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Monty Banks in the 1928 comedy feature A PERFECT GENTLEMAN plus two Monty Banks comedy shorts on DVD and Blu-ray!
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Chasing Choo Choos...

Posted by Grapevine Video (Creator)


It looks like the stretch goal short will be a 2K transfer of the 1927 CHASING CHOO CHOOS, which is the two reel cut down of PLAY SAFE showing just the hair-raising and hilarious train chase with Monty Banks and Virginia Lee Corbin starring. Lots of laughs and thrills.


We also have film fragments of shorts starring Monty Banks and prolific silent comedy Sid Smith. We have three fragments, the longest running about three minutes. We're not sure if they are worthy of inclusion in this release but if there is interest in the material and we have room we can include them as well. Either way we intend to put the fragments up on YouTube and maybe someone can help us identify their source.

Let us know if you think the fragments should be included.


Its exciting to be nearing the end of this Kickstarter and thank you once again for helping fund this project almost immediately!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Stillabower on

      Yes, please do include the fragments.

    2. Grapevine Video 3-time creator on

      Thanks for sharing Martín. We were not aware PLAY SAFE survived but its always great to hear a rare film is in fact extant. Hope to see it some day.

      In regards to the fragments: considering the broad interest we will include the additional footage, if there is space allowing the inclusion. However we expect there will be room to add them.

    3. Donna Hill on

      Ohh, I love Play Safe aka Chasing choo choos, wonderful

    4. Martín Arias on

      By the way, there is a thread about PLAY SAFE on NItrateville…
      and someone says there that, I quote, "PLAY SAFE does indeed survive and was shown at Slapsticon in 2006 -- in he wrong reel order. These things happen.", and Ben Model states that he accompanied that showing, so it would be much better to issue the complete film in the future (in the correct order, of course).

    5. Martín Arias on

      yes, include the fragments!

    6. Missing avatar

      Pete Bainbridge on

      Of course! Please include the fragments.

    7. luis balbosa on

      I would love to see the fragments. Absolutely.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bill Davis on

      Yes, if possible, please include the fragments.

    9. Lisa Stein Haven on

      Please include the fragments, if possible. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Craig Buehler on

      Yes, include all the fragments - the more the merrier

    11. Missing avatar

      Gregory Shoemaker on

      Yes, please the fragments.

    12. Grapevine Video 3-time creator on

      Yes, as far as we know, PLAY SAFE is considered lost only the two reeler of CHASING CHOO CHOOS survives.

    13. Richard Ward on

      Please include the fragments.

    14. Randy Skretvedt on

      Does the complete "Play Safe" exist? I would love to see that. All I've ever seen is that train sequence in "Chasing Choo-Choos" and in compilations. It's great, but I would love to see what leads up to it.