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Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
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Thanks Zolo Tuner Feedback and Shipment Update

Posted by Zolo (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

A few weeks ago, we conducted our first, official consumer field test of the Liberty+. The reception was good, and are now just making some final adjustments. 

Thanks to the amazing work of our incredible product team, we are still on track to ship the first batch of devices by the end of October. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the Liberty+.


The Zolo Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shoji Baba on

      Hi there do you guys contact your supporters or customers at all, I been chasing someone to tell me that I have received faulty earbud left side not working, can you replace, refund whatever. And please don't tell me about troubleshooting I have tried all of the instructions from you guys already, wasn't helpful at all.

    2. Missing avatar


      I am a backer.
      I have not received Liberty + yet. Is it shipped?
      Please let us know the slip number for package tracking. I am waiting for a polite reply.

    3. Ed Finn on

      I have not received a verification of address email, but a number of other updates. What is up?

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sielemann on

      Hi there,
      I have just seen your earpods on Amazon Germany. Available much earlier and for about 70$. Here is the link:
      Zolo Liberty Bluetooth Kopfhörer True Wireless TWS in ear Kopfhörer, Bluetooth Earbuds mit Graphen Membran Technologie, 24 Stunden Spielzeit, Schweißfest und AI unterstützt

      Is it equal to Liberty+? It looks very similiar to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Short on

      Guys, when you're overdue i think a weekly update ought to be at the top of your priority list.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eliot Mickelson on

      I would greatly appreciate a shipping update. October has come and gone and still no notice of when I will receive my product.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Ridley on

      If someone at Zolo could take 10 minutes and drop a shipping update here, I think a heck of a lot of us would be reassured. This is the least communicative Kickstarter I've ever been involved with. I trust you guys but it'd be really nice if you'd talk at least once every week or so. This is YOUR community that have shown trust in you - let's see some reciprocation.

    8. Sama St Pierre on

      Would love an update on the shipping or better yet delivery!

    9. Gerry Campos on

      Its November and they should be shipping....right? I need them STAT, my wife just sent me a picture of my current wireless ear pods that were accidentally WASHED, ugh!! I dont want to go buy another pair at half the cost I paid

    10. Missing avatar

      Tracce Lam on

      Any idea when will we receive our shipment? I've not gotten an email yet. Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Curtis Roy on

      "Thanks to the amazing work of our incredible product team, we are still on track to ship the first batch of devices by the end of October."

      Did this happen?

    12. Eric van Altenborg on

      From which country are you going to ship it from?

    13. Missing avatar

      Kaigh Taylor on

      Greetings All, I am truly excited about this product. I work with production teams and I understand the reality of delays. I am going to practice reasonable patience here and allow the END of October to arrive. I think the Liberty+ products will be worth any small delays in shipping I may have to endure.

      Zolo Team, I pray you are all doing well and I know you are all working hard. Happy Holidays to you all.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sonny on

      It would be nice to get a shipping update, even if it means that you are going to say it is going to be delayed.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Bigelow on

      A lot of folks are frustrated in the comments here, which I understand due to lack of communication. It is very difficult to predict product development and manufacturing timelines because there are many unknowns & any issue may delay things months or more. Understanding that, I have sympathy for the Zolo folks. I would, however, appreciate more communication as to what I should expect as a customer. I'm backer 7,000. I would like to know when I should expect delivery of my product. If that estimate changes, I would like to know that as well. I believe publishing a projected shipping schedule by backer # is achievable. If it means communicating a confidence factor on the schedule and consistent updates, it would still quell a lot of angst here in the comments, I think.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Stinson on

      October is almost over. As with most Kickstarter projects, looks like commitment dates will be broken. Very disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising. Should have gone with the Airpods.

    17. James Hellyer on

      @Ray Palagy, I used: Generally speaking they respond within 48 hours - which is actually great as KickStarters go. As my post mentioned below, looks like they still hope to ship out by end of Oct. for those who paid. Likely won't receive until November though. I've asked about refunds, they seem receptive. Good luck!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sohil Patel on

      It’s 26th October already and no shipping information.
      Alexa integration was the main idea behind buying them and now they aren’t sure about availability of Alexa. There one promise is broken. Second is shipping. Come on guys, we are backers we supported you, trusted you for product which is not even out yet. Can you at least give us delivery information by now ? I mean the confirm date ? I planned to gift one pair to my friend on his birthday on 28th oct, I don’t think I am going to receive them by than.
      Good luck....!

    19. Ray Palagy on

      Anyone have a contact they can publish to reach Zolo? Zolo, if you can't ship to us in Oct as promised I'd like a refund.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dillon Dance on

      Can we PLEASE get an update on shipping??

    21. James Hellyer on

      Hey guys, official statement from Zolo since they won't do it themselves.... I contacted customer service yesterday to cancel my order since there seems to be cheaper/better/delivering products out there now and this was the response:
      "Thanks for contacting us and we sincerely apologize for my late reply.
      We are now just making some final adjustments, and I am so sorry that you might receive your package in early Nov.
      While the shipping for the first batch backer is still earlier than other backers.
      I will help to cancel your order if you prefer to.
      Sorry for all inconvenience caused and thank you so much for your understanding."
      For reference, I was an early backer and paid for early delivery. Sounds like they are considerably behind, with no explanation why. I'm out.
      Hope this helps.

    22. Missing avatar

      Zhu Shenshen on

      when to ship, I can't wait please

    23. Cory Nesser on

      Are you still on pace to deliver the first batch by late October? How do you find out if you're part of that first batch? When will future batches be sent out? How many batches will there be?


    24. Missing avatar

      Jean on

      Any update about delivery or plan?

    25. Steven Johenning on

      A delay is pretty par for the course for this kind of thing. The fact that they're still supposed to be shipping starting this month is frankly amazing. But they did have a small tier with a slightly boosted price to get into first shipment, though it was probably less tempting to people who'd managed to get in on the early birds.

    26. Miguel Soares on

      What the hwll is going on with this project!!!!!!
      There were nothing in the campaign saying that we had to pay an extra to get the product faster.
      You have start with a very good energy but lost it as the time pass by.
      I really hope to recive it in November.

    27. Poh Maquid on

      Really can't wait to listen it but the delay (1-2 months) is acceptable for me

    28. Missing avatar

      Zachary Studebaker on

      So when are they going to be delivered and who is in the first batch? Originally the delivery date was October, just 7 days left in October and no firm sipping/delivery dates yet.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      The shipping should arrive in October. Now you say October start shipping. Can you be more specific when this happen. Thank you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Gan on

      How to check who’s under first batch?

    31. Missing avatar

      Krystian Szatkowski on

      Also I paid the premium advanced shipment and I just hoping this will not be a ripoff from zolo side.

    32. Missing avatar

      Krystian Szatkowski on

      I hope I will receive my pair of Liberty+ on Oct 31, that would be the Best gift for my B’day.

    33. sanjay srikonda on

      Zolo, you REALLY need to give your beta testers a way to contact you. You gave us a SINGLE google form that had very little way of giving feedback and you've ignored us after that. The buds are cutting out, not charging, don't show up in the pair list on bluetooth, but NOWHERE is there anywhere to submit these bugs. Why are you not giving beta users any way to contact or submit actual bug reports? A single google form is NOT getting feedback.

    34. Trevor John D'silva on

      Thanks for the update guys!

    35. clamgoh on

      When we can receive our order

    36. clamgoh on

      When we can receive our order

    37. Mark Demshock on

      I'm wondering the same thing as Noah King. I paid the premium have advance shipment, but haven't heard any word from you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Noah King on

      Hey Zolo Team-
      I just bumped into a guy on the BART train and saw his backers edition Liberty+ in his ear and asked him when he received them. He said they arrived a few days ago without a letter included or notification of shipment email or anything. I and others here paid a premium to be included in the first batch shipment. Clearly I live near this guy since we ride the same train to work. Why haven’t I received my pair which is the exact same pair this guy has? Will you be issuing refunds to those of us who were promised to be in the first shipment but clearly were not? This guy did not receive his pair as a result of the beta test.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gregg Butler on

      +1 for more information on Alexa integration. .... As this was one of the main reasons for backing, I'm waiting for the complete package.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ivo Rodrigues on

      @Jason Dunn, I asked Zolo about Alexa when they announced the feature drop and I made a suggestion.

      Me: "... I like to continue to be on first batch, however I make a suggestion.

      You Zolo, have the opportunity to be the first of its kind, you can release the firmware as open-source, any part that can't be shared (for instance legal or licence issues) can be loaded as a modules. This way I am sure that community will kip this device alive for years to come, with bug fixing and new features helped by the community. Of course that you can make limitation, like using a custom firmware will void the warranty.

      I am not saying this should be on the first version of the firmware, you can do it with more time on the next version. ..."

      They answered: "... We really want to develop and release the firmware as open-source, while Amazon would have a system in place to certify Alexa functionality with earphones. As of this update, we still do not have a clear outline of the requirements. We are still working with Amazon to implement Alexa as soon as possible, but we’re unable to say when it will happen.

      The first batch for backers will be shipped in late Oct and your understanding will be much appreciated. ..."

      Of course, it is not a guarantee that they will make the firmware open-source, but at least it is a hope. Maybe the community can bring Alexa in, maybe not.

    41. Christopher Campbell on

      Sounds good. Since I just want the headphones to pump music into my ear holes, not to talk to like a digital butler, I'll be getting exactly what I wanted (well, minus the sweet carbon-fiber look). That being said, I do also wonder about firmware updates...mostly for bug fixes and BT updates...but one day I may also wish to scream at my phone/headphones and have them do things. Probably not, but never say never (except in this usage).

    42. Jason Dunn on

      Will the headphones be able to get firmware updates? Is that how you'll expand the functionality, or is it more of a closed system where what ships is the final product?

    43. Missing avatar

      Marc GENNAOUI on

      For those of you still asking about Siri and Google assistant Zolo has confirmed by email to me that they will be integrated and functional.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marc GENNAOUI on

      @Stanley. FYI through other answers Zolo gave through comments section or email we can infer that Zolo isn't able to answer the question related to Alexa. They don't know at the moment if the current hardware can support Alexa because they are lacking information from Amazon, therefore they cannot at the moment confirm that a firmware update will be able to add Alexa support later on. My guess is that you'll probably have to wait a long time before you get your answer. If Alexa is a major concern for you, you might want to try and get a refund or prepare to wait for an answer.

    45. Missing avatar

      Pierric Descamps on

      It would in fact be useful to have a regularly updated shipping plan, so that everyone can have an idea of the current estimated date for them. I'm backer 20k-something, so I'm afraid November starts being unlikely too :p but it would be good to just know.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Schiffbauer on

      Good job guys! Looking forward to trying them out…

    47. Missing avatar

      Martynas on

      People, calm your tits. You just have to read between the lines.

      They will only ship at the end of the October, meanig that you won't actually have the earphones in October and first batch means that they will ship only small portion of earphones at the end of October. Best we could expect is mid/late November.

    48. Bronwyn Oshust on

      Thanks for the update!
      Though I'm curious what precisely this "first batch" thing is and how you're defining that exactly. And when the next batches are supposed to be.

    49. Missing avatar

      Daniel Steffen on

      Wow, you didn't answer any question in this update.. Well done... Did you hire some people from crazybaby lately?