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A mystery web comic telling the story of a lost tenant in desperate search of escape from a very special apartment building.
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koren shadmi

123 backers pledged $4,014 to help bring this project to life.

60% funded! 18 days to go...

The Abaddon Kickstarter is so far a big success! nearly 60% funded, with 18 days to go. The campaign even got a pledge from Garh Ennis & Rob Steen, who also have their own kickstarter going, As well as tweets from Scott McCloud, Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, and Jessica Abel. Also thanks to everyone who's been helping spread the word in the social networks!

There's a new pledging option added the the campaign. You can win a super limited edition book version of The Abaddon for 175$ - This hard bound, signed & numbered copy of the book will be printed and shipped to pledgers when part II is complete.

Thanks again everyone, more updates soon!

p.s - Here are pictures of some of the other prizes available: