf Backers. Es kommt!

      @Andreas Heider and @Markus Krause - That's great news. Let us know if you need anything!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Markus Krause on

      My board arrived end of last week and riding experience is just awesome. Can't wait to see the app working. I am just riding in eco mode up to now and it is pure fun.

    31. Missing avatar

      Standa Kucny on

      @Andreas nope, no sign of any logistics activity so far

    32. Missing avatar

      Andreas Heider on

      My board arrived last week and it's even better than expected �

      Standa, did you get your tracking code yet? TNT took a while to get it over here.

    33. Missing avatar

      seb on

      Leute, jetzt mal ohne Scheiss.
      Die Kickstarter Backer unterstützen euch seit 2015 im Glauben, daß im Mai 2016 Euer Versprechen "all Kickstarter orders are done!" eingelöst wird. Stattdessen fällt im Juni 2017 der all so well german engineered Akku einfach so raus? Da passen doch euer eigener Anspruch und Realität irgendwie nicht zusammen. Was war denn da los mit euren Prototypen, daß kann doch nicht nur Pech sein oder die alleinige Schuld Eurer Zulieferer sein. Ich kann verstehen, daß sich Unruhe unter den Kickstartern breit macht und vielleicht wäre es so langsam an der Zeit sich über ein Kompensations/Refund Programm Gedanken zu machen, insbesondere wenn die Kickstarter Backer auch den Sommer 2017 ohne Mellow Drive auskommen müssen. Also don't stay mellow, haut rein!

    34. Chéhin Toumi on

      Hi Mellow

      I am starting to thinks like my fellow backers in terms of cancelling my order and get my money back!
      I am backer 292 and I do not see any progress in term of shipping or an idea of when I should receive this. Can you not provide a date?
      We are talking about product manufacturing, it is not rocket science to create a production planning!

      Summer is here and at this point, I do not believe I will get it this year, so please provide step to get a refund.



    35. Missing avatar

      Standa Kucny on

      Hi Mellow,

      I'm backer #101. It's 2nd of June today. I got home after two week trip and I expected the Mellow to be here already. Well, not entirely, because of your approach you have shown us so far. Of course, nothing arrived yet. Therefore, I want you to answer me two questions:

      - am I going to receive my Mellow during next week or not?
      - how can I cancel and receive money back?

      Thanks you for your prompt answers.

    36. Nate Wilson on

      Any idea about which backer number the next shipment will get to and when it will be out?

    37. Mellow Boards Creator on

      You know what they say: with great power comes...great regen current. The magnet change that upgraded the motor improved torque and stopping power, but also increased energy return.Since kinetic energy shoots up exponentially with speed, our braking limits are simply the physical limits of the system.

      So yes, please treat our operating specs of 40 kmh top speed as both a feature and an upper range...if you've been bombing hills beyond 40, you already have a special set of skills and judgment. Ride safe in those mountains of yours!

      Speaking of safe: (1) you'll have sound and vibration alerts at certain speeds, letting you know without looking how fast you are going, (2) braking power doesn't disappear after 40 kmh, but is severely reduced up to a certain range. Braking outside the operating range means that you risk damaging your Mellow, and worse, yourself.

    38. Missing avatar

      sebastien hang on

      I think it is no breaking over 50 km/h if the battery is fully charged.
      so avoid downhill on fully charged battery...

    39. Renaud Orange on

      hello mellow ...
      i have just seen a news on Facebook about the breaking system ... and my heart stop !
      no breaking over 40km/h ???? really !

    40. Mellow Boards Creator on

      We understand the disappointment, even when the reasons are good ones, it's hard. We will be updating the blog entry on the Delivery timeline this week. (

      @Curtis Thompson - Don't worry, the Mellow is still future-proofed and will stay that way for years to come. Hub motors and modularity are being used elsewhere yes, but the tech inside the motors, performance and safety sub-systems is STILL one-of-a-kind.

      @promiselee Congratulations on your wedding! The best things in life are never the easiest. Hang in there. Cancelling the project and replacing it with a freebie would be the worst thing we could do to our supporters. Kickstarter Drives are shipping this month and next.

    41. Missing avatar

      promisellee on

      Can't believe I backed this project for my gf's birthday, and now she become my wife and I still didn't got the mellow in hand. Actually I'm running out of patient. I backed a USB-c adaptor project before. When the founder finds out he can't make an adapter as he promised, he canceled the project and give all backers a free small adapter. See what an honest man do. So, now is there anyway I can cancel my order and get my money back? This is really my worst kickstarter experience.

    42. Missing avatar

      Curtis Thompson on

      Very disappointed! Delay after delay! This technology that was new when pitched on Kickstarter is already offered by other. Manufacturers on Kickstarter. The last comment of the May 12 update is still worrisome! Note: the word should hand Hope is used! Something we are all too familiar with Mellow.

    43. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi all,
      Here's the updated timeline. The myriad little fires are out, but firefighters are standing by.

      May 2017: Delivery of KS beginning the second week of May, with around two-thirds of Kickstarters done by the end of May. Total quantities delivered in each batch depend on numbers that pass quality thresholds and testing, and will be communicated as we have final visibility after final QC.

      June 2017: Production capacity and quantities of components to be procured should permit us to fulfill all remaining Kickstarters by early June, and start with delivery to a large number of pre-order customers. Exact numbers will follow.

      July 2017: Pre-order and distributor batches are projected to be completed in July, so as to end the pre-order phase and start shipments by normal webshop orders on demand.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andreas Heider on

      How's it looking? It's the second week of May now.

    45. Michael Obermüller on

      Hi guys, could we please have some more details on the upcoming shipping timeline? Thanks!

    46. Nate Wilson on

      can I add some front trucks and wheels to my order?

    47. Renaud Orange on

      an other clone .... from France ... WTF !!!!…

      they are all the same ... like somebody is selling the "motherfucker drive" to all skateboard company ... they have no face ! ( french expression )

    48. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi Sebastian,
      we are shipping today. We had to do an extra quality management for the batteries. This took another two days.
      We will keep you postet and publish the next update next week.

    49. Missing avatar

      seb on

      Did you start shipping yesterday?

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