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Shoreditch is a startup village. But it doesn't have a space you can bring the village into. We need a village hall.
340 backers pledged £90,027 to help bring this project to life.

On the hunt for a new location

Posted by Shoreditch Works (Creator)

A few days ago, we learnt that another party entered into negotiations on 154 Shoreditch High Street - the building we have been aiming to turn into the Shoreditch Village Hall. We’ve been doing everything in our power to secure the space, but today we were informed the lease documents have been sent out for signing to the other party. This makes it very likely the building will go to them.

To say that we’re disappointed is an understatement. We’ve put an enormous amount of work into planning this project over the last year, and last month’s Kickstarter campaign revealed just how much support there is in the community for this project.

This campaign has always had a lot of different threads to it, many of which we are getting on with now. Our stretch goal to give local startups four free desks for a year has been made possible thanks to your support. Because you helped us reach our second stretch, we’re also now able to develop a Community Management Apprenticeship, and provide a working environment and opportunities for those apprentices to gain valuable work experience. We have enough space in our two existing coworking locations to do these. These are fantastic outcomes of the campaign and we’re humbled by the level of support you’ve given these ideas.

What we can’t do yet is complete the story of the Village Hall with a hub: the café, the Awesome Wall, the event space where we would offer 20% of bookings for free to community groups. This feels like a massive blow, but we know we have to pick up the pieces and make it happen.

We’ve already started the search for a permanent space to use as the community hub and event space that so many of you are looking forward to. There are many other buildings and spaces out there and we will find something even better.

Many of our pledge rewards will be available shortly: meeting room space, roaming memberships, T-shirts, coffee, art prints, newsletter and website sponsorship.

We feel like we’ve let you down. We want you to know that if you want your Kickstarter pledge back, we’ll return it to you. But we sincerely hope that you’ll stick with us whilst we ride out this bump in the road. We’re all 100% behind making this happen, it’s been nearly a year in the making and we will do everything in our power to make the Shoreditch Village Hall a reality for the community.

We have been overwhelmed by the extent of your support. If you have any suggestions, ideas, messages or comments about any of this, we would love to hear from you.

Jonathan, James, Chris, Joshua & Ana


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    1. Martijn Verburg on

      Keep at it guys - it's only a small set back in a massive story for Shoreditch!

    2. Andy Piper

      Still totally behind you guys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Simon Clifford on

      I am behind you 100%, no refund here. Chin up, there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose moment has come.

      Simon Clifford

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoff Lister on

      Don't worry guys we are still committed to your ideals and vision. Get on out there and find another building, we are happy to wait a bit longer to be part of your exciting project. Good Luck It is meant to be!!!
      Geoff Lister CBE

    5. Missing avatar

      David buxton on

      Good luck with finding another building. We at Arachnys are behind you all the way and I'm confident you'll track something down. Sorry about the copycats and let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

    6. Ivan Pope on

      Don't take this the wrong way, but I note that in the 'Risks and Challenges' section I note you didn't think it worth mentioning that you didn't actually have an agreement to lease the space and that you might well end up not getting a lease on it? So you got £90,000 for 20% of your space bookings, which always seemed a little rich to me (for ever? the most desirable bookings? etc) and now you can use that to subsidise your existing spaces? I was and am a supporter, but I think you have to show a little bit of focus now. Having tried to lease buildings in the past I would say that it's never over until the fat lease is signed.

    7. Rhys Howell on

      That's a real shame guys - I feel for you! I live just round the corner and was only just the other day walking past it talking excitedly about that ole motorbike shop finally being turned into something useful, something needed. Instead it'll probably turn into an EAT or something equally as repellent. I, for one, am with you all the way. Rhys