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Clean and beautiful, the i+Case for iPhone 4S and 4 looks good in any situation. From the streets to the club and even on the sidelines
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Good News/Bad News

Posted by i+Case (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  Both Chung and I have been heads-down working hard to deliver the i+Case and have some good news and bad news.

I'll start with the Good News.  We are starting to get finalized product off the line and it's looking really good.  

The Bad News.  We are producing a lower volume than initially projected by our vendors.  This is for some obvious reasons that we've mentioned in the past. The part that we are producing has very fine tolerances and is very difficult to machine. This means that the vendor has to slow the machine down which equals less parts per-day.  I'd say our daily volume has been cut in half from what we originally thought. 

This has taken quite a bit of testing to dial in the process. Just to give you a sense of how hard this part is to produce I'll share what the yield rate was when we started this.  During our first test run the vendor only yielded 20 parts out of 60 that we considered "high quality". 

So what does this mean for delivery?

We are still shooting to deliver some products this year, but some will be delivered next year.  We still don't have a solid number of how many we'll deliver this year vs. next.  We'll most likely be delivering to the US market first.  

I'm also attaching some newer product photos of the black version. Other images with different colors will be posted at a later date as we get them.

1. The product in packaging
2. A better look at the muted logo
3. Products loaded in boxes to be shipped to the US
4. i+Cases before being packaged up

Thanks for everyone's patience and support throughout this project. We are getting there.

Jason & Chung

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    1. James Dryden on

      This is looking excellent, I'm very happy with the more muted logo, it just looks so much classier.

    2. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Noor a single case is being developed.

    3. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      Hi Jason. Just wanted to know if there has been any clarity on the one size fits all for the case with regards to the iPhone 4 & 4S. I know your initial ideas was for the one size fits all but you did say that you were trying to address the issue. So will the final case fit both the iPhone 4 & 4S or will there be seperate cases for both???

    4. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      @Dorian. Thanks for that. I have confirmed independently from US merchants that the customs process mentioned earlier is indeed the correct process. It only takes about a minute more than standard US postage as it has a couple of extra fields to fill and boxes to checkmark. Not too lenghty.

      But I agree that lack of thorough research and inexperience may have led to the controversial decision in relation to postage. I admit though that its best to let the owners go about the process their own way rather than encourage them to alter it now. So I hereby humbly resign and sit back to wait eagerly for my case which I hope will not be received later than February.

      The design looks spectacular!

    5. Rian on

      @Gerald That's correct. Though I did not want to write it out physically, since I do not have any proofs, other then the facts that are implying deliberate misled. And I believe, by the way, designers are sincerely honest as much as they can. That being said, I believe every mis-communication, is not deliberate but rather lack of skills and experiences. And under the circumstances, I want to encourage them to engage more communication, so that backers would have the enough information.

      @Jason I know how this situation is frustrating. And you are doing fine works, keep up the good works, then backers would understand your effort.

    6. Missing avatar

      kel00811 on

      Greatest job! You finally realized and produce the artistic production successfully. Somehow, the defination of the phase which are between the 'artistic production' and the 'production'.
      Keep it up! (Artistic)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Brilliant! A thorough explanation. Well done Jason! You have not only clarified concerns expressed by backers such as me so far but you have also addressed future concerns of international backers which will in turn save you a lot more time is responding to them and allow you to concentrate on producing and distributing the cases.

      Just to clarify, I DO run my own business which I have been running for close to 7 years. It is not always possible to satisfy all my clients but from experience, I know that being upfront, respectful and providing as much information as early as possible is really appreciated by them. It helps keep clients loyal. Client Relationship is one of the most important aspects of real-world business, especially Small to Medium businesses, but sadly one of the most ignored.

      I appreciate your time in responding to our concerns. The point about one backer and different colored cases makes complete sense so no argument there!

      I have tried the customs form again and this time it took me less than 2 minutes. I realise that the additional 3 minutes it took me earlier was due to me trying to find out the weight and exact cost of package. So it should be quite smooth for you. The majority of time is spent typing out the sender’s and addressee’s name and address which I believe is the same amount of time needed for US backers as well. So about 1 minute extra per custom form. Or about 8 hours extra work as compared to US backers.

      I am unsure how this counts as a lengthy process which is what I was querying in my previous post. There is no need to respond to this now Jason because I know you are busy. But other backers such as San sargin seem to be aware of the process. San, can you confirm if this is the correct process or is there a lengthier process?

      I am happy to pitch in in completing these forms if you require assistance Jason. I have been a strong supporter of this project from the start and still am!

    8. David Pasquino on

      Thanks for the response Jason - I appreciate you taking the time to do it.

    9. Dominik Pich

      I agree with the other international backers :(
      - now that I read this thread that is ...... I admit I didn't think much about all this before

    10. H2opro4 on

      Excellent explanation of real world business decisions. Thank you Jason.

    11. i+Case 2-time creator on

      I'm going to provide the very limited community that seems to care about this thread with some open and honest comments. If you can't handle direct feedback and blunt remarks I suggest you stop reading at this time. These remarks in no way are to be meant as arrogant or uncaring of the backer community. They are said in this format because it would take too much time for me to sugar coat my thoughts that would be acceptable to everyone and in general is the style I'm comfortable with. So I apologize ahead of time if this style doesn't work for you.

      There only seems to be a small amount of the backing community that really care or have time to chime in on this topic. This isn't to say that others don't feel the same as you, but as I stated they probably just don't have the time to share their opinions. However, the 5% of you that do care I will try to answer. Keep this in mind though. The effort and mindshare to deal with 5% of the backers is taking up 80% of my time and energy. Would you rather have me focused on addressing these minor inconveniences or focusing on delivering a great quality product?

      I never thought I'd have to unpack the complete process and thinking behind how we are doing business because I have hoped that the community would just tuts that we are doing the best we can and are operating above board without any deliberate malicious intent. But there seem to be a few of you, by your comments, think that we have always intended to ship to the US first. This is flat out untrue.

      There are more variable to this process than most think.

      Let's just breakdown your assumption @Gerald. Let's say each form takes 5minutes to complete the process. 5 minutes times ~500 International backers = 2500 minutes. There are 1440 minutes in a 24hour day. That means if I worked for 48hours straight I could get this done, or if I worked full 8 hour days I'f get this done in 5 days. So it's a significant block of work.

      Now let's get into the actually reality of how the cases are coming in. Right now our anodization partner will only do a minimum of 200 cases at a time so that means we have to wait to product 200 cases before it goes to that process. So again we are being held up by the production delay.

      So let's say we get 200 cases of ONE color done and ready to ship, let's say it's black? I get them shipped to the states. Now let's look at the orders and see what we have. For example, the very first backer of the project ordered three cases, two black and one other color. Because they are the first backer should I wait until I get their other color in because they are the first one? By some of your comments you are all suggesting that this FIRST backer should get the first shipment, right? So should I delay everyone else's order behind his because his other color case isn't ready to ship? Or should I go to the next person who singularly ordered a black case and ship to them since I have the inventory? Now, let's add another variable of the custom forms. If this backer is international should I then delay shipping it to the US person later because I've decided to do all of my custom forms at one time vs. one at a time?

      Everyone just didn't order one case, so again, it's not as easy as just shipping on a first come first serve basis. If everything was equal and I had all of the cases in my possession at one time I would ship on a first backed first shipped basis, but this isn't the case. In some cases I may be only receiving one color and later I may get more colors.

      I have to draw the line somewhere on the process I use to ship. I chose to start with the US list because it is less overhead. I'm sorry if you don't agree with this approach. We always intended to ship to the first backers first, but AGAIN, this was if we had all cases in our hands at once, but this isn't the case.

      It's much easier for me to spend the time focused on batch completing and processing the custom forms at once vs. trying to do them as one-offs. Anyone that has been in business knows that once you get started on a task that it's better to stay focused on it until you can complete it or need a break. If you try and start a form and then go package, etc. you get out of your rhythm and the task takes much longer.

      So as I originally stated, but this wasn't good enough for some people, we are doing this best we can in getting the products shipped to the states and then shipped out to you.

      In closing keep this in mind. There are always compromises in a business and things always come up where you need to pivot on the fly. When each of you have or are running your own business I'm sure that there are decisions that you make that certain people don't agree with, but sometimes you have to take an approach and move forward with it. Often times this won't make everyone happy. However, you press on, knowing that in business as in life you'll never be able to please everyone. So I know that my decision and approach to handle certain things don't alway work for everyone, but we need to press on.

      I appreciate everyone's feedback and we always listen to it, but the more I have to take time to justify my approach the less focus we have on delivery.


    12. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      @Dorian. Your post suggests that the project owners were aware that they would be shipping to the US first and deliberately misled backers by promising they would ship on a first-come first-served basis. I hope this to be true because it is way too deceptive.

      That being said, on November 17, a day before funding ended, shipping costs were put up for international backers via update 17. Obviously, the owners would have known about the lengthy custom forms process at that time but maybe believed that this was still ok to meet their commitment to get the cases out ASAP. So what changed between November 17th and yesterday to cause a shift in delivery strategy?

      From Update 20, the production and quality process is slower than expected, thus causing a shift in strategy to get the cases mailed to the US first so that the commitment to deliver the case by December would at least be met for US buyers.

      Understandably, I do not think this is fair but accept this decision to put US backers first.

      However, all my previous posts and this one assume that custom forms take a long time to complete. I have no idea how long. The custom site for USPS which I visited below enabled me to fill out a customs form in 5 minutes. Fill in the information and it populates the fields and you just have to print out and slap the label on the package.

      Jason’s post above states that the customs form filling process is ‘tedious’. I’m assuming ‘tedious’ means between half hour to 1 hour per form?

      Would someone, especially San above, who seems to have experience completing these forms tell me if there are additional forms to complete? I am unaware of the process.

      I just realised that the reason there are so many ‘assumptions and misinformation’ in my comments is because the project owners do not provide all information. For example, this update states that the cases will be shipped to the US first and makes no mention of custom forms. It’s only when backers demanded reasons that this came up.


    13. Rian on

      I see what's happening here, and I kinda disagree with many of the arguments in favor of first come, first served. Because one must know that international shipping, unlike what we expect how it is 'modernized' and 'computerized' by now, it still takes a lot of effort. Nevertheless the project took place in US, so I understand the designers decided to ship US priorly.

      But I must mention though, despite all rational process of thinking, I think by saying "US will be shipped first" a head of funding would have kept many backers silent. (not dead silent, but silent as an agreement)

    14. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Hey San. Good point. But if that is the case, then the situation is even more dire for international backers. I do not have the actual figures but from the incomplete and limited information available, I can deduct the following. Where there are brackets, this information is incomplete or assumptions. Jason, please correct me where you believe I am wrong.

      1) From Jason's previous post, the number of US backers is around 60%. This is approximately 771 cases. Because the rate of production is slowed (unsure of rate per day) I estimate that all US cases will have been produced and shipped by mid to end of January at earliest.

      2) Then will begin the process of producing the non-US backers cases, approximately 514 cases. Considering that the custom forms will take time to complete ( I'm not sure how long, a day? or 20?) and that the rate of production of cases will have sped up due to increased efficiency of the supplier, all non-US cases will start shipping in the first or second week of February.

      3) Shipping to most locations in the world takes between 5 to 20 days (I'm assuming Fedex will not be used?) This means that we can expect to receive our cases end of February or mid-March.

      Once again, these are mere assumptions. Jason, in order to avoid making 'sweeping generalizations' around this, please clarify any or the data and assumptions above with possible fact. Of all the assumptions, I would like to know the current rate of cases being produced per day.


    15. San Sargin on

      its just my hunch, but here is how i see it. sure, its going to take them just as long to fill out the custom forms later on, but from a business standpoint, it makes sense. to those of you who have never filled out a customs form, they actually take a little bit of time and i can only imagine how many they would have to fill out, i mean lets just say a low 30% of the total backers are outside of the US, thats around 315 forms that they need to fill out and double check to make sure they are correct. now if they chose to go first pledge first ship, and had to fill out all those forms, the ship date would be way way way delayed. now, however, if they focus on us shipping only, it allows them to set a more relistic ship date, while pre-filling out the customs forms in the background. shipments start on time and customs forms can be filled out at their leisure.

      just my 2c

    16. Patrick Y.H. Huang on

      Why do u choose to deliver USA first? I thought it's by first come first serve. That's what you originally promised. You guys are very good designer, but you are lousy at keeping promises & business.

    17. Mefody on

      Thanks for the update, and the case looks great.

    18. Missing avatar

      Desmond on

      Oops....sorry just saw it....tks

    19. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Desmond. It's black.

    20. Missing avatar

      Desmond on

      What colour is the case in the last Picture?

    21. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Uh. Thank you Ryan. I think. But its not fair to say that the project owners are only thinking about themselves, i.e., 'ME ME ME'. I'm assuming that you are referring to the fact that they do not want to post the cases internationally early due to the amount of paperwork that they will have to endure?

      Understand that this is a business designed for profit so it HAS to be about themselves and the bottom line. There is nothing wrong with that. All businesses have to think about themselves first. We have to respect and tolerate that. After all, intolerance is unAmerican and unchristian.

    22. Ryan Cavender on

      As long as I get my "articial heart" before I die I will be fine... this is not my only backed KS and I never hold my breath when it comes to KS, if I need to hold my breath I go to a local store and buy what they have on the shelf. Some people need to grow up and stop being a ME ME ME person.

    23. David Pasquino on

      I imagine I'm going to get blasted for this, but hey Jim - I'm guessing you live in the States. And yes, it was a pledge, until the project was successful (for which I'm truly happy for Jason and all us backers), at which time it became a payment. Now, if you're in the States, you were asked if you would be so kind to added five bucks to cover shipping costs (and the cynic in me wonders if those people will get shipped first?), but anyone outside of the States had to pay a minimum of $9 shipping. As for the tedious customs forms being the reason for not shipping in the order that people backed the project - the forms are going to be just as tedious later as they are now.

      Anyway Jason, I know you're trying to do the best that you can, and the case looks amazing. So cudos to you, and I look forward to receiving the case.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      @Jim. I had settled down until I read your post. I respect and understand your point that this should not be taken too seriously. I just urge you to show the same respect to the fact that some of us wish to do so. You may not agree or understand, but please respect it. We all have the right to feel what we feel. Anyway, since you are in the US, you will be getting your case first. Enjoy it.

      And please do not make light of heart transplants. I know someone who needs one and I assure you that my response in relation to that has been much, much stronger than this.

    25. Jim Graham on

      Y'all act like you're dying and buying an articial heart, it's an iPhone case. I they're trying to be as honest as possible and deliver the best possible product. Settle down and enjoy the spirit of Kickstarter, you helped launch a product and will receive your 'reward' when it happens. That's why they call it a pledge.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Hello Jason,

      Thank you for your post. The additional information does seem to quell my dissapointment a bit. It now makes sense with the information on the custom forms that you would ship to the US first. But I still consider this unfair considering the amount of support I've provided especially to my point that a later backer would get the case first. But its your decision ultimately and I will go by it.

      Apologies for the harsh language but it is just how I felt as I am really excited about the case and have been waiting really long for it.

      In the grand scheme of life, minor inconveniences can be unfair. Sometimes these inconveniences are beyond our control but we still have the right to feel what we feel about it, whether it be happy, angry or betrayed.

    27. i+Case 2-time creator on

      Then intent was to TRY and ship first backed first shipped, but that just isn't the case. It has nothing to do with the US being the preferred target. Right now it's just easier for us to ship to the US first. The main reason behind this is to to the completion of the custom forms, which is a tedious process. It isn't the same as just going to the post office and shipping to an address.

      @Gerald, you've included a lot of assumptions and misinformation in your comments. Please ask before just making sweeping generalizations around the product. Some examples of this are, "Maybe even months before". This statement is used to dramatize your point, which is most likely not the case. It is HIGHLY unlikely that shipping internationally will take months from our first US shipping date. Also your point about the international backers being a large apart is partially true. The split is actually in favor of the US by about 10%. So the project still would have been funded if you removed international backers, just not as well funded.

      Does it really make you "mad" ? In the grand scheme of life this is a minor inconvenience. Using terms like betrayed and mad seem so catastrophic and harsh. around such a simple topic as when a product is going to ship.

      We are sorry that you feel the way you do and are doing are best to deliver the product in a timely format for all of our backers.


    28. Alex Weyermann on

      Thank you for the update, I also however have an issue with delivering within the US first.
      You should be delivering on a first come first served basis, ie. Deliver to each backer as they ordered.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      I too have a good post and bad post. First the good post:
      The case looks awesome. Well done.

      Now the bad post:

      As soon as I read the part that you are shipping to the US first, I felt betrayed, angry and used as an international backer. In case people are not aware, this is the second time the project was put up for funding. The first time was here:…

      A big part of the reason why that funding was unsuccessful was because it was not open to international buyers. But the second time around, it was and has been MASSIVELY successful. I'm sure that a LARGE part of the funding is from international buyers. However, it seems that the international buyers were only USED for funding and the US market was always the preferred market to launch in. It feels even worse because we were earlier promised that shipping would be in priority of when the order was placed. But I guess that was never the intention.

      I honestly cannot see any reason why the cases are being shipped to the US first. It costs the same this month as next month and you still have to go to the post office but just need to slap on a different address. First come first served is an appropriate way to deal with this.

      It honestly makes me mad to think that in spite of me being one of the early backers (October 19) and having advertised it to others as well, that some guy from the US who noticed the project on November 17th and decided to back it is going to get the case before me, maybe even MONTHS before. Extremely unfair and disrespectful.

      Apologies for the rant. I don't like being treated badly. I'm sure a lot of the other international buyers are feeling the same.

    30. Igor Marasco on

      Hi Jason,
      To be honest, i am realy disapontet about your last update! Sincerly. I have some problems with the "decision" to ship first the us market! I mean, there are a lot of backers in europe and somewere else, that have pledged the product before a part of the us backers, and they have by the way to pay more for that because of the shipping costs. This is simply not fair! You should ship the i+case in order of the incomming pledges...

      I have to admit, that this confirms ( sorry for the hard words) the arroganz of the country who calls itsellfs the best in the world!


    31. Christian Schmeer on

      I must say, the logo decision was worth it! Looks awesome, best iPhone 4/4s case imo :)

    32. David Pasquino on

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the quick response - I'm aware of why, as I sit here in the Great White North, I had to pay extra though. I would think it most appropriate though, as another individual (who also happens to be Canadian) suggested, that you ship in the order of when people became backers. Just my two cents (or 1.98 cents, in U.S.$).

      Nonetheless, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my i+Case!



    33. Yvan Duez on

      Great work !!
      I hope you can send the units in the same order they were backed.

    34. Gregg Bergan on

      Jason & Chung:

      The product looks AWESOME! Can't wait to get my grubby little multi-touching fingers on mine!

      Best, Gregg

    35. Thomas Sauder on

      Your ordering mask does not alow to choose 5 cases with different iphone models. So i have ordered 5 for the 4S but i need 2 of them for the iphone 4. I hope this is possible.
      Greets thomas

    36. maiskchen on

      At present, only black i + case, when will the production of red, a foreign time that Taiwan will be sent, I love this product, hoping to get ahead

    37. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @David you were charged for shipping because of the additional fee's and costs to the business to ship internationally. The payment wasn't for "priority" shipping. Thanks

    38. David Pasquino on

      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for the update, and the case looks great. I am disappointed though that, being in Canada, I may have to wait a while until I receive the case. As I had to pay extra, and have already been charged, for shipping I would appreciate if you might re-consider who gets shipped what when.


    39. Carlo on

      Thank you for the detailed updates, it gives us good insights on product developement!

      I have a big issue with the fact that you are not following the shippings in order that they came! I'am an early backer (Oct 24) and feel betrayed to be pushed back because I live in Canada! Montreal is 30min from the border, could you re-consider?

      Thank you and best of luck on your final stages!


    40. Missing avatar

      Neil G on

      Thanks for the update though a little disappointed that we International [Canadian] investors are not treated equally.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jake Baldwin

      I still think you guys are doing a great job and I can't wait to show my iPhone some iCase love!!! If I do get mine before Christmas I'll consider it a gift from Santa. If not then it will be like a Christmas gift that got lost under the tree skirt that wasn't found until you put the Christmas decorations away lol. I know you guys are working hard and I hope you are still able to take time to enjoy the holidays with your families.

    42. Mario Losasso on

      Thanks for the update. I hope apple doesn't screw you by announcing a new iPhone design too soon!!!

    43. Anthony Garand on

      They look good! Looking forward to this. Thanks for the update!

    44. Will Yang on

      Looks amazing, great job guys