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$9,775 pledged of $30,000 goal
$9,775 pledged of $30,000 goal

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    1. Markus Remmler on

      Sorry to hear that the campaign didn't worked out, but I have to admit that I was always more interested in the physical media aspect than electronic communication. If your next campaign offers a way to get a chip into GEO instead of LEO I am willing to pledge far more.

    2. Missing avatar

      rochelle rose on

      Directed Energy, You continue to have my full support. I know that so much energy was expended on getting the word out. If your goal had been $10,000 you would have made it. Lessons learned.

    3. Fredric Parker on

      Last thought - you have acquired 124 backers from this campaign. So if you decide to give it another try (and I think you should), let all of us backers know as soon as you have another Kickstarter going for this project and that will get an early and immediate large influx of funds into the campaign. Initial success early on will increase your chances that you will be successful next time.

    4. Fredric Parker on

      Yeah guys, give it another try. I liked your Time Magazine video much better than your introduction video. So pull that forward next time. Also talk more about your proposed propulsion method (solar sail?) - that was missing from your video.

    5. Missing avatar

      Drake Woodring on

      Planetary Radio interview got us interested. If you create another kickstarter campaign, consider using it as part of your promotion. The interview was much easier to see what your were trying to do and how cool it was, compared to the video.

    6. Fredric Parker on

      Good idea - here is $320 for your project. Fred Parker

    7. Robo Durden


      "Now note that we can work backwards from the strength of the received signal to calculate how powerful an alien transmitter anywhere near HD 164595 would have to be. There are two interesting cases:

      (1) They decide to broadcast in all directions. Then the required power is 1020 watts, or 100 billion billion watts. That’s hundreds of times more energy than all the sunlight falling on Earth, and would obviously require power sources far beyond any we have.

      (2) They aim their transmission at us. This will reduce the power requirement, but even if they are using an antenna the size of the 1000-foot Arecibo instrument, they would still need to wield more than a trillion watts, which is comparable to the total energy consumption of all humankind.

      Both scenarios require an effort far, far beyond what we ourselves could do, and it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to target our solar system with a strong signal. This star system is so far away they won’t have yet picked up any TV or radar that would tell them that we’re here. "

      When you read my comments below, it is not so hard at all to understand why we would have been targeted :-)

    8. Liz Ambrose on

      I only backed your campaign so I could comment. I think sending our DNA out into the universe is a mistake, okay about all the other stuff, but our DNA is flawed. look at how we treat each other, how many wars we have created. you do NOT want to share the DNA of a flawed human into the universe. Please reconsider the DNA option!

    9. Robo Durden

      Errata 2 :-) As 2kW was ridiculous low I multiplied the suns area with the needed power per square meter again and now get 533166795 Watt = 533 MW :-)
      I think the MIRACL laser was already of that class.
      But for ultra parallel beam quality as well as precise pointing to a star we would need to put a very very long laser into space anyway. Maybe I will continue with a nice design closely orbiting our sun...

      Roland, the little physicist :-)

      P.S. Do not spend a lot time on the calculations as I merely want to inspire other backers to start calculating themselves :-)

    10. Robo Durden

      errata 1, forget the 24 hours a day and did get the light intensity wrong anyway.

      Needed intensity at 30 lightyears distance is only 1/(30 x 365 x 24 x 60 / 8 )² x 1367 = 0.35 / Watt

      So covering the entire orbit of an exo planet there would need 65144065264838 billion m² x 0.35 1/billion = 22.8 TeraWatt.

      Covering only the stars area would take just 2 kW !

    11. Robo Durden

      okay.. lets do some math:
      Our sun is 8 light minutes from Earth and light power is still 1367 Watt per m² when it reaches our planet. Power goes down with the square of the distance so 30 light years away, these 1367 Watt will be down to 1/(30 x 365 x 60 / 8 )² x 1367 = 5 / 1.000.000 Watt
      That is the light intensity at which we on earth see a 30 light years distant star and vice versa :-)

      So let us assume we know such a distant star to have an earth like planet orbiting that star at the same radius as we do.
      If our laser beam would cover the entire orbit of 8 light minutes that would be an area of pi x (8 x 300.000.000 x 60)² = 65144065264837953 million m² - So our laser beam would need 5 x 65144065264837953 Watt = 325.720.326.324 MegaWatt :-/

      But :-) I think all planets in our flat galaxy orbit their sun in the same plane. That is why we can find planets by monitoring the stars brightness and detect when a planet passes in between it's sun and us.
      So when we have found a promising planet we could shoot our laser only to the sun exactly at that time so 30 years later the planet will be in front of the star again.
      This reduces the area to to pi x (696.342.000)² = 6082104 million m² and the power of our laser to 7616669 Megawatt = 7617 Gigawatt = 7,6 Terawatt.

      Maybe not impossible ...

      So next calculation would be how wide and long the laser would have to be so the beam only widens to the diameter of the sun.

      And how difficult it would be to point that laser with such a precession :-/

      But something nicely inspiring to learn: When you look up to the stars tonight, always look at that spot that is opposite our sun ! Because only from there is a good chance that another civilization can send us a message plainly visible to each of us. And if they are some millennia ahead of us they will already know that there should be life here on earth and only wait for their laser to shoot at us when you tonight will have a chance of getting "delighted" :-)

      At midnight you should look south (northern hemisphere), i guess where the milky way intersects :-)

      Roland, the little physicist and www.angerDine.com

    12. Joe White on

      What an amazing project! I can't believe we're living in an age where we can send tweets into space! I've already pledged and will get my friends to as well. Good luck with the campaign!

    13. Satyajett on

      Dear Team Humanity,

      Thank you for such a great project, and opening this window of opportunity for us to getting involved.

      We have all the primitive instincts like animal have. But this kind of thinking, reaching to space, possibilities of communication, trust and belief in hope. This makes us human. And most of fascinating aspect of the project is that your spaces exploration is deeply grounded by urge to help humanity in true sense. You passion for this work reflects ability to truly understand what humanity is.
      To be on point it is pointless to build a community or a network, if you can not be voice of it. Hence I support Voice of humanity.
      This is the best crowdfunding campaign I have supported so far.



    14. Robo Durden

      Tell us creator :-) How long and wide would your laser have to be to send a Morse code to a 30 light years distant planet so that another civilization there would simply notice the blinking in their night sky
      And decode the message to build such a laser too for answering :-)

      You're campaign is far more important than the funny pledges make it appear.

      Roland, the little physicist.
      @all in the US, you should(...) like my campaign: www.kickstarter.com/projects/687112352/project-angerdine-nationwide-anger-management