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Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
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    1. Justin Bennett 2 days ago

      Lost a sentence or two in the last post.

      I use a toothpick to push the speaker coverings off of the bud. If you have the volume maxed out, you can hear these suckers from a foot or two away after doing that.

      And after doing this, they're back to sounding absolutely fantastic.

    2. Justin Bennett 2 days ago

      Wow. These buds. It's been months now, and I've had both of them go nearly dead silent. The volume up/down suggestion support gives you? Not worth a damn thing. Cleaning the mesh with isopropyl? Might improve it slightly, but you'll need to do it frequently.

      The only reliable solution I've found is to *completely* remove the speaker covering. The mesh, and the material under the mesh. Then tap it back down so it makes contacts and sticks, but don't *push* it back on. My guess is that the glue they used to hold those pieces on is a little too effective.

      This is still a temporary solution, after a few hours/days, I have to make the 'repair' again. I'm really curious how an issue like this got through QA.

    3. Missing avatar

      Srikanth 4 days ago

      To all having the low volume problems,
      Please follow Kevin's advice and clean your buds with Isopropyl Alcohol. It worked like a charm for me. There's no volume in right earbud all of a sudden. I cleaned both of them with alcohol swabs and they both sounding perfect now. The ear wax was the culprit all along. I suggest try cleaning it before contacting the customer service.
      Have a nice day guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthias Brantschen 5 days ago

      Hi everyone,
      I got my earphones a few month ago and was very happy about them, but now one isn’t working anymore. The volume is like half of the other. Is there a way to fix it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan Ackalin 5 days ago

      Guess what! I also got the low volume issue. I tried Desmond NG’s advice from below, and unfortunately the “almost no sound in one earplug” remains. Any other advice for remedy (the protective mesh is clean)?

    6. Gal Kortzak on

      The answer to low volume is cleaning the golden mesh . For me it helped.

    7. Enrique Carrillo on

      Someone who wants to sell me a left earbud xD

    8. Tan Moon Hoe on

      Unfortunately, I became a part of low volume issue yesterday. The right earbud never hear the power on sound and bluetooth paired sound. Tried turn off and reconnect many times.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marcos Correia on

      Wow! Richard Bona, the bass player?! If so, man, I'm a HUGE FAN! Love your work! Blessing...
      Now back to zolo, I want refund! Mine is getting lower by the day

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Bona

      I have the same issue. Does any have an email address to customer support?

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcos Correia on

      Hello Zolo project team!
      I have received my lovely item less than 4 months ago and, despite having any conplaint up until last month, the right ear phone got suddenly and irreversibly lower in volume than the left ear piece. Can you revert to me something in regard of dealing with this situation?! It would be a shame to lose an otherwise perfect earphone due to significant volume loss

    12. Missing avatar

      Chirag Patel

      I've been having a similar issue to everyone on here, left earbud just suddenly went silent/low sound. I contacted support and within a few days they responded. Asked me to try cleaning it and if that didn't work would I prefer a replacement or a refund. Considering the amount of people having this issue I opted for a refund as I don't think they've fixed the issue, the refund has been successful so amazing service from the support team and a relatively quick turn around to get a solution. I only sent one email and didn't create another support ticket just replied to any follow ups.

    13. Ben

      Like many others, I now have a situation where the left earbud no longer has sound. It is too bad, becaue these are the best wireless earbuds I have ever used. Please provide a fix or let me know how to get a replacement under your 18 month warranty. Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Desmond Ng on

      Those with left ear piece without sound issue, may want to try this steps, I managed to resolve the issue following the steps, if still persists, then will have to contact their service support for next course of action.

      1. Put the left earbud in your ear, double tap to see if you can hear any on or off beep sound.
      2. Deleting the pairing history on your device.
      3. Put the earbuds back to the charging case and then taking them out again, please double tap both earbuds simultaneously and put them together.
      4. Turn off Liberty+ by pressing the button for 5 seconds until you see the red indicator.
      5. Put Liberty+ in the charging case, take them out to retry.

    15. MVR on

      OMG just used them for some hours and the left one doesnt work anymore...

    16. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Gonzalez on

      I just contact them by mail because i started to have problems with my left earbud volume... but as i see its a common issue... I hope there'll be a solution for it...

    17. Missing avatar

      Murphy on

      2 Mails to the support and still no answer after one week ... I thought an Anker Company service would be much better ...

    18. Missing avatar

      Wjatscheslaw Schmidt on

      I have problems with the left earbud too- the volume is ca. 50% of the normal that I experience on the right side. Whats the Problem?

    19. Missing avatar

      Murphy on

      I have problems with the left earbud too- the volume is ca. 50% of the normal that I experience on the right side

    20. Missing avatar

      Edwin Halim on

      Hi guys problem in left ear buds where it has low volume. How can i get service for this?

    21. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      Hi, where do I get a customer service? Same problem: Right bud works perfectly, left one very low volume. Thank you in advance.

    22. Richard Plotka

      No earbuds yet.. Please update

    23. Jorge Fernando Muritiba Ramos on

      Hi guys! I did not received my earbuds. Would you give any update?

    24. Missing avatar

      aquamartian on

      How are people returning the earpieces and getting support? I have not head a peep from xolo since I sent them a email

    25. Missing avatar

      Sunil K on

      Returned my first pair and the issue resurfaces on the second pair. The right earbud have much lower volume then the left. How can i replace with a functional earbud ?

    26. Timotheus Bojarowski on

      note to myself: next time just write Zolo support directly :D

    27. Duccio Rosselli

      Hi all, I have the same issue with my pair. Right bud works perfectly, left one very low volume, but all other functions work fine. What to do? Is it possible it's only depending on cleaning issues?

    28. Timotheus Bojarowski on

      @daniel, @ilja:
      I got the same issue now :|
      thats for sure a warranty issue, this little golden plate can get stuck in your ear. DANGEROUS!
      who is now the contact person?

    29. Missing avatar

      Lee Puttock on

      Promised replacement set or refund in January, still nothing.

      Backer number 23,256

    30. Missing avatar

      Ivan Rodriguez

      Same here. No sound in the left one and very minimal in the right one. I have to say that I have been extremely happy with my set (I was even considering to buy me a second pair in Amazon) but now with this problem and the unresponsive customer service I will warn the people in Amazon about this issues

    31. Missing avatar

      Jake Hollander on

      Is anyone having problem with sound going on and off and shifting from ear bud to ear bud? If you found a fix please let me know. Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ilja Rijnen on

      @daniel same issue here, it got loose

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel Steffen on

      Anyone had the problem that the "golden cover" on the earphones got loose? I was cleaning it today (just moving with my finger over the "colden cover") and it came off.. What can I do?
      Is that a waranty issue?

    34. Missing avatar

      Granet Flavien

      So we have all the same problem about the low volume.
      Please someone can help us about that thx.

    35. Missing avatar

      Clark Bevan on

      I have tried the alcohol/thumb 'fix' several times, and it hasn't helped at all. A fix or replacement under warranty would be nice.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Morris on

      Can confirm what kevin just said on a fix to the low volume. I used 70% alcohol and it made it better

    37. Kwan Qi Yao on

      This is such a joke...what's the point of a Warranty when nobody ever replies our messages / emails to the company ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen

      To everyone with one bud having lower sound, this is what worked for me. First take a cotton swab and some 99%isopropyl alcohol, dip the swab in the alcohol. Pair your headphones, turn music on at full volume. Now hold the quiet earbud with the screen facing the ground and rub the wet cotton swab on the screen. Allow the screen to dry a few seconds, and then press your thumb against the screen and rotate it slightly. Put the buds in and check the volume. Keep doing this until they both sound the same. Don't bother cleaning the earbud the works properly unless it's visibly clogged with wax. This has worked for me on three different occasions. Hopefully it helps some people. Using isopropyl alcohol will not void your warranty as this is a step the company has recommended. But make sure to keep the screen facing down, you don't want it going into the driver if possible

    39. Brook Jordan on

      Same issue with loudness here too. Also the left.

    40. Missing avatar

      Philip Schuhmacher on

      Any update on the common issue of one of the buds loosing loudness? I feel that moisture gets into the driver somehow and „clogs“ it up?!

    41. Henry Lee on

      Hi, anyone checked if you are connected with AAC codec? I checked on my Pixel2, but it shows SBC in developer options.

    42. Erneson Abellana on

      my issue is different, after using for months.. now the left earbud had lower volume than the right earbud.. trying reset pairing many times.. still the leaft earbud had a significantly lower volume than the right earbud. no issues on sound quality though..

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      If you talk outside and you have noisy street you opponent can not hear you only the noise from the street. Plus you have to increase you voice to talk to you opponent.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chung Tsz Ki on

      I seem having the same issues like others. The right earbud have much lower volume then the left.

    45. Missing avatar

      RhinoDoc on

      I got my buds and loved the sound and convenience, but with time the sound on the left ear bud faded to nothing. Contacted the company and they were awesome - no hassle replacement and they sounded great again. A few months later, left bud lost sound again and I gave up.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert Goltz on

      So I tack it like almost everything else bought here, the company that makes item never replies? My Left bud has stopped charging, if this was Amazon would be no issue here big issue

    47. Missing avatar

      Luis Alain Posada Londoño on


      Sound is great. But been using them for less than six months and now battery runs out in less than 1 hour...not even enough for a short training session.
      Can you replace them?? Still on guaranty, right?

    48. Missing avatar

      Nick Oliver on

      Still waiting, guys. I have received nothing. No news in this many months is not inspiring my confidence.

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert Goltz on

      My left bud does not charge anymore. When you put it in the case the right is lit left not. When I wear them sound out the right left totally dead. THIS is why in the future I will ALWAYS pay a little more and wait till something is released. These guys do not reply, Amazon does

    50. Chang Fu on

      I am having same issue of right ear piece lower sound.

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