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based on the groundbreaking discovery by bestselling author/psychotherapist Dr. Elaine Aron ("The Highly Sensitive Person")
based on the groundbreaking discovery by bestselling author/psychotherapist Dr. Elaine Aron ("The Highly Sensitive Person")
1,360 backers pledged $85,184 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Crank on

      Hello, I was also a backer, and my comment is the same as Ashley and several others. I prefer a DVD as well, but I was so excited to see the finished project that I went ahead and also purchased a streaming version to watch immediately; however, I was only able to watch it once, and have not been able to view, access since...and I've been telling all my friends who are very excited to see it as well. Any information you could provide would be most welcome. Thank you...and looking forward to this next film!

    2. Ashley Hall on

      Hi. I gave $50 towards the making of the film. I haven't heard anything in recent months, although it looks like the film is finished. Should I be getting a copy of the DVD? Is my name on the list of backers? I had heard so little, I had almost forgotten about this. Ashley Hall

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lilleborgen on

      Have not received the DVD, funded Sept last year.

    4. Jennifer Johnson-Raetsen on

      Hi there,
      I donated at the $65 (t-shirt) level but would much rather receive a copy of the dvd ($25 level) so that I get to watch the movie. Is there any way to make this happen? Thanks for your time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      I am also a backer and I have already seen my name on the end credits of the film ;-)

      Anyway - I understand that you are urgently awaiting the DVD and would like to watch the result. As far as I know the producers are in the middle of the translation process for the DVD - so it is gonna internationalized and I guess that all backers receiving DVDs will get this internationalized DVD.

      So it would be great if you could be still a bit patient for all other HSPs not speaking English.

      Just to give you more information about the film you could also listen to the podcast of highly-sensitive Andy, who has already watched the film and analysed and interpreted it.

      Have fun:

      Thanks and take care,
      Julia :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Stan Carter on

      My husband and I both have a kickstarter account. We made two pledges - a cup and the dvd. We have not received either. It leaves me wondering as to whether or not something happened in communications, the mail or they just haven't gotten around to their backers. I get a little irritated every time I get an email to buy into the online showing or buy or rent the movie.

    7. Penny Griffin on

      I will add to the list of comments from backers who have not received a DVD copy of the movie as promised. I will be checking with Kickstarter as to how to proceed from this point. This is not the way to treat those people who made this project possible.

    8. Missing avatar

      Megan McCullough on

      I am also frustrated that I have not received the DVD. Anyone can purchase it off the film website, yet the project backers still haven't received theirs?

    9. Jeanne Hart on

      I am also supposed to receive a DVD as part of my pledge package and would like an update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Laila Tolstrup on

      Can you tell me when the DVD is going to be shipped?
      I contributed long ago - and was informed that I would recieve the DVD in March.

    11. Missing avatar

      Karen Kann on

      I see a few people have already commented on DVD shipments for those who get that in their pledge package. Elaine Aaron stated in an email that we would receive those a few weeks after the premiere. I have not received mine nor have I heard an update. We're heading into mid-October now. I think it's fair to have an update, even if you don't have a specific delivery date. Thank you.

    12. David Wagenfeld on

      I would like to know when the DVDs of the movie are going to be shipped to those of us who contributed to the campaign. :) Thank you.

    13. Demetrius Sarigiannis on

      For those of us who pledged a package that includes a DVD, when will these be shipped?

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Lerch on

      I backed $110.- and did not received jet the promised give away from your side.
      Not very sensitiv...
      I am looking forward to see the movie in Europ to.

    15. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Hi everybody,

      even in the world of football/soccer high-sensitivity does exist.

      Please read the following article with the aspect on high-sensitivity:

      It is about the very famous German football player, world cup winner and playmaker Mesut Oezil, who is now being critisized very much...

      It would be great if it is possible to mention the fact that also in the sports area this trait can be found. A lot of harm can be avoided if he by himself, trainers, sport psychologists and other players, assistants, would know about this trait. Especially in this man's world...

      Cheers, Julia

    16. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Oh, what I forgot to mention: Another fact that you are an HSP is that all the information provided to a topic via different channels (facebook, youtube, twitter, ...) can make you craaazy and scatterbrained... ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Dear Diana and Will,

      thanks a lot for updating us with your current work! We watch you from all over the world :-)
      By the way: It is so exciting follow you to different places in the world - even to Niels Bohr's granddaughter - thinking about it all the time, what she will gonna tell us in the film ;-)

      Cheers, Julia

      PS.: I don't have a facebook account - but everybody can have a look into the sensitive facebook page where the current activities for the film are presented:

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcia Cutler & Laurie Morton on

      Congratulations! I'm very happy this is going forward. I'm sure you're all swamped, so I apologize for the administrivia question, but will backers receive some sort of receipt suitable for tax purposes as a 501(c)(3) donation? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    19. Shari Dyer on

      Hi Julia,
      In response to your comments about links and where to put what on webpages - I have absolutely no control over that. But the person that is involved does read the Comments page, so be assured that your comments were noted.

      Your worry about highlighting "ordinary" HSPs is not my worry. I have total confidence in Elaine, Will and Diana making an excellent, well-rounded HSP documentary.

    20. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Dear Elaine, Will & Diana,

      one last remark from my side: It is really great that you have such famous people on board, like Alanis Morissette and also a lot other "special guests" to get a broad acceptance of High-Sensitivity.

      I have one wish - please do not forget all "ordinary" HSPs, having a normal job, family, their household at home and not to forget any honorary posts and whatever.

      It is quite dangerous if the movie would only transfer high-sensitivity to "special" people. Please stay down on earth and make the movie not "too Hollywood-like". In most of TV reports about high-sensitivity they go into this direction getting to spiritual and esoteric as well.

      I guess you know what I mean ;-) and I also know that some of us have already given a similar feedback - just to make sure...

      Thanks again so much for your hard work getting all those inputs into a short documentation.

      Fingers crossed!!!

      Cheers, Julia

    21. Demetrius Sarigiannis on

      Elaine, I'm looking forward to this movie. Based on the effort you put into your books to present things in as objective a manner as possible, I have confidence that this movie will do justice in educating the "other 80%" about high sensitivity. One recommendation I'd like to make is the addition of updated HSP tips, as downloadable PDF files, to your hsperson web site. As an HSP and parent of an HSP, I have photocopied this section of the HSC book every year for my childs teacher. I expect you'll see your web traffic increase after the movie and I think the tips will be very useful for HSPs and non-HSPs alike. Especially in helping us be better understood by educators, managers and other "authority" figures.
      Thanks for the work you're doing.

    22. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Dear Shari,

      you have written:
      "Please remember - Contributions can be made after Kickstarter closes - it will be so greatly appreciated! Your contribution is tax-deductable. Here is the information you need. Make all checks out to:
      Foundation for the Study of HSPs
      P. O. Box 543
      Tiburon, CA 94920
      Thank you so much! "

      Is there any link to any page? This makes life easier for collecting more money for the movie...

      Furthermore a reference to the information on how to contribute further would make sense on the main movie page and on Elaine's HSP page and on this kickstarter page somewhere centrally and not within the comments section...


      Cheers, Julia

    23. Missing avatar

      Huy Tan Pham on

      this is probably one of the most meaningful amount of money that I've ever spent :)
      I'm proud to be a supporter for this project. Thanks everyone.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eeva Vainikainen on

      There was a problem with my payment. I hope that everything is ok now. I definitely and passionately want to back this project. And I want to have my rewads, too. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Alise Giovinazzo on

      SO happy to be a part of this groundbreaking movie for us all!!! Thank you to everyone who made a contribution and thank you to Elaine Aron and her team for all of their work in this field and bringing this movie to life. I found Elaine's book "The highly sensitve child" when my oldest son was in kindergarten and we both were having such a hard time navigating the whole school scene. I have two sons who are highly sensitive and I myself am highly sensitve also. I am so happy to be connected to all of you who understand this wonderful, sometimes challenging trait in a world where I often feel like I don't quite fit in. I so look forward to this movie and sharing all of this information with the world. My son is now an 11th grade student who enjoys school, gets great grades and has a beautiful heart. Elaine's book was a life saver!!! Can't wait for the DVD. ;0)

    26. Anetta Gonçalves on

      I am highly sensitive. I am mother to a little boy who is highly sensitive and extroverted. I am African. Living in an extremely social environment where life can be noisy, tough, and quite often unfair for so many is definitely not a piece of cake for any Hsp. But still there are wonderful little things that can only be found in Africa that would rock the world( the heart) of any hsp in the world.
      After reading Elaine's book "The Highy Sensitive Person" I realized that I myself could be happy, that I had that right too. Being different did not necessarily imply restraining myself from fulfilling my goals and dreams. Now I know I can.
      I was 40 then. And my life has changed since.
      The book has inspired me to go further into my journey of self discovery and self development. I am still growing and evolving but on the right direction now, with a more positive tune.
      I read another book in Spanish: "Alta Sensibilidad: vivir desde el corazon".
      It was a lovely Dutch lady called Karina Zegers de Beijl who wrote this book and through her website on Hsp's recommended me Elaine Aron's website.
      The book I read. I found my soul on it. It got me trapped. I cried. I got introspective. I broke up with my past. Then with my present. I moved on from my mainly observant/complaining/suffering attitude and I dared to get into the game. I made some real changes in my life. Now I eat healthier, I take alone time whenever needed, I exercise's like I have fell in love with myself!. I am absolutely convinced that everything that came after that book has happened for a reason.
      I am thrilled to be part of this project. I wish this documentary could be a starting point for all HSP's around the world.
      Sometimes I wonder if my son will grow up to become a happy good man. Now I know that he will have it at least easier than me. I know what it means being an HSP. He will hopefully understand it better soon. And definitely thanks to this movie many people in the world will be aware of the trait too.
      Thanks Elaine and team. Please make this dream come true for all of us.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rhonda Gable on

      As a newly aware HSP, I'm thrilled to be a part of this wonderful HSP movement. Attended Jacquelyn Strickland's 28th HSP Gathering Retreat held in Texas which was life changing. If you have an opportunity to attend..... do it! CHEERS to HSPs everywhere!

    28. Thomas on

      Thank you everyone, for supporting this tremendously important project so generously! Coming from a marketing backgroung, I want to emphasise how important it is to the other 80% (non-hsp) to present ourselves and the treasures we carry inside us in a professional and easy-to-understand, infotaining way.
      I feel lucky and proud that I got aware of this project. And I would have loved to contribute a lot more than I did, if I wasn't unemployed after burnout at the moment.
      Now it's our time to rise! Elaine used the terms of "royal knights" for non-hsp and "priestly advisors" for hsp. We live in a time where people seek more advice, counselling, consulting, etc. than ever before! So many conflicts arise in micro and macro environments. It is our time to rise as non-religious, unbiased, independent priestly advisors to support real shift in thinking and attitudes in this world.
      I have made my decision to write a book on my personal story - to give a real example of the daily conflicts and misunderstandings that lead to major longterm struggles and tragedies for more than just a few of us. While I start to write my personal words, we all now have this HSP video project to speak together with one voice, to tell the yet untold story of the priestly advisors who ought to be heard to turn this world into a better place for all of us.
      Once again - THANK YOU ! ! ! :-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Julia Bender on

      Great news!

      @ Shari: Thanks for your information! A huge hug to Elaine - I will cross my fingers that she is not landing too much of her interesting movie time within overstimulation ;-)

      Elaine - don't forget the breaks and downtimes ;-)))

      Will & Diana - have fun in producing this groundbreaking movie!!!

      Shari - just thanks for everything :-)

      Bye from Germany and hear from you soon...

    30. Foundation for the Study of HSPs 2-time creator on

      The above comment is from Will Harper :-)))

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Hoffman on

      This is fantabulous news! It feels very empowering. I have two daughters with SPD (very severe cases) and a dog with sensory issues as well. I myself am an empath, and have recently turned lemons into lemonade - transforming into an intuitive healer. So I have experienced "sensitives" from many angles, on many levels and in many dimensions. With that said, our sensitive tribe truly needs this project to begin to shed necessary light on this. Thank you Elaine Aron, Kickstarter and any others associated with the film!!! With Gratitude and light, Stephanie Hoffman, MSEd

    32. Foundation for the Study of HSPs 2-time creator on

      Thank you all for your support!!!!!
      I counted down the seconds with Elaine and Art Aron, it was so exhilarating. The movie will deliver and you all will be even more proud of who you are and what you represent in the balance of life.

      This is when the internet and Kickstarter really works!!! Bringing together a global village into a cause that will make for a better place for us all to live in. :-)))))))) Elaine Aron, Thank you for your research, kindness and vision.

    33. Missing avatar

      Leo y Lua on

      So good news! Looking forward to watch the documentary.

    34. Shari Dyer on

      We are dancing for joy on this end! Thank you, everyone!! Thank you!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Karen Knox on

      I am excited to see this film be made and to be a part of it. I am grateful for Dr. Aron's books that have helped me understand and accept myself better a sensation-seeking HSP who often feels like a contradiction. Eager to see the end result!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jessica Frank on

      I've watched this project from the moment I received the first e-mail as a subscriber to Elaine Aron's "Comfort Zone." It is hard to adequately convey or put into words how much it means to me to see this going forward. I was so afraid to get my hopes up when I first read about the possibility of this happening. I was afraid there would be a lackluster response and not enough interest. I'm so thrilled that those fears were unfounded. I feel a love and connection with everyone who has been a part of this. I know from the response and the comments just how profound this is for everyone out there, especially HSPs, who crave to be more understood and not labeled negatively. My most heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, everyone who backed the project, spread the word, and shared their own stories.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lorrie Beauchamp on

      I was absolutely thrilled to contribute and have been spreading the word since. I'm a published writer, definitely an HSP, and reading the book has changed my outlook and improved my self-esteem. Thank you, Dr. Aron, and congratulations on making history. Can't wait to see the movie. If anyone is interested, a brief story of my HSP journey is on my blog at

    38. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Bromley on

      Delighted and grateful to be able to be a part of this from the UK.
      Many thanks to Elaine and all the team.
      Best wishes for a wonderful movie - looking forward to seeing it! x

    39. Shari Dyer on

      Please remember - Contributions can be made after Kickstarter closes - it will be so greatly appreciated! Your contribution is tax-deductable. Here is the information you need. Make all checks out to:
      Foundation for the Study of HSPs
      P. O. Box 543
      Tiburon, CA 94920

      Thank you so much!

    40. Shari Dyer on

      I have been asked to post this on behalf of Jacquelyn Strickland, who heads the HSP Gatherings -

      From Jacquelyn: " I"m thrilled with the financial response and hope theteam is happy as well !!

      I am trying to respond to Update # 17 and the most recent post from a woman named Sunday Gardenia who is very upset about what she perceives to be the cost of a HSP Gathering Retreat -- $1,500 - without meals or lodging !! When trying to respond
      to correct this misperception I find there is no access to the comment section ?? I clicked "contact me" and it said a verification would be sent to my email address....but I've not received that either.

      I don't think most people know how hard I work to make the HSP Gathering Retreats affordable to as many people as possible, researching many venues to find ones that offer varied lodging options and affordable pricing.
      The conference fee is $350 ... which is FREE if one donates the $1,500 amount."

    41. Missing avatar

      Eeva Vainikainen on

      Hello Anssi, my fellow-countryman! What a touching story you told us.

      Nikki Wittmann said:
      ”…if every one of the backers increased their pledge by just $15, that we would reach the $100000 max goal.”

      Let’s do it! Let’s make this a great movie. Let’s show the world we are proud of who we are.

    42. Missing avatar

      Anssi Turunen on

      I came onboard at the 11th hour, but hopefully there is still time to say this. The first book came out in Finland just a while ago (I opened it in April) and before that practically no one here knew about it. So thank you Elaine. To put it short - this book has turned the eyes of my soul from past to present.

      I had dealt with the burden of the past (bullying etc.) earlier, but it was always so close in my mind - it just wouldn't let go of me. With deep reflections that came by the book I could finally accept fully myself, the way I am.

      At the same time my attention started to fix to the future. Like wings growing to my back. I wondered why was this and then it hit me. I had finally come to terms with the disappointments of the past and without the burden every step to the future started to feel lighter.

      A book is just words printed on paper and imagine what a huge mental shift it has made possible. Just think what a film can be capable of.

      Anssi, a father of two daughters, Finland

    43. Missing avatar

      Nikki Wittmann on

      At the time I'm writing this we have 1278 backers and $80,888 pledged. I'm just realizing that if every one of the backers increased their pledge by just $15, that we would reach the $100000 max goal... Now, I don't think people should feel obligated to pledge more if they've already done so, but putting it into terms like that makes the goal seem a bit more attainable (at least for me)... I can't wait to see how far we get :)

    44. Ildiko Davis on

      For me it seems an important aspect of high sensitivity that it can be observed in animals too. I was wondering whether there are plans to talk about this? I think footage of some HS cats or dogs would be something that many animal lovers would connect with - even non HSPs. Probably some vets would be also willing to talk about their experiences about the differences they observe in pets. My vet for example said the first time he saw my cat: he's the strong, quiet type, isn't he? I also mention this, as my HS cat is probably the first "empowered" highly sensitive being that I've known and he has been a very positive role model for me. I understand that time constraints may not allow for too much about animals, but it could perhaps be in the sequel :)

    45. Shari Dyer on

      For Julia Bender from Elaine about the Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg - "tell her we are looking into this research. The researcher had contacted me earlier, but we had lost contact. Thanks from me. E"

      Julia, Elaline sent me this as she wants to make sure you know she heard you. She is just way too busy to respond to everyone.

    46. Sarah Kelley on

      Now I have to thank Dr Aron and Mr Hail for admitting that the simple act of reading and writing (while safe in one's own space behind one's own screen) can be overstimulating. I've funded a few Kickstarters but my comments here were my first for the site. I want to connect through social media. It seems convenient and normal. Part of me wants to connect. Part of me can't stand it. I have an extreme reaction to the pressure of having accounts on things like facebook and twitter that I don't understand, can't really explain and find restrictive and annoying. Again-- nice to know I'm not alone.

    47. Shari Dyer on

      Hi Andy, Yes, contributions can be made after Kickstarter - and they are greatly appreciated! Yes, they are tax-deductable. Here is the information you need. Make all checks out to:
      Foundation for the Study of HSPs
      P. O. Box 543
      Tiburon, CA 94920

    48. Andy Hail on

      Can someone provide direction on making contributions to the film after the Kickstarter deadline has past? Can contributions still be made here? The momentum in giving seems steady and appears likely to continue for some time. If Kickstarter has a hard deadline then where else may contributions be sent? To the Foundation for the Study of HSP's, Elaine Aron or to GTG -The Global Touch Group? If so what is the contact information and process for sending donations? Also, are donations tax-deductible? Maybe this question was addressed here previously; if so my apologies as I am newcomer to Kickstarter. I thought it important to clarify the funding rules for the film so it can be funded for $100,000 or more as Elaine and the producers have requested and be the best it can possibly be.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mike Weaver on

      Hello All,

      It's been over a week since I've decided to leave a post (imagine that!). This is my first post ever to social media and is over- stimulating in itself. Janet, I couldn't agree with you more. I am 55 and discovered Dr Elaine's work about two years ago. Wow! Now I understand why and who I am. I too live with the effects of trying to overcome the attitudes and judgments I have developed about people who just couldn't see and understand what I could. I now know they're just different and need to appreciated for who they are.
      I have always felt obligated to somehow help the world to become a better place and have done what I can in my own little way, but I feel I have left something on the table. My hopes for this project is it reaches the young people and helps them to overcome the fears and anxieties that have held me back. This world does indeed need them.

      So to Dr Elaine and her movie makers, thank you. You have my gratitude and appreciation for you dedication to this cause.

      On a side note. I am always amazed at the connections in life. My first true love in high school was an Elaine and at a previous job I became good friends with a Janet. These names hold a special place in my heart

    50. Missing avatar

      Janet Bridges on

      I have "lived with" being an HSP for 65 years now. You always new you were a little bit different...mostly because you were told you were :) but at the same time way down deep somehow you knew it was how you were hardwired . It could really make you feel bad about yourself .Discovering Elaine's work just a few years ago has changed all of that for me.What a gift she has laid on the table for all of us to share and benefit from but even more important to pass on to others. I still work hard every day to undo the negative effects of ignorant thinking but how lucky I am to now have the tools to do so! Thank You Elaine Aron and ALL of you colleagues for ALL that you do !

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