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With one pledge, you can help support 16 Graduate Student Films produced by the FSU Film School MFA Class of 2013!

The 16 Films we will be making... 

"Welcome to the Island"                                                                      Director: Spencer Lenzie                                                                      Writers: Spencer Lenzie & Matthew Afflitto

Robert, a spineless telemarketer, is sent to a remote island to make an in-person cable sale. Accompanied by his estranged 15-year-old son, Robert discovers that the lack of television media has had a bizarre effect on the one family that lives there, and that he’s going to need a backbone if he ever hopes to gain the respect of his son and (more importantly) escape the island alive.

"Axiom"                                                                                                    Writer & Director: Kyle Adams

Theoretical Physicist Owen Voltaire is taken captive by a Christian Fundamentalist group after discovering a theory that could disprove the existence of God. 

"A Fool's Gold"                                                                                         Director: Seth Epstein                                                                           Writers: Seth Epstein & Ira Brown

With the surprising news of a bun in the oven, a dimwitted personal trainer with a heart of gold is manipulated by his spoiled, debutante girlfriend Jezzie into robbing her wealthy Southern family blind. 

"Little Africa"                                                                                           Writer & Director: Curtis Adair 

Set among the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, a biracial police officer passing as White must help his African American mother escape the genocide of Blacks, all while concealing his identity from his fellow police officers. 

"Stranglehold"                                                                                         Writer & Director: Morgan McNeal

Johnny Storm is an independent professional wrestler who lives to perform. When an injury threatens to retire Johnny, he struggles with the decision to give up his championship belt to newcomer Clarence Sincade, the man who "accidentally" injured him in the ring. 

"THE GRIND "                                                                                           Writer & Director: Job Jaime 

Bankrupt and desperate, Miami baker Chi Chi Molina finds himself in a sticky situation when the new ingredient in his newly successful papa rellenas begins to run low. Cornered by his demanding customers, a suspicious landlord and Catholic ethics Chi Chi wonders if he can give up his business or continue on with the daily grind. 

"Pedro Pan "                                                                                            Writer & Director: Andrea Puente 

In order to escape from the clutches of Fidel Castro's communist indoctrination, 13 year-old Elena and younger brother Manuel must travel alone to Miami in 1962, a heart-wrenching decision made by their desperate parents. Once in Miami, Elena gets separated from her brother. She endevours to keep him by her side in order to fulfill the promise she made to her parents, to take care of Manuel until they can all be together again.

"The Gunslinger"                                                                                Director: Clinton Cornwell                                                                  Writers: Clinton Cornwell & Lauren Michelle Goodman

Have you lived up to your potential?  28-year-old Sam is a dedicated Wal-mart associate with a kind heart for customers and a bubbly personality.  But when a craggy old cowboy comes to town, she is forced to train him in order for her to get the promotion she's hoped for.  But is that promotion what she really wants?

"Small Talk"                                                                                             Director: Peter LeVake                                                                           Writers: Peter LeVake & Ira Brown

An insecure, technology driven college student panics and leaves, when an on line conversation turns face to face pending an answer to having coffee with a girl. To make matters worse, he loses his phone at the place she works: The Library. In order to retrieve the phone, he must interact with the very girl he wishes to avoid. In doing so, he unknowingly experiences simple realities of human relationships.

"Split"                                                                                                       Writer & Director: Chia-Ni Lin

When Kristen’s boss turns up dead, all signs point to her crush- Ethan. When the lead detective on the case is murdered that night, her sister, Vanessa, becomes the prime suspect.  In a scramble to figure out who she can trust and what’s going on, Kristen begins to doubt who is real and what her own involvement might be.

"Velvet Cupcake"                                                                                     Writer & Director: Justin Oney

Naomi Cope is a cocky professional assassin.  She is given a simple hit on Christmas Eve in a quiet Floridian suburb, but something is hauntingly familiar, her target is reminiscent of a childhood icon, Santa Claus.  Naomi must choose between her duty and her belief in Kris Kringle.

"Doris"                                                                                                     Director: Jingxi Wang                                                                           Writers: Lauren Brinkman

In 1917, America entered WWI. In the remote countryside, Doris, an 8 years old girl, is left with a neighboring family after her Dad leaves to fight in the war. She quickly realizes that the family is not as nice as they look. When they find her father’s name on a list of war casualties they try to use this to their advantage. They keep the information from her and steal the benefits that would go to the next of kin. Facing a grim reality, how can Doris find herself a pair of wings to escape?

"Cynthia"                                                                                             Director: Paola Ariza                                                                               Writers: Paola Ariza & Hayley Heineken

Cynthia is a virgin. Her television hero, Emily Maynard, is America's current bachelorette. Emily is everything the chubby, hispanic Cynthia is not: white, thin, blonde... perfect. Cynthia ignores these differences and tries to be like Emily. Cynthia is also dating two men at the same time, but unlike the sexy, beautiful men Emily can choose from, Cynthia's dates are dirtbags. Where as Emily gives a rose to her date, Cynthia plans to lose her virginity to the one she picks. She won't realize it until it's too late, but no matter which man she chooses, she's going to lose. 

"A Plush Life"                                                                                          Writer & Director: Bryn Hubbard

Tommy, in the throes of a midlife crisis dons a panda costume to make things better. And miraculously, it does. His once flaccid life slump now stands resolute.  The problem: he can't take it off.  Try as he might it has become a crutch, that while making him happier, is ruining his marriage and driving his wife into the arms of another man.

"Best Buds 2D"                                                                                        Writer & Director: Sean Tien

When a space meteor crashes into their backyard shed, destroying most of their stash, weed dealers and stoners Jay and Duke have to figure out a way to pay back $10,000 to the gangster they owe, not knowing that the space meteor has mutated the rest of the bud into superpower-giving marijuana. 

"Dyce and Devil"                                                                                     Director: Fabian Davis                                                                           Writers: Fabian Davis & Lauren Michelle Goodman

A young boy witnesses his father’s brutal murder: this is Damien Tybsy, aka Dyce. A cold blooded murderer kills a man in front of his young son and then hands him the gun, still smoking hot: this is Leo Forbes. They come face to face as Frank Archer, Dyce’s talking gun, pushes Dyce into dangerous situations and leads him on his quest for revenge 15 years later.

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As filmmakers we face a multitude of challenges on set, all which require complex problem-solving abilities at a moments notice. Over 4 months, we work 6, 13-15 hr days in a row on each film before rotating to the next. Over the course of our Production Cycle we encounter plenty of hidden and sudden expenses along the way.

In addition, we also face logistical challenges of planning, organizing and funding our productions from the start. Our film school provides us with the necessary equipment to make a movie, but often times our visions call for greater resources which fall on us. This can be anything: music rights, special effects, visual effects, special camera equipment for specific shots, lenses, actor pay, housing and transportation, set design and merely supplementing general production expenses (I.E. food and expendables for the Crew).

Keep in mind, these films you are helping fund will be made NO MATTER WHAT... but with your donations they have the opportunity to be a great deal better.

In regards to our reward system, we will do our part to meet them in a timely manner. Some of the rewards will depend upon you, our loyal Backers, to supply us with information. We will be sending out an email blast once our Kickstarter has ended with necessary information that will require a reply. We will most likely need your name, address (if we are to mail you) as well as the films you'd like to be credited in. In the event of hefty donation, we will be in more direct contact to schedule the logistics of certain rewards.


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