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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 28 2019
pledged of €20,000pledged of €20,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 28 2019


Imagine you're walking alone at night and you find out that someone has been following you since a long time ago. You feel threatened and the situation start to overwhelm you. Suddenly, you remember that some weeks ago you installed that App called SafeMap. You reach your phone and secretly click the green button on  your SafeMap widget and instantly, It sends a signal to all the people around you in a circumference of X meters of radius. These people have the option to accept your call and when they accept automatically receive a real time image of you and your position on the city map so they can follow you and help your before your get some troubles. 

That's the main idea of SafeMap, a geolocalization app which strives to revolutionize the way in which people ask for help. Based on that first idea, we have developed a series of tools that can improve the user interface to fulfill the needs of an specific situation. And we want to explain rapidly in which way we want to do it.

The user interface is really simlple:

-At first, you have to register your email and phone number in order to make sure you are a real person and to be able to report an abusive use of this apps to authorities.

-You also must to upload a series of pictures of yourself to make sure other people recognize you on street if needed. We also ask for face verification through picture taken by your camera so we make sure your faces is aligned with the pictures you have already uploaded and making sure you're not a fake account.

-Once your are registered, you will see a screen display where you will find a map with your real time localization, the sureness level of the place where you are(based on other people experiences) and 4 buttons related to four different levels of threat:

·Green: Persecution-This level of threat  is designed for situations where you find out that some stranger is following you on consistent bases.When you click this button(which requires 3 seconds of pulsation in order to not create an involuntary alarm) it will comunicate a signal with people in a radius of 400meters(Radius can change based on population density of the city) and a maximum of 5 people can answer this call for help. Once that the person has accepted your call, he/she will be able to see your real time position and pictures and will go help you and will identify you with no problem. People who recieve this call will know that you are being followed by someone and could be able to act in a way which can be effective to despite any aggression

·Blue:Intimidation-This level of threat is designed for situations where you are suffering of some verbal intimidation which is susceptible to become a verbal or physical aggression. With this level of threat(Which requires a 5 seconds pulsation) you are comunicating with people 600meters radius from you. A maximum of 10 people will be able to answer this call, and the procedure will be the same as before.

·Orange:Verbal Aggression- This level of threat is related to situations where some stranger is insulting you. When you click this button(which requires 8 seconds of pulsation) you are sending a signal for all the people 800 meters radius from you. This call can be accepted by 20 people and will be able to see the same information from your as before.

·Red:Physical Aggression- This level of threat is related to a physical aggression, which we consider to be the most dangerous level case. When you click this button (which requires  10 second of pulsation or a single pulsation with fingerprint confirmation) you are communicating with people 1.000 meters around you and automatically send a signal to police with your real time position and this call is also susceptible to be answered by an unlimited number of people around you who will know where you are and who you are.

-Widget: This app is meant to be incredibly efficient in order to  work properly, this is why we have designed a widget which allow the user to access rapidly to the app. This widget consist of 4 concentric colored circles which must be long-clicked in order to act, and everyone of them require the pulsation of lower levels to be reached. 

-Forum:In order to create a community spirit, we have designed a forum in which users can share their experiences in this type of cases and other people can feel comfortable using the app and not feeling threatened by stranger people.

-Feedback: Once your mobile detect the presence of someone who answered your call, it gives feedback to him based on the threat level and time spent to arrive. This points can be accumulated and will create a positive stimuli to the people who help each other in addition to the gratitude of the victim.

-Security Map: Every aggression will be registered and confirmed after it happens and will help to create a "physical map" of the city based on the most common events in every zone, so people will be able to avoid walking through them.

-Black:Kidnap Level- We are worried about the security of the citizens and that's the reason why we have developed a beta level of threat which will be designed for events where someone is getting kidnapped. We have decided to make this level the most accesible of all in order to allow people in this situations to reach the option as fast as they can, this is why we have decide to create a series of shortcuts based on fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, pin or face verification. This level of threat will send a real time localization to people 2000 meters around the victim and a call to police with all the victim data.

-Smart Watches and Sport Bracelets- We are concerned about the utility of this tool to save people lives, and because of that we find really important to make it extremely accesible in situations where people can feel nervous. This is the reason why we will developed the possibility to access the app through your smart watch or monitoring wristband, which will allow you to make a very silent and secure use of the app in order to not let aggressor notice the fact that you are using this app.


Imagina que andas solo/a por la calle de noche y te das cuenta de que alguien te ha estado siguiendo desde hace mucho rato. Te sientes amenazado y la situación comienza a sobrepasarte. Pero de repente recuerdas esa aplicación que instalaste hace unas semanas llamada Safe Map. Coges tu teléfono y secretamente pulsas en el botón verde de tu widget de Safe Map e, instantáneamente, envía una señal a toda la gente de tu alrededor en un radio de actuación de 400 metros. Esta gente tiene la opción de aceptar tu llamada, y una vez que lo hacen pueden acceder a tu ubicación en tiempo real, nombre e imágenes con el fin de seguirte y ayudarte antes de que tengas algún problema real.

Esta es la idea principal de SafeMap, una aplicación de geolocalización que aspira a revolucionar la forma en la que la gente pide ayuda en situaciones peligrosas. En base a esta idea inicial, hemos desarrollado una serie de herramientas que puede mejorar la interfaz de usuario para satisfacer las necesidades de una situación específica. Y queremos explicar rápidamente de qué forma queremos hacerlo.

La interfaz de usuario es muy sencilla:

-Primero, debes registrar tu coreo electrónico  y número de teléfono con el fin de asegurarnos de que eres una perdsona real y poder reportar algún uso abusivo de esta aplicación a las autoridades.

-También debes subir una serie de fotos tuyas para asegurarnos de que la gente que acude a tu llamada puede reconocerte fácilmente. También será necesario una verificación facial por medio de una foto del momento presente con el fin de confirmar la fiabilidad de las fotos previamente subidas y así asegurar que no se registren perfiles falsos.

-Una vez terminado el registro, se desplegará una pantalla donde podras encontrar un mapa de tu ciudad con tu posición a tiempo real, el nivel de seguridad de la zona en la que te encuentras(en base a sucesos pasados) y cuatro iconos relacionados con cuatro niveles diferentes de amenaza:

·Verde:Persecución- Este nivel de amenaza está diseñado para situaciones en las que algún extraño te persigue de forma constante. Cuando presionas este botón(que requiere un total de 3 segundos de pulsación con el fin de no producir alarmas involuntarias por una pulsación espontanea) comunicará una señal con la gente alrededor de la victima en un radio de 400 metros a la redonda(El radio de actuación de la señal variará en función de la densidad de población de la ciudad) y un máximo de 5 personas podrán aceptar la alerta (el número máximo de personas que pueden aceptar la alerta variará en función del nivel de peligro asociado a cada alerta). Una vez que la persona acepte la alerta, ésta podrá ver tu posición a tiempo real y fotos de la victima para que ésta pueda ser identificada fácilmente. La gente que reciba la señal serán informados del nivel de alerta y podrán actuar en consecuencia con el fin de evitar una agresión.

·Azul:Intimidación-Este nivel de amenaza está diseñado para situaciones en las que la victima sufre algún tipo de intimidación verbal que es susceptible de convertirse en una agresión verbal o física. Con este nivel de amenaza(el cual requiere una pulsación prolongada de 5 segundos) la victima se comunicará con toda la gente en un radio de 600 metros a la redonda y podrán aceptar la alerta un máximo de 10 personas, con un procedimiento similar al nivel anterior.

·Naranja-Agresión verbal- Este nivel de amenaza está relacionado con situaciones en las que un extraño insulta a la victima o realiza cualquier tipo de agresión verbal intencionada que, probablemente, desemboque en agresión física. Cuando la víctima hace click en este icono(que requiere una pulsación de 8 segundos) automáticamente se comunica con personas en un radio de 800 metros. Esta alerta puede ser aceptada por 20 personas y podrán ver la misma información que en niveles anteriores.

·Rojo-Agresión Física- Este nivel de alerta está ligado a una agresión, lo cual consideramos que es el nivel mas peligroso. Cuando el usuario hace click en este icono(que requiere pulsación prolongada de 10 segundos, aunque también será accesible por atajos) automáticamente se comunica con gente en un radio de 1Km alrededor de la victima y envía a su vez una señal a la policía con la posición en tiempo real y la alarma podrá ser aceptada por un número ilimitado de personas que conocerán tu posición en cada momento.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges of this projects is the development of the geolocalization software and the connection with legal authorities to participate in this project

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