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World Without End is a strategy RPG for the ios and android mobile system from Steve Uy.

World Without End is a strategy RPG for the ios and android mobile system from Steve Uy. Read More
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Steve Uy

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Quick Update #5: Finished the main menu art today. To see how it looks ANIMATED, I made a quick and dirty gif here.

Also, we are looking for any potential vocalists to lend their voice to some of the game's music. It's still a bit early now, but the Outhouse has a little writeup about it here.

Quick Update #4: Added a new reward to the list. Those who pledge $50 will ALSO get the soundtrack to the game digitally sent to them, as well as sheet notes for the main theme! I'll have another update soon with the first sample of music coming up!

Quick Update #3: Programming was originally outsourced overseas. After a series of needless delays, I have switched all development duties to Caleb Lipnicki, who has, in one week, done SIGNIFICANTLY more than the past 3 months with the other team. Expect regular updates shortly, and maybe a video of the game in action, thanks to this machine!

I would also like to announce musical duties are being handled by Luke Thomas and Corey Pellizzi. No video game midi sounds here with these guys, this is going to be the BEST sounding game on any mobile device!

Quick Update #2: World Without End is now featured in Wired, Bleeding Cool, and the Outhouse.

Quick Update: I did not include the actual game in the rewards because, being my first game, I do not know how I would go about giving those out when the time comes. I've been told, however, that I will get a limited number of promo codes to give out when the app is released (or maybe before). In that case, I WILL be giving out free copies of the game once I am able. It will be first come first served, to be fair, and higher pledgers will take priority. I don't know how many I can give out, maybe 10, maybe 100, or when, but I think this is the safest tactic to use for now.

-end update-

First of all, sorry for the quality of the video everyone, it's my first attempt at video editing and I'm camera shy to boot.   

   My name is Steve Uy. I am the creator of the comic books Feather and Jova's Harvest, published by Image Comics and Arcana Studios, respectively, and the illustrator of such books as Uncanny X-Men, Iceman, Avengers Initiative, JSA Classified, Legion of Superheroes Animated, and so on for Marvel and DC Comics.

   World Without End is my first foray into the world of video games. It is a Strategy RPG being developed for the IOS and Android platforms, as well as Ipad and Honeycomb, if all goes well. Production started back in January of 2011, just 8 months ago. Although the programming is being handled by a small but dedicated group that I am directing, this is at its core a one man operation, with me handling every aspect of the production, including all art and design elements, direction, and writing. While I have a producer to help back the production by fronting the initial programming costs, I myself am not being paid for the project, but make no mistake, I will finish this even if it kills me. Unfortunately, at this rate, that will become a reality, unless I get some help. And so enter Kickstarter.

   If this is your first time at Kickstarter, then here's a quick introduction: Kickstarter is a funding source for new creative endeavors. If you like what you see, then just contribute to the project's production and if the project meets the funding goal by the deadline, then you will get the reward associated with your pledge (listed on the right). If the goal is not met, then no money ever changes hands, and no rewards are given, back to square one, basically. So it's a no risk method of supporting what you would like to see be produced in the future.

   You'll probably notice that the funding goal of this game is quite low considering the nature of the project. A game of this size typically would require something in the 6 digits to complete. But as I said, I will finish this even if it kills me, and I started this knowing the burden it would put on my savings, but I still do need to pay the rent until we can get into the beta, at which point I will finally have some time again to find a paying job until the game starts selling (we intend to sell this at $2.99 in IOS and Android). Of course, the more we can raise now the better, as that would allow more time for playtesting and other perks, but I can settle for the base requirements. Reaching that goal should be enough to keep the game on track and allow me to continue it on a fulltime basis.

   World without End is a free roam strategy RPG. What that means is that you have the ability to freely walk around the world, similar to Zelda, and when you run into enemies, the battle will start immediately on the same screen, with no load times.

(Please note: some images like this are early builds and are being adjusted for clarity).

   Enemies are in predesignated areas on the map, and the areas you meet them in are the actual battlegrounds. I believe this is a first in games, as I don't believe SRPG's have ever allowed free movement in a continuous overworld before.   

   The entire game is hand drawn and illustrated by myself. In fact, everything in the game is done by my hand, even the menu systems. Almost all of the art is already done, the programmers have just started to tie everything together. Alas, we will not have a video of the game in motion for some time yet, as the animations are still being timed and refined for the final engine.

   World without End is designed to be a game that can be picked up by newcomers, but can be most appreciated by hardcore gamers. I myself am a console gamer, and I created this game to fill the void of a severe lack of console quality games on mobile platforms. Designed to be played through multiple playthroughs, WwoE doesn't just tack on extra hours for the sake of adding playtime, the replays are an integral part of the story and reveals the true nature of the game through the multiple perspectives of your party members. This is not a game where you'll be skipping any conversations, I can guarantee you that! I intend for the game to last AT LEAST 15 hours in the final build.   

   Want to grind and gain experience until the game poses no challenge anymore? Too bad. This game has no experience. Battle points are awarded at the end of each battle, which you can use to purchase skills for any one of your party members. Purchase the full stock of skills and upgrade one uber member, or go for a balanced team, the game's difficulty is completely dependent on your strategy. This is a game that will stay a challenge throughout any playthrough, and rewards character customization. Completely intuitive character management, the way it should be!   

Illustrated cutscenes.

Boss fights at the end of every area.

A simple touch based user interface. Movement in battle will be done by tracing a path which the character will then follow. On the world map, a virtual analog stick moves your 3 party members around.

   A story driven adventure with plot twists throughout every playthrough.

   Additionally, the game will come with the extras you expect of a console game. I will be writing up a foreword as well as a "director's commentary" once you beat the game, as well as a small art section, credits list, and anything else I can think of. Anyone who contributes here will be listed in the credits section, and I intend to give out posters, prints, collectible instruction manuals(!), sketches, and for anyone who really goes out of their way to contribute, I'm going to make something really cool to match (I have a few ideas, but I have to check the material first). As well, if I come up with anything else to offer, I'll add it as a surprise bonus, especially if we surpass the goal by a great margin. All rewards will be created once the last of the final art is completed, which should be sometime in late August or September.

   Thanks for looking. I don't know if we'll have a video ready to put up by the time this project listing ends, but here are as many non spoilerish images I can show at the moment. Please note all of these are still in production, and can be changed once we go into playtesting.

   And please check out my website to see some of my other (comic book) projects that I did a few years back.


  • I wish I could, but at this point I can't promise I can get redeem codes to anybody. The reason for that is because this is my first game, so I don't know how it works when I send it to apple for approval. I assume they will give me redeem codes to give out, but I don't know if there will be a limit (otherwise I could just sell the game on my own and cut apple out of their profits). Until I know for sure, I shouldn't make any promises I can't keep.
    If anyone can enlighten me on this, I would greatly appreciate it, but for now I'm going to play it safe and only offer rewards I am familiar with (comic and print related stuff!)

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Anyone who pledges will be listed in the credits section as a supporter of the game. Every little bit helps!

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    A signed mini print (about 6x4 inches) with a special exclusive image not seen in the game, plus your name in the credits.

    27 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    A special signed "big" print (at least comic book sized) with another exclusive image, in addition to the postcard and credit. If you want to see what kind of images to expect from my prints, please check out my website to see samples of the prints I usually sell at conventions.

    16 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    My personal recommendation! Who says a digital download can't have a physical instruction manual? A special instructional manual will be printed up, signed, and shipped to you along with the print and postcard above. This won't be available anywhere else once the game is released, unless you meet me at a convention, and that's only until I run out of stock. If the game gets huge, you'll be able to show your friends the manual for it! An instructional manual for a mobile device? No way!

    16 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    What could top a manual? How about a signed sketch, hand drawn by me? This will be a quick head sketch, most likely, and will be limited to only 50. You'd end up paying more if you went to a convention and got a free one from me, just on the convention tickets alone! Of course, everything listed above will also come with this. Note: if the reward limit is reached, the only way to get a sketch would be to pledge at the next level up. Only one sketch per person.

    Limited 8 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    New Reward! The soundtrack to the game will be digitally sent to you, along with sheet notes for the main theme! Note: This reward will be sent much later, after production of the game is complete.

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $70 or more About $70 USD

    New Reward! Thanks to Jared Lindenberg for inspiring this. I will print up a DVD or CD case cover for the game. Along with the game manual, this is the best I can do to give a "physical copy" version of the game. The game may be digital download only, but now you will have a DVD or CD case to go with it AND a manual. Note that I may be unable to make a manual that fits in the DVD case itself, most print shops only offer 8.5x5.5 size which is too big. If I find a place that can do it without loss of quality, I will do it, otherwise, print quality will take priority. This will be signed, of course.

    0 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    All of the above, including the sketch, one EXTRA game manual, AND a signed set of my book, Jova's Harvest, issues #1-3. Why Jova's Harvest? Well, it's the only book I still have in stock, and when it's gone, it's gone. A preview of the book can be seen at my website here:

    Limited 4 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    The world map is 60x80 inches big. The biggest piece of art I've ever done. I will find the biggest poster or print or banner within reason and print out the world map on it, signed of course. This will most likely be made to order, so it will not be available anywhere else, most likely, ever. Comes with everything above, including the sketch and extra manual.

    0 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Wow. You're insane. Who would put up this much money for a game they've never played? Someone who's seriously into games, of course! So the only thing I can give at this point is the chance to be a playtester once we have the beta up and running. This will be limited to only 20 people, I doubt I can handle any more input than that anyways. You will be responsible for spotting bugs and finding balance issues, and seeing if you can break the game in any way. You will report directly to me through email. With enough people, we can open a message board on Gamefaqs and discuss the game before it comes out. This will come with every perk listed above, including the sketch and extra manual.

    Limited 0 backers
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    The only thing I can give now is a special customized timepiece with an image of a special character on it. Why a timepiece? It will make sense once you play the game. I will have to test materials out to make sure this is of suitable quality, so this is subject to change, but whatever you get, it will be definitely the best collector's item I can create without busting the bank. Everything listed above will be yours as well, including the sketch and extra manual, and if you want to be a playtester past the 20 limit, I can allow it.

    Limited 0 backers

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