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Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
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Bye Bye 2017! Hello 2018!

Posted by Zolo (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding as your shipments navigate the difficulties of the peak holiday season.

Today, we wanted to give you all a quick reminder about a couple of perks that are included with Liberty+. There is an 18-month product warranty and lifetime technical support. Contact us at with any questions, anytime.

For the 200 or so backers who are still waiting to receive Liberty+, we are working really hard to get them delivered and they should be at your doors very soon.

Finally, we’d like thank everyone for their support over 2017 and we wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

The ZOLO Team


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    1. Richard Plotka

      I still have not received my product. I have sent emails and made requests but nothing... Will I ever receive it?

    2. Bruno Magnavita Bacellar on

      I Think you guys from Zolo sold a prototype instead of a finished product. It is what seems If you read all the comments costumers leave here

    3. Bruno Magnavita Bacellar on

      My left earbud Lost quality of sound. Almost 4 months of use

    4. Li Yuan Tan on

      My left earbud is also not working.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Oliver on

      Still waiting, guys. I have received nothing. No news in this many months is not inspiring my confidence.

    6. Jami on

      I need support please. My right earphone is not working for a while now. Please contact me

    7. Jhih-Yu Li on

      How loud the volume, the voice is too quiet, a bit unclear

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Wentland on

      I still have not received my full order, and the one pair that I did get is experiencing the left ear volume issue. I am severly unhappy with this project and want out. Full refund please.

    9. Missing avatar

      John McCARTHY on

      Hi Like others here I was really enjoying these great earbuds until the left ear started loosing volume ,also started to 'pop' to correct levels for a while. I have tried the fixes posted here ,resetting ,using different devices,and even cleaning with alcohol,
      I have emailed to highlight my problem so am now awaiting a response ,
      hopefully we will get a positive outcome

    10. Missing avatar

      Lerson Olanrawathana on

      Please not give me any answer..?
      these are quite do not keep your promised and not communicate?
      If you can not make shipment by this weekend ..I require full refund 4 months waiting too long!! .when ordered placed much earlier than many..It is not acceptable.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lerson Olanrawathana on

      HI ZOLO

      Why No Answer to the shipment promised END DEC 17th.?
      Now march 26th still no sign even no advised from you..why you let this kind of poor communication happen..
      Please c an I have refund?

    12. Missing avatar

      Rich on

      I'm still waiting for my earbuds.

      It'll be March tomorrow.

    13. Amit Kumar Saxena on

      When will we receive the car chargers ?

    14. C. Reid McLellan on

      It's a shame that they will not come on here and talk about the earbud low volume issue. If you are reading this to decide to invest or not. Don't invest until you see Anker orvamazon address the low volume on one side issue . When it is the right bud like mine you cannot use earbud at all for phone calls

    15. Bruno Magnavita Bacellar on

      The DHL service sent me yestarday a message informing that the Liberty+ has arrived in my country, after 4 months of delay and no Tracking Number. Note: Zolo team said that the Worldwide delivery was free and my DHL package came with taxes. Hope I wont have any problems with the earphones

    16. Amit Kumar Saxena on

      I haven't received the car charger yet. When are those going to be shipped ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Taranjeet singh on

      Received the buds about 3 weeks back and I must say.. WELL DONE.

      Love using them. Was worried that they may fall out when I go for a run.. but I have been pleasantly surprised that they have stayed pretty much intact in my ears for the full duration of my runs.

      Well done guys.

      Now, I have a whole bunch of people wanting to purchase the same and have referred them to your site on kick starter.

    18. Missing avatar

      Vivek Nallapaneni on

      Had mine for over a month now and the left bud just went to barely audible level. Customer support told me to clean the bud with rubbing alcohol but it didnt make a difference. The bud has full power and chargers just fine cause I can hear faint sound. Customer support said they are working on an improved version which should be ready in a month. I opted to exchange mine for the "improved" version.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Perrella on

      February 2018 and still no earphones. Great.

    20. Artem Makarov on

      H Ismail, read instruction from your box. There is a steps to try to solve this problem.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zachary Studebaker on

      Got my headphones early December, about a week after I received them the right earbud died. Contacted support and they said a new pair would be shipped to me on December 15th, never got a tracking number so I reached back out to them Mid January. Now they're telling me it could be another 2 months before I receive the replacement pair because apparently this is a large issue and they've had a lot of people reporting earbuds going out. Good job on your zero compromise headphones, and good job putting a black mark on Anker. Two questions, did anyone have this issue with the "lower end" models that went on sale on Amazon before any of us received our backers additions, also when the hell will I have a working pair of headphones!

    22. Missing avatar

      Senthil Nathan on

      Hi Zolo , is there a way Alexa Echo DOT to find this Zolo Liberty + and play via this. I tried but failed . But i was able to connect to another Bluetooth speaker. Can u enable feature please? Note- I know the Alexa voice integration is not available right now but my issue is different. thanks in advance.

    23. H Ismail on

      Been using the Zolo Lib+ for a month now. Great until recently. The left driver is not outputting similar level as the right. Thought it was the fit. Thought it was my ears. So I asked others to test it and they claimed the same. It's not nice to listen on earphones that is not properly balanced. Only happened recently. It was doing well until now... Any advise welcomed.

    24. Jasmin Chappell on

      I moved after the supposed october delivery date, have no way to be back at that address, and the company told me they have no way of changing the shipping info... I'd backed for 2 sets but I am starting to doubt I'll see them even with a mail redirection on my end

    25. Jaka Aldila on

      I got my Liberty+ today, its need 24 days for my local post (indonesia) for shipping to my door.
      First impression is good, i love the packaging especially the color (black and yellow). Built quality is good, i love the charging case, not yet checking the quality of audio, but i hope its great as the look like

    26. Missing avatar

      Reza Samad on

      Received my Liberty+ mid December and was happy with it until a few days ago. Right bud could not retain power for more than a few minutes despite daily charging. Contact seems fine with the charging unit. Anyone else having the same problem? Thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      Dirk Eckardt on

      I´m still waiting for my tracking number. Whats going on Zolo?

    28. Mark Corner on

      I'm still waiting for mine spoke to support. And got a rather generic answer. It's been eleven days since that happened. And still nothing, the lack of transparency is quite concerning. No date of ETA has been given. Just once we receive and update from the courier. What does that mean ? Surely in this day and age you can provide more information. This update was from 29th December. I'm totally puzzled.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. Missing avatar

      Evans on

      To Person In charge,

      When you need our support on your project we support and now what we get??????

      I written to you many times but still no respond from you all. When can I get my Liberty+????

      At least give me some details and respond if you need us to wait. Please get back to me urgently.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eliot Meadow on

      l liked mine until I couldn't hear sound. At first very low volume, now no sound. I worked with support twice, and the only solution they offer is a refund. No exchange, just refund. What a tremendous waste of time this project has been for me.

    32. Bruno Magnavita Bacellar on

      I am still waiting my Tracking Number. Total disrespect with the consumer. Even Gearbest the biggest in China with all the problems deliverys better!!! Shame on you Solo!

    33. Missing avatar

      Mishal Alotaibi on

      Nobody contact me until now, it is joke ! Isn't?
      Either you send me my headphones or return my money.

    34. Missing avatar


      The fact that I was not happy with my deal was the date of delivery in October and now in January I did not receive anything

    35. chris knott on

      I feel so let down by this whole experience, I have been asked my details 4 times, it's absolutely shocking service and can't quite understand what the holdup is still waiting for tracking info, I think it's absolutely disgusting when they are selling lower grade set already to the public, using my money to manufacture them sets when I haven't received mine yet!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ahmed abdulsalam on

      Till now I didn’t get it..i feel disappointed

    37. Missing avatar

      Manikandan Balasubramanian on

      First experience of my ZOLO unboxed. Nicely packed.. I loved the yellow based box of ZOLO Liberty plus headphones. Clean finish.. I loved the ZOLO engrave on the headphones.. the sound clarity is simply soooer.. the ZOLO app is awesome.. I loved the transparency.. the charging box is ultimate.. comes ready to use both headphones and the charging station out of the box.. I'm loving it..

    38. Missing avatar

      Manikandan Balasubramanian on

      Hi.. Elvind.. I'm from India, the same process & I got this awesome ZOLO yesterday.. so in that case u might get it within next one week..

    39. Eivind T on

      I would appreciate if someone could share experience with shipping time.

      According to my tracking number, my package was sent from Malaysia to Norway on December 30th, crossing my fingers it was not sent on the slow boat.

    40. Tiago on

      no tracking number for me ;/

    41. Missing avatar

      Shivam Arora on

      I got the tracking number, but still the item is not picked up by DHL.

    42. Mohamed Adel El-Tamawy on

      I received my tracking number and it has been 20 days till now and its in transit.
      I don't know why you chose such cheap shipping method !

    43. Mark Neff on

      I was a backer for 2 sets and have received only 1 set. How do I confirm when I will receive the 2nd set? (They were supposed to be giving as Xmas presents)

    44. Missing avatar

      Joachim Richter on

      After 3 uses the right ear bud has dropped in volume and is now very quiet, Any idea how to fix this ?

    45. Cam MacDuff on

      Wooh! Got mine in New Zealand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. Excellent end result. Excellent packaging, charging case and output.

    46. Muhammad Azmi on

      I see those people who already got their working Zolo Liberty+ and yet still whining.smh.Chill guys...and enjoy your Liberty+.

    47. Missing avatar

      rk on

      I just received my tracking number four days ago. I hope it's worth the wait.

    48. Missing avatar

      Cal Yeo on

      I just received my set yesterday. It's been quite a wait, but it's in the nature of kickstarter that there are no guarantees, so I don't understand the whining about delivery and fulfilment.

      I'm happy with the sound (I recommend you try the equalizer in the app), the fit (experiment with it, it took me a while, but it feels perfectly natural now, and they slip right in and still sit solidly), the range (impressive), the build quality (buds and case look and feel great), and ease of setup.

      They're not great for phone calls, but what did you expect? Siri works decently enough. There are occasional bleeps, and it would be nice with a firmware update to fix that, but at $99 I'm not holding my breath. They're good value for money as it is.

    49. Adam Quek on

      Final update from me. Been using it for a couple of weeks now.

      Transparency works great.
      Comply "true wireless" tips fit and provide a better seal.
      Connection is solid with the occasional blip in one or both earbuds.
      Sound quality is pretty neutral after the initial experience of too much bass. Could just be my ears adjusting to them, but I am happy with them now (I prefer a neutral driver)
      Inexplicably, I cannot see the battery life for the earbuds anywhere. I always keep them in the case but this would be problematic for anyone using them without the case.
      Have not been able to get Google Assistant to load even once by double pressing... Not sure if that's user error or malfunction.
      Still no clue what z-up is for.

      Overall I bought these primarily for listening, and on that front they do not disappoint. As a product, I am happy with them.

      As for fulfillment and delivery, it's still a joke. I bought a Roadie 2 on Kickstarter. I had to RMA my unit. I sent it back on 21 Dec. Less than 2 weeks later, I have received my replacement already, sent out from ShenZhen. This is exactly the period Zolo claims is causing delays. If you are in the 200+, you should be hopping mad.

      A smaller company has delivered on a replacement unit in a faster time than Zolo has taken to send you a brand new one, shipping from the same location. Blaming the peak season looks like an untenable excuse. If not an outright lie, certainly a misrepresentation.

      Still no accountability for selective updates, selective refunds, horrific delivery time estimation, and taking money for early delivery and not honouring that. I could never again support Zolo in a Kickstarter campaign, it looks like a case of take the money and just tell people tough luck later on (that is, if you even get a reply).

      It certainly looks like someone rushed to the finish line to announce the had shipped on time, knowing they would drop the ball on delivery. I would guess this is someone gunning to hit a KPI for a performance bonus, and I really hope it's reflected that the claim is bogus and they have absolutely failed on delivery and expectation management.