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"Gnatrat LIves!" be an all-new comic book featuring 20 page RETURN FROM THE DEAD of the popular cult characters, Gnatrat, and more!
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History Lesson

Posted by Mark Martin (Creator)

Here's a tier from DareRat - the comic book in which the Dark Gnat was totally blind (from old age, not from a vat of acid or anything like that), and here's why it's funny:

1. He's a petulant sourpuss, as usual.

2. He put the Pop Tart in the coffee maker and the coffee in the toaster.

3. He does not hear the message on the tape because he is too busy ordering yet more pizza...

4. Pizza for breakfast. Something BREAKFASTY!

Now YOU tell ME: Anybody know how I'm supposed to mail stuff to backers who have not given me their address? Will all of that info come in some kind of report when amazon transfers the funds?

I guess I'll send a message to Kickstarter, but I was just wondering...

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    1. Mark Martin Creator on

      COOL! Thanks, Josh!

    2. Josh Drescher

      According to the FAQ:

      "Once your project is successfully funded, you can create surveys (from your Backer Report) to request any info you need to deliver backers’ rewards, such as their mailing address or other details.

      Responses will be listed next to each backer’s name on your Backer Report pages, and you’ll also be able to download Excel-compatible (csv) spreadsheets.

      Don’t worry about gathering your backers' info before then! If backers are curious, please let them know that you’ll follow up when you're ready to deliver their rewards."