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A travel-sized artistic solution to enable you to carry the tools, inspiration & advice you need to keep a daily record of your life
A travel-sized artistic solution to enable you to carry the tools, inspiration & advice you need to keep a daily record of your life
A travel-sized artistic solution to enable you to carry the tools, inspiration & advice you need to keep a daily record of your life
759 backers pledged £31,702 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nina Tissera on

      Hola! Now im living in Barcelona.. maybe for you is easy to send it here!? Im still waiting :) i love your work..

    2. John S. Eddie on

      I've not received mine yet either.

    3. 3DTotal Games 11-time creator on

      Sorry to hear a few of you are still waiting! If you message us if you are we can look in to it for you :)
      @Nina Tissera - just to let you know we've sent you a message confirming the address.
      @Marc Muller - glad it finally arrived, sorry it took so long!

    4. Nina Tissera on

      Hello! I'm still waiting.. Pls confirm the address ..

    5. Marc Muller

      Youhou! I got my sketchbook yesterday!! It took sooo loooong, I've never had that...
      But anyway, they've answered my mails, and tried to really fix this issue (Thanks, Rob!!).
      So, now I can start my drawings... :-)

    6. Marc Muller

      @Madelen Zackrisson: I'm in the same boat as you are, since I didn't get my reward yet.
      But I must say, they responded very quickly when I Direct messaged them (by clicking on the creator's name, then click on "Contact me"). Perhaps you should try this way too...(?)
      By the way, they resending it this morning, so I hope it will find it's way this time...!

    7. Madelen Zackrisson on

      Still nothing here. I sent an email as well asking for information about the package but no answer back.

    8. Rita Campos

      It arrived and I absolutely love it!
      Any way to get another, it's the perfect gift for a friend.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sydney Thompson on

      Has anyone in Canada received theirs yet? Still nothing on my end :(

    10. Missing avatar


      Just an idea... I'd love to be able to read this on my iPad too. A PDFs, lo Rez to make printing it useless, would be great.

    11. Marc Muller

      Hmmm... still nothing... :-(

      @3DTotalGames: You told me, you shipped it again on January 12th, but I didn't received an tracking number so far...please help!

    12. 3DTotal Games 11-time creator on

      Hi Jessica - thanks for backing! Will drop you a message.

    13. Jessica Coral Tilden on

      Received my kit this past week. I was surprised to find the watercolor kit used and messy and my pen dried out... i wasn't impressed :( . I do love the leather journal case, however I find the strap should have been attached somewhere ... as it slips off easily. I have since tacked the strap to the leather case so that i do not loose it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alice Lorenzini on

      Arrived! Thank you so much!

    15. Mădălin Vlad on

      It arrived ^^ thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Erin Guest on

      @Jude Decker - the smell is that of the leather. Mine has it too. All new leather has that smell and it goes away with time. (I quite like it.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Erin Guest on

      Received my kit today Jan 8, (Melbourne, Australia) however I think I am lucky to received it at all. VERY dodgy packaging, folks. I am very unimpressed considering I paid about $130 AU to back this project. Something went wrong because nothing was sealed up properly and the only thing keeping the "packaging" (a loose fitting carboard sleeve) in any way connected to my kit was the bit of sticky tape that was stuck on the bubble wrap. If that hadn't been there I would have most likely received nothing but the empty cardboard sleeve. I am hoping everything that I paid for was wrapped up with the kit in the same bubble wrap because if there was anything else in the packaging, it's long gone.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hartshope on

      I received my kit - It's great! Thank you!

    19. Stephanie Jennifer on

      Got mine today. Half way round' the world in Singapore! :)
      Lovely product. I love the smell of the leather. From what I can tell so far, it's looking to be a Kickstarter project I'm very happy to have backed. Great job to everyone who made this project a reality.

    20. Missing avatar

      Louise on

      I have received my kit too and I absolutely adore it. Thank you! I just wish I had bought more to give to friends!! You were my first Kickstarter backing ever (now I'm up to 10), and certainly you have not disappointed. Congratulations on successfully completing your campaign, it was very well managed and fun to participate in xx

    21. amol nayak on

      Just received my book and leather cover in Mumbai India today! Positively delighted! What a class act! Sketching away to glory is my new year resolution

    22. Missing avatar

      Helen Boyle on

      Just a quick message to say that I received my items (in Scotland) and that I love it so much I just ordered the Sketchbook Workshop series too! Thank you so much.

    23. Jude Decker on

      Just got my sketching kit today and I love everything! The cover though has a weird and very strong odor to it. No one else seems to have mentioned this in their posts. Do I need to air it out in the garage for a week? I can't wait to use the kit.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ji Ho Yoo on

      Hi, I haven't received any emails with regards to tracking number.

    25. Johan Boutkan on

      Got mine the day before yesterday (The Netherlands)! I am very happy with it!
      Thank you! :)

    26. Serge "Je suis Charlie" M.

      Did I say *thank you* ?

      Thank you :)

    27. Serge "Je suis Charlie" M.

      I got mine today :) I'm a happy puppy :)
      Now I need to learn how to draw a happy puppy.

    28. Helen Bonham-Rees on

      I received my sketch journal today. It is wonderful. A perfect gift dot much son. Thank you xxx

    29. Heather Shaw on

      I got an e-mail with a tracking number on the 15th. Absolutely nothing has happened in that tracking number which is still showing 'pre-advice loaded...'

    30. Missing avatar


      Are folks getting emails with tracking numbers or just receiving a package?

    31. Sarah Bingham on

      My journal just arrived in Australia in time for Christmas, thankyou so much I shed a little tear! It's nice to receive something you weren't expecting! And it's absolutely fantastic!!

    32. Jason Barrett

      If we aren't going to get our orders by Xmas, any chance you could create an IOU type brochure we could print out and put in a stocking?

    33. Missing avatar

      Susan Westmoreland on

      These are christmas presents (hopefully, wink!) Has anybody in the states received their Sketch Journals?

    34. mark purdy on

      Received mine this morning (Ireland), the quality of the leather pouch, books and drawings pens/paints are excellent. Well done on delivering another great project.

    35. Missing avatar

      Andy Kirkby on

      Got mine in England. So very happy with the quality, the leather is soft and the components are the best quality. Thank you so much for making this!

    36. sja

      Received mine today, in Norway.

    37. Seraph Howes


      When are these going to ship out? Only cos it's approaching final posting days for Christmas

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Ellis on

      I can confirm safe arrival this afternoon (UK). Thank-you it looks and feels great.
      I guess I thought that it was going to be a little bit more on the how to sketch side but that's my mistake and gives me the perfect excuse to buy the "Beginners Guide to Sketching" too :D
      Thanks, I look forward to learning how to fill this up properly!

    39. Christina Paine

      Received today in UK . It's so gorgeous , far better than I ever expected ! Thank you :)

    40. Mădălin Vlad on

      Ok then, I can't wait to see it, hopefully it comes before christmas, Romanian here :)

    41. 3DTotal Games 11-time creator on

      Hi everyone - we're three-quarters through the shipping and hope to have the remaining completed by the end of the week. To international backers; your parcels were sent untracked. Hopefully some of you will have received yours by now, do let us know what you think!

    42. Mădălin Vlad on

      Also regarding international backers, can we check the progress in any way? like a code for the service you sent it with.

    43. Missing avatar

      mick provencher on

      shipping when? christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat and all that good stuff...

    44. Erin Foster on

      Hi there!
      A question from an international backer.
      Would it be possible to ship the international rewards furthest away first, before domestic orders?
      I ask because I know domestic orders only take a few days and internationals can take ages, and if you ship internationals first, everyone gets them closer to the same time, and a little closer to Christmas.

    45. Mădălin Vlad on

      Great! Can't wait ^^

    46. 3DTotal Games 11-time creator on

      Hi Mădălin -we already have the tools, we're just waiting on the books :)

    47. Mădălin Vlad on

      Could you send the pledges that do not have art tools in them before you get the tools? That is so we get to have them earlier :)

    48. 3DTotal Games 11-time creator on

      Project is still on time for December :)

      Shipping will likely be the first couple of weeks of December.

      Thanks everyone!

    49. Missing avatar

      Andy Kirkby on

      Hi guys is everything still on track for a December delivery? I'm in the UK and hoping to get it before 13th Dec as this is a present that I know they will love!

    50. Missing avatar

      comixguru on

      Can't wait for receive this! Is there anyway to add a couple extra Hardback Journals to my pledge? My sketching volume is through the roof recently, and I'm gonna rip through those pages quickly. Would be nice to add a couple more books so I'm ready without another. Or is there a product on Amazon or some other online store that would have the same dimensions and fit in there perfectly?

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