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Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI
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    1. Timotheus Bojarowski about 16 hours ago

      note to myself: next time just write Zolo support directly :D

    2. Duccio Rosselli
      1 day ago

      Hi all, I have the same issue with my pair. Right bud works perfectly, left one very low volume, but all other functions work fine. What to do? Is it possible it's only depending on cleaning issues?

    3. Timotheus Bojarowski 5 days ago

      @daniel, @ilja:
      I got the same issue now :|
      thats for sure a warranty issue, this little golden plate can get stuck in your ear. DANGEROUS!
      who is now the contact person?

    4. Missing avatar

      Lee Puttock on June 10

      Promised replacement set or refund in January, still nothing.

      Backer number 23,256

    5. Missing avatar

      Ivan Rodriguez
      on June 8

      Same here. No sound in the left one and very minimal in the right one. I have to say that I have been extremely happy with my set (I was even considering to buy me a second pair in Amazon) but now with this problem and the unresponsive customer service I will warn the people in Amazon about this issues

    6. Missing avatar

      Jake Hollander on June 8

      Is anyone having problem with sound going on and off and shifting from ear bud to ear bud? If you found a fix please let me know. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ilja Rijnen on June 6

      @daniel same issue here, it got loose

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Steffen on June 1

      Anyone had the problem that the "golden cover" on the earphones got loose? I was cleaning it today (just moving with my finger over the "colden cover") and it came off.. What can I do?
      Is that a waranty issue?

    9. Missing avatar

      Granet Flavien
      on May 31

      So we have all the same problem about the low volume.
      Please someone can help us about that thx.

    10. Missing avatar

      Clark Bevan on May 29

      I have tried the alcohol/thumb 'fix' several times, and it hasn't helped at all. A fix or replacement under warranty would be nice.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Morris on May 27

      Can confirm what kevin just said on a fix to the low volume. I used 70% alcohol and it made it better

    12. Kwan Qi Yao on May 26

      This is such a joke...what's the point of a Warranty when nobody ever replies our messages / emails to the company ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen
      on May 22

      To everyone with one bud having lower sound, this is what worked for me. First take a cotton swab and some 99%isopropyl alcohol, dip the swab in the alcohol. Pair your headphones, turn music on at full volume. Now hold the quiet earbud with the screen facing the ground and rub the wet cotton swab on the screen. Allow the screen to dry a few seconds, and then press your thumb against the screen and rotate it slightly. Put the buds in and check the volume. Keep doing this until they both sound the same. Don't bother cleaning the earbud the works properly unless it's visibly clogged with wax. This has worked for me on three different occasions. Hopefully it helps some people. Using isopropyl alcohol will not void your warranty as this is a step the company has recommended. But make sure to keep the screen facing down, you don't want it going into the driver if possible

    14. Brook Jordan on May 22

      Same issue with loudness here too. Also the left.

    15. Missing avatar

      Philip Schuhmacher on May 21

      Any update on the common issue of one of the buds loosing loudness? I feel that moisture gets into the driver somehow and „clogs“ it up?!

    16. Henry Lee on May 21

      Hi, anyone checked if you are connected with AAC codec? I checked on my Pixel2, but it shows SBC in developer options.

    17. Erneson Abellana on May 19

      my issue is different, after using for months.. now the left earbud had lower volume than the right earbud.. trying reset pairing many times.. still the leaft earbud had a significantly lower volume than the right earbud. no issues on sound quality though..

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex on May 19

      If you talk outside and you have noisy street you opponent can not hear you only the noise from the street. Plus you have to increase you voice to talk to you opponent.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chung Tsz Ki on May 18

      I seem having the same issues like others. The right earbud have much lower volume then the left.

    20. Missing avatar

      RhinoDoc on May 16

      I got my buds and loved the sound and convenience, but with time the sound on the left ear bud faded to nothing. Contacted the company and they were awesome - no hassle replacement and they sounded great again. A few months later, left bud lost sound again and I gave up.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Goltz on May 15

      So I tack it like almost everything else bought here, the company that makes item never replies? My Left bud has stopped charging, if this was Amazon would be no issue here big issue

    22. Missing avatar

      Luis Alain Posada Londoño on May 13


      Sound is great. But been using them for less than six months and now battery runs out in less than 1 hour...not even enough for a short training session.
      Can you replace them?? Still on guaranty, right?

    23. Missing avatar

      Nick Oliver on May 12

      Still waiting, guys. I have received nothing. No news in this many months is not inspiring my confidence.

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Goltz on May 11

      My left bud does not charge anymore. When you put it in the case the right is lit left not. When I wear them sound out the right left totally dead. THIS is why in the future I will ALWAYS pay a little more and wait till something is released. These guys do not reply, Amazon does

    25. Chang Fu on May 11

      I am having same issue of right ear piece lower sound.

    26. Missing avatar

      christine on May 9

      Seems to be an issue more than a few people are having: right ear piece is SIGNIFICANTLY lower in volume to the left, almost not functioning.

    27. Missing avatar

      drhoangnam on May 9

      I accidentally dropped my charge case and one of the two charge sticks (I don't know how you call it) broke. What can I do to fix it cause it affects the battery life of my left earphone.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ben Patton on May 3

      I wonder if I’ll ever receive mine. Still waiting! Zolo/Anker have not responded to any of my emails over the last four months.....

    29. Missing avatar

      Raymond Howard on May 2

      Anker is abandoning the Zolo product line and releasing a new one.

    30. DS on April 27

      Hello zolo:

      I seem to be having the same issues as others. Right ear piece no longer functions at all. Warranty?

    31. Missing avatar

      James Lamb on April 27

      Those of you hoping Zolo releases an update to the app to provide the features they claim are going to be disappointed. I emailed support asking about it and was told they have no future plans to update the app. Looks like they have abandoned this product already. I have been happy with my headhphones but was looking forward to updates. In the future I will stick to more established brands, the lack of committment to this product is very disappointing

    32. Missing avatar

      THomas on April 27

      Hi Zolo Team,
      my left earbud stopped working. The Button is still working but there comes no sound out of it.
      When I put both earbuds into the charging case the lights go on, but after a few seconds the light of the left one turns off again.
      Is there any possibility to reinstall the firmware, just to check if it'a a software problem?
      Otherwise it should be a case of warranty...

    33. Missing avatar

      MrGrinch33 on April 26

      Hi Zolo Team.

      Backer 24,877 here. April 26, 2018 and I still have not recieved my earphones.
      I recieved a Canada Post tracking number back in December but it still hasn't shipped.

      Help would be appreciated.

    34. Eric on April 26

      Hi Zolo Team,

      I’m backer 12,986 and pledged for Partner Special for 2 packs wireless earphones.

      1 is working very well without any problem. But another 1 is having Bluetooth connection problem, which when I activate the earphones my phone very difficult to find the earphones Bluetooth and even found it will show up 2 different connection under name “Z-Cup” for left & “Zolo Liberty” for tight. So I have to connect both only the Bluetooth can work but after I put back to the Charging box then take out again it will cannot connect again then I have to forgot the devices and pair again.

      Just to check, can I claim the warranty? Or anyway to reset the earphones?

      Looking forward your soonest reply.

    35. Missing avatar

      Zachary Studebaker on April 25

      Funny story, my initial pair was replaced because the right earbud went out completely after a week of us. Just go up today, tried to use my earbuds, right one is dead. Went through all the troubleshooting and no good. How do you plan on fixing this? I WANT A PRODUCT THAT WORKS!

    36. Missing avatar

      Neil Rosser on April 25

      Saw this article today and had two thoughts:
      1. Perhaps the Zolo name is gone, now?
      2. New versions of the Liberty for $69. External plastics look a little different also.

    37. Kwan Qi Yao on April 23

      Earphones died on me a month after using them. Sound went out(?) super soft in right ear...

      seems to be a recurring problem with others as well I guess

    38. Missing avatar

      JungHoon Shin
      on April 23

      Hi there.

      I have some question, so that here to ask u.

      Since yesterday, sadly, my batter charger isn’t work rightly.

      Isn’t charge my earphones, moreover connection still alive after I put my earphone to charger.

      Is there anyway that examine or check my charge?
      I really satisfied with my lovely earphone, so don’t want to say goodbye with them...

      Plz give me an answer T.T

    39. Jonathan Smit on April 23

      Had the same problem like most. After cleaning like Santeri mentioned: "Some people recommended cleaning the brass mesh from the earbuds by first removing them and cleaning the with isopropyl alcohol. I used exacto knives tip to carefully remove the mesh, so I wouldn't damage them. There's some excess glue on them, which I cleaned from the earbud. When I was cleaning the mesh I noticed these some film other side of the mesh, which I decided to remove. I don't know what's the purpose if the film, but I decided to test how these work without them. After doing these and reinstalling the mesh the volume is back to normal and have stayed that way for about a month." They work perfect again. Love the sound en bass quality.

    40. Missing avatar

      Eduard Lackner on April 22

      Here is my feedback: They simply don't fit!
      Would be impossible to move with those earbuds.
      I went back to my cheap and simple TaoTronics.
      Sorry Zolo/Anker

    41. Kurt on April 19

      The spoons quality and balance has deteriorated greatly since I got mine. They were great at first.

      Now they’re both quiet enough that I have to turn my phone up nearly all the way, and the left one is persistently quieter. Sounds are all blasted out, like a cheap stereo speaker.

      I’m kinda dissatisfied. Maybe I got a bad pair? Can you guys do anything for me?

    42. Missing avatar

      Lerson Olanrawathana on April 19






    43. Missing avatar

      I R Lira on April 18

      I was very happy to hear these headphones were coming out and even waited patiently as shipment was delayed. I was very happy once they arrived and couldn't wait to try them on my next run. they worked great on my 1st run. they did take a bit to sync to my Galaxy 8 phone, but they finally paired. I used them for about an hour and put them back to charge in the case. Next day, after a few minutes of use, they started beeping. I thought it was a phone call coming in but that wasn't the case. I later determined it had to be the sound it makes when battery was low. I was bewildered since they had a little under a day of a full charge and the case had all 3 lights on as well. I then assumed that I may have put them in the case wrong but that was not possible since I could hear a click when they connect to the diodes. Nice call on making it magnetic too. So now, I am sure the right earpiece is out of power totally and the left earpiece still has a light, but apparently it can't seem to pair with my phone (or anything else) without the right earpiece being fully powered. I have gone back t my BlueBuds X, feeling very disappointed in the Zolos.

    44. Justin Bennett on April 18

      Follow up on the mesh falling out of my left ear bud a few weeks ago:

      I was able to drop the mesh back onto the driver and it stayed on, without an issue, however, yesterday, I had the muted audio bug hit my left ear bud!

      I emailed Zolo support about it, and they gave me the stock response email they're giving everyone else. None of it helped.

      So just now I risked sacrificing the left bud and used my fingertip to "gently" twist the mesh back off the left ear bud. It stuck to my finger, and it didn't look like anything ripped. I had full audio back in the left bud, without the mesh on it! I dropped the mesh piece back on, and the audio is ever-so-slightly muted now, but more than serviceable.

      I don't know if what I did is a warranty violation or what, but in my personal opinion, there's a design flaw with the meshes, at least on the initial Kickstarter units. They may have resolved it on later production runs.

    45. Missing avatar

      Marvin T on April 17

      Now the Zolo Liberty + is being sold already for € 79,95 in the Netherlands
      I didn't expect it to be discounted so soon. Otherwise I would have waited....

    46. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Gonzalez on April 16

      Hi, i'm having problems with my case, the earbuds still working right but the last time they go out of battery and i tryed to charge them they didnt charge... I've tryed with the case of a friend and the charge perfectly. How can i do to get the warranty on it?

    47. Missing avatar

      Ian Lantzy on April 16

      I've had my par of Liberty+ for a couple months now. I have to say these are some extremely nice sounding earbuds. I prefer them over my Bose headphones most of the time.

      But unfortunately I recently ran into the issue of the right earpiece dropping off to near-zero volume. Having looked into this, it seems to be a known issue with the early models. So as recommended on Anker's forums I've contacted Zolo's support and am hoping to get a response. I just really hope I can get my Kickstarter Edition fixed or replaced with another Kickstarter Edition as these are some extremely sleek and quality earphones.

    48. Missing avatar

      Danielle on April 15

      Months after receiving my pair of the Zolo Liberty+ and I have to say that it was money worth spending. I love my Liberty+ earbuds! They fit comfortably in my ears and the sound quality is great.

      Thank you so much for a great product!

    49. Brian on April 15


      Great packaging. Really love it actually. Mad props to the designers.
      Charging case is nice, and small. Does its job well. Still wish it was USB-C like all my phones, but I get it.
      Sounds is decent. It’s really about the same as Apple Wired AirPods. Might be slightly better.
      Durable. Able to withstand falls.
      Decent battery life with case.

      Can’t get them to stay in my ears. I’ve tried all of the inserts and they still fall out while I’m running.
      Connectivity is poor. I’m very sad about this one. I expected easy connectivity. And at least reliable connects. These lose connectivity mid-run every time. Then I have to go through the process of forgetting them in my phone, and reconnecting a couple of times until they work again.

      They are alright. If you are listening at a desk...they might work for you?

    50. Cavan on April 13

      These do not fit all ears, as they advertised, the ear clips are so damn small. They do not stay in my ears. The sound is okay, not the greatest for in ear headphones. Listened to way better wireless ones. The clunky design is not winter toque friendly. Shake your head slightly and these pop right out. Easy to loose one if they do not stay in. I wrote to them about the problems and that it did not meet what they promised of fitting and function. No remorse or refunds. I bought a $100 paperweight. If you have small ears good for you, but that’s what they are built for. Truly and utterly disappointed by this Kickstarter campaign.

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