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For the first time ever--the original 1920's comic strip vision of Buck Rogers In the 25th Century -- brought to life in a full length feature film! Read more

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For the first time ever--the original 1920's comic strip vision of Buck Rogers In the 25th Century -- brought to life in a full length feature film!

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Buck Rogers is an American classic science fiction character and story--the first science fiction Hero!

Starting in 1912, Buck is a young man in conflict with his mom and dad about leaving home for the first time to go fight in World War I--the War to End All Wars. When Buck does go to fight he returns home injured and thinks his life is over--but his life has just begun. During a cave exploration, he's exposed to a mysterious gas that puts him in suspended animation. When he awakens he's in the 25th century, complete with antigravity belts, single man rockets ships, ray guns -- and, with Command Officer Wilma Deering, he's in a fight for his life and freedom with rebel forces fighting against the madman Kane!

* * *

Retro Film Studios, in association with Cawley Entertainment and the Dille Family Trust are already hard at work to bring you this exciting new production of BUCK ROGERS. We've built props, completed the art design (all based on the ORIGINAL COMIC STRIPS and set in the original period) and continue the process of production. We've already shot 30 minutes of principal photography and now need to finish up principal photography.

We're proud to announce that GIL GERARD (Buck Rogers in the 1970s TV series) and ERIN GRAY (Wilma Deering from the same series) have joined us to play Buck's Mom and Dad! Playing our Buck, we're proud to bring you the talented and handsome BOBBY RICE ( . We think you'll enjoy discovering this great actor as much as we have.

To meet our goal of producing the best entertainment we can, we need the help of the fans, who have always given us fantastic love and support. As mentioned, we need to finish up principal photography on this movie, which is going to require several location shots. Including WW1 battlefield reenactment sites in Pennsylvania, Air to Air filming at a classic plane company in Vermont, Inside some cold dark caves in upstate New York, and at a futuristic building, mimicking 25th century architecture, in Albany NY. By reaching out to the Kickstarter community we are hoping to raise the funds needed to secure these sites for filming. Moving actors, equipment, feeding cast crew, insurance, all quickly ratchet up the cost of a production!

Our studio "Retro Film Studios", has been in business since 2002 in Port Henry, New York, and has produced over ten hours of Hugo nominated classic science fiction to the internet. Now we're bringing the same devotion and passion of our fan series, to the creation of our professional production a brand new Buck Rogers--the first one created with complete respect for the original character and story, using modern computer graphics and production capability.

We believe Retro Film Studios is different from other web based fan production in our level of quality, our stories and our passionate devotion to recreating great stories as original designed, without "retro-fitting" them. We think these stories are great because they were done perfectly the first time out, and we think what people really want is more of the original vision--not an "updated" (and often compromised) version! We don't compromise. We serve the stories and characters and check our egos at the door.

Retro seeks out stories with real heroes, because we believe these wonderful, human characters, often flawed, often mistaken or wrong-headed, but basically good inside and on a journey that is true to their inner lives, is what really appeals to people. It certainly appeals to us!

Retro believes--, no it knows!!--that it's the FANS that have kept many of these great stories from 1950s-1970s television alive, and have insisted on the purity of the visions and representations. It's the fans who have gone to the conventions, who've written the new stories, who've lovingly created costumes and preserved props and who've hoped that one day they might see the heroes they love in a new story. Retro is here to make sure that happens--we're sworn to it.

Thank you in advance for your support. We are very humble that you care enough about the same things we do, that you're willing to offer it.

See you in the future,
James Cawley
Retro Film Studios

PS. We encourage you to take a look at some of the sneak peek info we've released to the internet already. You can see a CGI demonstration here:

and short clip of Gil Gerard, Erin Gray & Bobby Rice here:

Join our forum discussion at:


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