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A tough, lightweight Carbon Fiber writing pen that uses the Pilot G2 refill. 2024 and 6061 Aluminum with Carbon Fiber barrel.
A tough, lightweight Carbon Fiber writing pen that uses the Pilot G2 refill. 2024 and 6061 Aluminum with Carbon Fiber barrel.
A tough, lightweight Carbon Fiber writing pen that uses the Pilot G2 refill. 2024 and 6061 Aluminum with Carbon Fiber barrel.
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    1. Greg Ferrell on

      Sadly, Mr.Davis is too busy with his current project, the sPan(which is a few months behind) and the Rocket pen, his new project. I've contacted him twice and both times I've gotten the polite "brush off". Just my two cents.........

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil Rusche on

      Was wondering what ever happened to the workaround for being able to post the cap?

    3. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Charles Michalik, I show it as delivered on 5/26/16. I'm PMing you more detail.

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles Michalik on

      I have not received my pen. Have they all shipped?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Philippens on

      Bobby, I'm still a happy user of this pen. Like others commented, it's a great piece of engineering and a conversation piece. I got lots of (positive) comments.
      I wonder if it's possible to get another one. I'd like a black one as well. Is this possible?

    6. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Tianqi Sun, "In Transit". I PM'd you the tracking number.

    7. Jr on

      Sweet pen thanks Bobby!

    8. Tianqi Sun on

      Hi! How can I track mine? can't wait to get it.

    9. Keith Bronstrup

      Just got mine! There seems to be a very slight layer of machine oil inside the caches; I'd advise anyone planning to put pills or anything else they'll be putting into their body in the cache to wash it and push a small soapy bit of cloth through it first.

      Also a bit disappointed the pen cap can't be posted, but meh... still an awesome bit of kit.

    10. Missing avatar


      what ever happened to being able to post the cap?

    11. Tan Im Hock on

      Received mine! This pen is huge, is comparable to a size of a EDC led torch. I like how it has a screw in cap!

      @Bobby Thanks for updating me on the shipment and all the prompt replies! One last question, If I unscrew the metallic screw on the cap, would it affect the cap?


    12. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Edon van Hees, Thank you for the great feedback! I'll definitely keep you posted on the next project!

    13. Edon van Hees

      GOT IT!
      WOOAAH! This is a huge beauty! It sure is a conversation piece too, I love it.
      Heavy though, I choose the Copper - Tellurium one, but not too heavy.
      It is nicely machined, with no flaws whatsoever.
      I like the industrial look and feel.
      This pen will last a lifetime and beyond for sure.
      I am a critical person, but this pen and the project gets a 10 out of 10.
      Thanks and keep me posted for your next project.

    14. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Ricardo Alarcon, Latest status is it's "Departed" in Mexico City. I'll PM you the tracking number in case you missed it via email.

    15. Ricardo Alarcon on

      Hi! any news with my pen?

    16. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Tan Im Hock, This afternoon, I see the status updated to "Processed Through Facility Singapore"!

    17. Tan Im Hock on


      Alright I will keep a look out. Thanks for the prompt reply!

    18. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Tan Im Hock, that is a circuitous route, so far. It even hit Korea. If it is a "Return to Sender" it will typically report as "Undeliverable". Let's give it more time. I've seen stranger routes happen. I will monitor the package, too.

    19. Tan Im Hock on


      Are you able to check if the items was sent back to you? On 31st May 5am it says departed Singapore and on the same day 9am it says departed Anchorage? I am residing in Singapore but no delivery attempted. I tried tracking through local post but nothing shown.


    20. Efrain Suarez II on

      @mistermark, it is HUGE! As I have stated before I have version 1.0 and now this. Version 1.0 get all the WOAHs and WOWs, but the Black Ano and CF get the HOLY SHIT, that pen is SEXXXY! I like overbuilt things. It is part of my daily EDC and rotation. Perhaps you use a pen daily, I don't, but when I need one...

    21. Antonio Chukwuemeka Gelain

      Hi, my pen arrived yesterday!!!! Fantastic thanks a lot.
      Antonio from Italy

    22. Missing avatar

      mister mark on

      Got my copper pen and terriliam alum pen today. Holly mother these things are mammoth writing instruments. When I ordered the copper pen I was expecting the copper to replace the carbon fiber shaft. I like copper and would have loved a full copper pen. The photos do not show the fully assembled pen so I made some assumptions on the final look.
      The shear size of these make them special. If you pull this out to write something be prepared to get some comments. It's definitely an attention getter.
      Not sure if this can be a daily pen but it's definitely note worthy.

    23. Missing avatar

      John A McDonald on

      Thank you. Received today in pristine condition :o)

    24. Mohd Hafiz Conan on

      Ok thank you. I received my pen. For me it's too big pen :-)

    25. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Efrain Suarez II, I went with the 18-Stainless Steel screw, as the cheaper black oxide screw can rust.

    26. Efrain Suarez II on

      @Bobby, Great pen, as great as v1.0. What I am not a fan of is the silver color of the hex screw, unlike all the photos show (black hex).

    27. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Mohd Hafiz Conan, I see it as "In Transit" and in Malaysia. I'm PM'ing you the tracking number.

    28. Mohd Hafiz Conan on

      @bobby, can u help me checking my tracking number? I didn't received my item

    29. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Daniel Mullins, The USPS Tracking info we can see reports the tracking number progress as "May 24, 2016 , 9:35 am Processed Through Facility UNITED KINGDOM".
      I don't see it as "Delivered" yet. Also PM'd you this info.

    30. Daniel Mullins on

      Hi do you have a way of checking who signed for items? Mine says delivered but alas it hasn't to me and I have checked neighbours and no luck thus far....

    31. Missing avatar

      Prakash Raman

      Got mine yesterday. Did notice a tiny amount of rattle, but can live with it.
      Writes nicely. Now to get used to that large dia

    32. Missing avatar

      David Duignan

      Received my Carbon Fiber G2 in Australia, very nice pen, only thing is ink cartridge leaked, clean up perfectly fine.

    33. Keith Bronstrup

      Came to ask about shipping on cache orders, see that the parts just got in. Good show, can't wait!

      Also, just a quick reminder that Pilot FriXion refills are drop-in compatible with G2 pen bodies, so if you're looking for something erasable, that's an option.

      @Anson Thanks for that tip!

    34. Anson Chiu

      @Jack... i had the annoying refill rattle as well, and no tightening would help. Then a lightbulb went off.... I stole the spring from a donor G2 click pen, and inserted onto the tip of my new gen2 pen.

    35. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Mitchell Teeters, a full radius would be nice. Might need to tweak the clip.

    36. Mitchell Teeters on

      Bobby did you think about making the cap domed shaped? I'm already seeing some nicks on the corners of the cap. I've got a buddy with a lathe I may get him to dome mine.

    37. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Seth Egan, the black anodized cache components, are back from the anodizer, today!

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean Egan on

      Thanks for such a quick reply

    39. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Sean Egan, The black anodized Cache's are a bit behind schedule, from the anodizer. I expect the anodizing for the Cache's to be completed tomorrow or, for sure, next week. It will ship as soon as I have the black anodized Cache components to assemble. Also, PM'd you this post info.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean Egan on

      Hi, it's been 3 weeks since you said you were shipping and still not had a notification . Please can you confirm when you will have completed this process. Thanks

    41. matt barnhart on

      if anyone is wondering, i put threads IN the bottom of the pen to post it, but didnt like it as much and came up with a better idea... i opened the bottom up to put a magnet in it, and switched out the top aluminium bolt with a steel bolt, it holds super well.. the bolt size was 10-32.. heres a few pictures of both setups

    42. Joe Meyers on

      Got mine two days ago and had the opportunity to use it tonight for a 1-hour writing session. Felt great in hand and I had less hand fatigue afterwards, probably because of the bigger barrel on this pen. FYI, I EDC a Techliner shorty and a Lamy Pico, but the Carbon Fiber pen is going in my backpack if I have to write for an extended amount of time from now on. Thanks Bobby, great job.

    43. John N Wood on

      Received my pen yesterday and the quality is as high as my tactical marker was. I am very pleased and the only refinement I could suggest is to be able to dock the cap. Thank you for a great product well made and delivered in a timely manner.

    44. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Backers, thank you for great feedback! @Mitchell Teeters, nice to know about teh TUL refill!

    45. Mitchell Teeters on

      This fatty will also accept the tul cartridges! Using it at work now with no comfort issues.

      Bobby consider making the end cap for posting. I'm going to loose the cap knowing me.

    46. M. A.

      Reading about the reviews makes me excited for the pen. :)) you've been doing a fine job so far Bobby, when it comes to responsiveness, keep it up :)

    47. Dillon Breckenridge Price on

      I received the pen a few days ago, and it is fantastic. I was surprised by the size, but pleasantly so. I'm an EMT, and pens are so easy to forget during high stress calls. Finally, I have a pen that is easy to realize it's not in its proper place. I look forward to purchasing more to put in my jump pack as well!

    48. Mitchell Teeters on

      Got the pen. It is well made. I write A LOT at work. I shall see how comfortable it is tomorrow. I don't EDC a pen except on my SAK. Personally I think it will be fine.

      Yep it would take much to thread the end for the cap. Wish I had the shop to do it. Overall I'm happy with it.

    49. Missing avatar

      jonathan on

      The pen seems well-made and looks great, but it is kind of big. Hopefully this will teach me to pay closer attention to the KS videos. I can't see using as part of an EDC, except maybe as a day pack. Anyone who sees me using it would think I'm over-compensating for something, but can't afford a sports car.

      I'll just use it at my desk at home where it will be just right.

    50. Bobby Davis 20-time creator on

      @Jack Alsop, Great to hear! Thank you for the update!

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