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A story based in an all girl’s institute, Endgray Manor “Aeternum vale” translation "Farewell forever", leave your thoughts at the door

In Nottinghamshire, November 24th, there is going to be a film festival. This is a rarity and i would like to take the opportunity to be invovled with this local fesitval. In order to be involved I have come up with a creative film concept that is an original piece that I would like to enter into the film festival. I have already sourced locations, i just need to finalise their agreements. I have a full working script. I am able to source the actors and actresses needed. Costumes, locations and travel expenses are budgeted for and it would be great if I could get the funding to cover this section of the cost. Asking actors and actresses to volunteer their time to do something that they will enjoy and gain from is one thing, but to ask them to pay for costumes and travel expenses is not fair - i have been invovled in projects prior to this one and have had to pay for certain items that the companies should have covered the costs of.

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Possible problems are actor/actress availabilty on set dates. I have already worked around this problem due to illness as one actress is unable to be invovled but I have already resolved this set back. Regarding general availability i will be conversing with all actors due to be involved and will be planning a film schedule that will cover all scenes, locations and availability of the characters needed. I have put that the time to film this project will be 10 days, i will not schedule these 10 days all in the same two weeks. I will spread out the days accordingly and maybe have 3 consecutive days where actors remain close to the location to minimise travel cost.

Other challenges such as group dynamics is not an issue as all the participants are aware of eachother and have worked with the group of people before.


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