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Students at SFCM produce a fully staged production of Mozart's "Le Nozee di Figaro"! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 23, 2012.

Students at SFCM produce a fully staged production of Mozart's "Le Nozee di Figaro"!

About this project

Fully staged production of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro.

Our true goal for fundraising is $8,000.  

We need funding in order to:

- Provide compensation for our professional conductor, diction coach, and director

- Provide minimal compensation for our 24 piece orchestra

- Afford lighting for the performance

- Advertisement costs

- Minimal props and costumes

- Providing dinner for the cast during production week

- Afford professional recording services

Conducted by Mathias Kuntzsch

Directed by Ted Zoldan

Count Almaviva - Efrain Solís

Countess Almaviva - Charlea Lyn Grieco

Susanna - Elena Galván

Figaro - Rolfe Dauz

Cherubino - Raquel Fatuik

Marcellina - Kelly Newberry

Basilio - Daniel Bates

Don Curzio - Alan Briones

Bartolo - Chris Filipowicz

Antonio - Alex Tarczynski

Barbarina - Gabrielle Traub

The production is completely student run and therefore we need funds to be able to able to enrich our performance with props, costumes, and minimal set pieces.  We are hoping to be able to afford professional lighting, as well as other professional help for the production.

We have created an independent project at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, with the help of a handful of faculty members and outside professionals, of a fully staged performance of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro. This piece is one of the most performed operas, and contains roles that each of the students will perform many times throughout our future careers. We are all extremely excited about the project and have set out to perform a number of fundraising concerts to help us in our production.

Our cast includes Efrain Solís (Count Almaviva, 2nd year MM Voice), Charlea Lyn Grieco (Countess Almaviva, 2nd year MM Voice), Elena Galván (Susanna, 2nd year MM Voice), Rolfe Dauz (Figaro, ’11 BM Voice), Raquel Fatuik (Cherubino, 2nd year MM Voice), Kelly Newberry (’13 BM Voice), Daniel Bates (Basilio, 2nd Year MM Voice), Alan Briones (’14 BM Voice), Chris Filipoqicz (1st Year MM Voice, Bartolo), Alexander Tarczynski (’15 BM Voice), Gabrielle Traub (Barbarina, 2nd Year MM Voice) as well as a number of chorus members. All of the members of the cast have consulted their respective studio teachers and received approval to study these roles, in fact have been encouraged to do so.

Our conductor is Matthias Kuntzsch, the Music Director and conductor at BASOTI. Born in Germany, he has been a conductor of symphony and opera all over the world. Kuntzsch is a leading conductor of German and Italian repertoire and especially loves Mozart. We are thrilled to have this conductor on our team for this collaboration.(

Our director is Ted Zoldan (’11 BM Voice) whos direction credit include an ad hoc project of Don Giovanni, SFCM Opera Workshop scenes, BASOTI Scenes, and an ad hoc project of Barber of Seville. We also have Gabrielle Traub as our Assistant Director. (

We also have Marcie Stapp on board as out diction coach. She has graciously agreed to guide us in the learning of Italian recitative, and of course, pronunciation and style. Seeing as this is all of our first performances of these fantastically iconic roles, we wish to learn them properly and with professional guidance. 

Risks and challenges

It is extremely difficult for students to put together a piece of this magnitude due to lack of funds, lack of guidance, and sheer amount of work involved in producing an opera of this size. We have a fantastic team in place to help us make this experience as educational as possible for the students, and in order to allow us to present as professional a production as possible. We have done our "homework" and involved professionals who will be able to guide us in the process of putting our own name on this monumental work.

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    1 Hour Voice Lesson with a member of the cast: Charlea Lyn Grieco, Elena Galvan, Daniel Bates, Rolfe Dauz

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    Live performance of various works by the artists in your home! (limited to Bay Area during the months of October and November. Limited to NY during December and January. Dates and locations of performances may be negotiated)

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