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Clean and beautiful, the i+Case for iPhone 4S and 4 looks good in any situation. From the streets to the club and even on the sidelines
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1,053 backers pledged $85,371 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by i+Case (Creator)


We inadvertently posted the draft of the last update and the first part was cut and pasted from another project, that I forgot to edit down.  

This is the correct update. 


All international backers must add the cost of shipping to their pledge. Here's the breakdown.

$9 - for 1 Case
$12 for 2 Cases
$15 for 3-5 Cases

We are asking that US users add $5 to ship, ONLY IF THEY WANT TO.  We are making the request based on the additional work and costs we had to incur based on the outpouring of requests to change the brand treatment. These changes aren't free for us.  This ISN'T mandatory.

We will not ship internationally if not paid in full. 

To do this just add the correct amount to your initial pledge.

This wasn't our original intention.but there were quite a few changes that have occurred, based on the users feedback. The main one was #1.

1. The logo change that everyone was clamoring for was additional research and cost effort that still continues.  

2. Shipping from Taiwan to US wasn't factored in, only US shipping. 

AGAIN, I can't apologize enough for inadvertently posting that DRAFT.   It's good to see some backers are so quick to judge and criticize.  There are a lot of moving parts on this work and all we ask for some times is a bit of latitude and a bit less attitude.  We are all flawed in some regards and are doing the best we can.



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    1. Marcos on

      How do i ammend my existing pledge to add the $9 for international shipping?

    2. George Bardadim on

      I've got an e-mail message with Facebook link to Amazon payment system... But the payment forms don't work! At least in Safari and Firefox... Credit card type can not be chosen and data can not be sent because of that...=(
      What next???

    3. Rian on

      I feel quite offended by the fact that Jason is not answering my question. And as matter of fact, it's only $5 for shipping, but it still holds its value. I would like to know why $5 is charged for US, and how come it's not mandatory. What's the difference? I am not criticizing the ways of communication here, but rather I feel quite offended how usage of $5 is not clearly stated.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      @Rogerio and David

      I'm afraid that as per the post, you guys will not be receiving your cases. But I'm sure that there will be an update about this soon. :)

    5. David Henry on

      I need to pay $9 in shipping to Canada. Cannot seem to as the funding is successful? Please advise. Need to give more notice on shipping times before completion. :)

    6. Rogerio Appel on


      I need your help to add the international shipping ammount in my pledge the USD 65,00.
      I not be able to add the ammount.
      I think because the project Funding Successful.
      Please, help me.

      Thank you
      Rogerio Appel

    7. Missing avatar

      Stsiapan Kukrash on

      ood afternoon. My card does not accept Amazon. Can I pay via PayPal?

    8. Florian Snck on

      Pledged 130$ for 2 cases and shipping to Germany ... 2$ paypal-request would be great!

    9. George Bardadim on

      @Jason, Pay pal is ok. I'm looking forward your request. Thank you.

    10. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @James probably through PayPal. Let us organize the survey, find out who's paid etc and then look for a resolution path.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Gilchrist on

      I backed this for 65.00 a while ago and have just tried to modify my pledge to add the 9.00 shipping but I cannot get into pledges - it says it raised its funding goal 18 minutes ago and I cannot access. Please can you let me know how I do this now. Many thanks

    12. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @George will have to go through Paypal or another option. I'm sure you won't be the only one.

    13. George Bardadim on

      @Jason, I was trying but not able to change my pledge, I'm sorry. How can I pay my shipping now?

    14. Mikhail Nikolsky on

      The money (65) are already charged, how can i send 9 usd?

    15. i+Case 2-time creator on

      change your pledge price to be for ex. 74 instead of 65, etc.

    16. George Bardadim on

      Guys, please explain me how to add $9 for shipping??? Managing my pledge, I just can re choose 1, 65, 120 etc... How can I add $9??? It seems I'm too stupid...=)

    17. Missing avatar

      Pedro Salas on

      Update from 65$ to 74$ for international shipping to Spain.
      I hope all will be correct with my pledge.


    18. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Neil thanks, sorry for the confusion. Should be sending out the survey today. We'll ship as soon as we can. We want to ensure our quality is up to par and continue fit testing on both devices before shipping.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neil S. McElroy on

      I changed my pledge to 70. I am within the United States. No worries, though. Keep the extra 5.

      When do we pick our color? And when might they ship?

    20. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Haven, yes that's right.
      @Philip You just need to change your pledge from $65 to $74. If you've changed it to $74 you should only be charged that pledge amount. No payments will be processed until close.

    21. Missing avatar

      Haven Lau on

      it is correct to pledge $132 for 2 cases with shipping to canada?

    22. Missing avatar

      elPiotr on

      Updated from $120 to $132 ;-)

      Thank you

    23. Missing avatar

      Philip Beck on

      Jason, I have , I hope and think , changed my pledge to $74 from $65 to accommodate the $9 shipping charge. But from the Kickstarter website it looks possible that I have made a $65 AND a $74 pledge. I hope that I am wrong. Philip Beck

    24. Jorrit de Bruin on

      I don't get all the comments here. It was always 65 dollar + shipping right?
      So what is the big deal then? Is it because Jason give to much information bij saying the extra 5 / 9 dollar is not only shipping but also the logo etc?
      Well Jason next time give no more information, looks to me that's what everybody wants.
      I'm still really happy i had something to say about the logo, thanks for changing it!

    25. Seçkin KILIÇ on

      @Jason Even if you didn't or maybe won't accept the fact that you owe us pretty much everything, you should consider how would you get in the market with an idea without support. If you can get into the market like that, without us, go do that. But if you're here, if you posted your project in Kickstarter, if you ask us to support your idea and make it a real marketable product, you REALLY SHOULD show a little respect for us.

      Don't be a guy like that. And change your way of dealing with people.


    26. Reiner Knudsen on

      @Jason: No, I am not buying a product, I am supporting an idea, a product, an entrepreneur. Do you honestly think that "I owe you nothing" is entrepreneurship? If I buy something at Amazon, they tell me right away what shipping costs. And they wont tell me that they now use red boxes instead of grey - but that increases their cost which causes them to raise the shipping.
      Sorry - that doesn't work. I don't feel good about you and your project. I really wonder what comes next.

    27. Missing avatar

      jonahnguyen on

      The more everyone complains the longer it's going to take to get our cases. They've already redone the logo, given all the requests, but they didn't have to, nothing in the terms of the various pledges does it give any "voting rights" on the product themselves. And if your complaining about international shipping, ITS ONLY $10!!! Relax, and let these guys get the cases out to us. There are 1018 people who backed this project, we're not going to all agree on a perfect final product, we backed this to support the two designers, not to all argue on the product. @Jeffrey your a petty moron @Jason Looking forward to getting my case, I understand your frustrations.

    28. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Jeffrey Sorry you feel that way. But I owe you nothing. No one does.

    29. Jeffrey Kang on


      Of cos, I will not back this project of yours because you will have a lot to handle on your hands when the quality of your case don't meet the expectations of the backers here. In fact, judging by your poor communication skills and the lack of friendliness, I'm sure you will have worse time handling actual customers when the cases start reaching the backers.

      Even if you are displeased about my comments, you still owe the backers in here the answer to my questions with regards to whether there are any things you have missed out and whether the shipping includes tracking options. :)

    30. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Philip we'll ship as soon as we can. thanks

    31. i+Case 2-time creator on

      1. The cost per unit is still not over $10.
      2. I've received plenty of feedback from people that are fine with my responses. Often I get "thanks for the quick response"
      3. There was never a logo fiasco. Only backers that were asking that we change it. This isn't a fiasco. We looked into options and in the end found one, when we found one we liked and were comfortable with it, we communicated it. Next time if you don't like the way something is designed, don't back it. And then when the Kictstarter project changes it then bitch about it. It's a lose lose in that scenario.
      4. As one well informed backer put it. Things come up, this is a start-up not a company, two people working the best we can to deliver something great.

    32. Philip Jordan Wong on


    33. Jeffrey Kang on


      Could you go through your list of things and check if there are any more stuffs that you have forgotten to tell us so that we your backers do not get anymore last minute shocks?

      Frankly, I am disappointed in that the way this project was not handled with the utmost transparent. Every actions and decisions appear to be last minute afterthought. Take for example the logo fiasco. A lot of backers have been literally 'begging' you to make a possible change thought the whole period and I'm glad you were willing to take a poll and make the necessary adjustments if the poll turned against your original idea. However what you didn't indicate in that post was there was going to cost incurred. I am very sure that the manufacturers would have informed you before hand the cost involved for any changes but why wasn't this vital information communicated to us?

      And with regards to the shipping costs, do you not recalled that you said you had checked out the costs and it was never going to be more then USD$10? The issue in question does not lie in the figure but really at how poorly managed/anticipated the costs are. Did you or did you not checked the costs of the shipping in the first place? Furthermore does the shipping method you have chosen includes tracking capabilities?

      Look Jason, we are not against the product or the amount or the length of time taken to receive the bumper. What we are displeased about is the lack of communication or rather, the lack of clear instructions and information. You should not be so negative towards us not because we are your customers but because really, your track record of support and communication is horrible. We are not a demanding lot. We ask and enquire and criticize because we are equally as passionate as you to see the birth of your idea. And so far what you have not done is to correctly manage our expectations.

      Right now I am afraid about the quality of this case because it seems to me that you are not in control. It also appears to me that you don't really care about this project due to your lack of preparations work. Worryingly still, you do not seems to care about how we feel. You should not fault us for worrying because in truth, we do not know you personally. Kickstarter is the only platform we can communicate to each other; there is no other way we can discuss about this project cordially.

      So Jason, I have decided to lower my pledge from $175 to $1 as of now because I still support the creation of the case but I really am unsure if the end result is what I have envisioned it to be.

      Ps: you really should hire a PR representative for yourself. You are not handling the situation very well to be honest.

    34. i+Case 2-time creator on

      Because there's no longer any content to say "whoops" about. Nothing is posted.

    35. Paik on

      @Kory even worse if it was a mistake why does he CONFIRM to Matt Haughey on update 16 that he was correct to update his pledge from $65 to $70. Numerous people have asked him about this. Even in a direct message between Jason and me, he never acknowledges that fatal flaw in his lie.

      7 hours ago the first comment on update #16 said there were 1054 backers. I have a screen up that shows 1050 when I started counting and $82,850. He's lost 35 backers and over $1,000 (would be more but the extra shipping that some people are actually paying is raising that amount).

    36. Kory Doren on

      Jason, one thing you have not answered is this: If it was a mistake and you posted a draft in update 16 why do none of your comments in update 16 say something like "oops disregard this update it has wrong information posted"?

    37. Missing avatar

      Hein Mevissen on

      I want to have another shipping address than my payment address... But I can not fill that out anywhere. Please some assistance.

    38. Christian Schmeer on

      Brovarone, tu dois refaire l'autorisation de paiement sur Kickstarter (via Amazon) pour ajouter $9. Il faut choisir "Manage your pledge" et puis suivre les instructions.

    39. Seçkin KILIÇ on

      I've changed my pledge to add the int'l shipping BUT let's make something clear.

      We're SUPPORTERS of ideas and we TRUST the projects of other people, that's why we pledge and KICKSTART ideas/products/companies.

      We're NOT CUSTOMERS.

      Customer isn't always right BUT WE'RE NOT CUSTOMERS. If we're customers, that means the i+Case IS NOT AN IDEA, it is a PRODUCT needed to be BOUGHT. And that makes you a SELLER.

      This is really bad karma for the sake of Kickstarter.

    40. Rian on

      I have a question: what difference does it make between extra 5$ for US backers? I see the line "not mandatory," but just wondering.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brovarone David on

      Je réside en Suisse et j'aimerai rajouter le supplément de 9$ pour les frais de poste. comment dois-je faire pour le paiement ?
      Par avance, Merci pour votre résponse.

    42. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Noor from day one of the project we've always stated that there will be international shipping charges. So nothing has changed.

      Secondly. I don't believe that the customer is always right. And there's actually a strong community of business people out there that feel the same way.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mat_coolguy on

      Hey guys, here's a news flash - you're not buying it the store! You're supporting a new business. BIG difference. With a new business things can change, mistakes get made. The beauty here is you haven't bought anything you have PLEDGED, so of you don't like it, just cancel your pledge. But please stop flaming people for making a mistake and just move on. Many people like this project and want the product, just leave them to see it through without your diatribe.

    44. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      @Jason. When u make any purchase from amazon, eBay or any other online shopping store, shipping is added to the product cost when you check out. So you know the total cost of the product + shipping from the time you check out, never has it been that you are charged one amount and then suddenly amazon messages you back that we forgot to charge you shipping for your order.
      Personally I like the product, but the attitude needs some massive improvement.

      In the world of sales they have a saying
      "The Customer Is Always Right"

      Currently your comments are showing otherwise.

    45. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @James all I can say to you and everyone like I did, was that it was a mistake and apologize, which I did. However, I'm not going to sit here and take this barrage of disrespectful comments from the community. I have the right to respond in the manner that I choose, which doesn't work for everyone.

    46. James on

      @Jason I believe the confusion is coming from people like me.. I have backed at $1 because I have not seen a list of posts like this since I stopped reading gaming forums. But here is the confusion. This is a nice case, it looks nice and despite knowing how easy it is to mar anodized aluminum I think it would be a nice case to put on my new iPhone 4s as the square edges do not do it for me. I actually find it a bit awkward to hold. However, after update #16 (Which all of us have in our Email inbox so erasing it was pointless) I simply do not trust *you* any more.

      My report to kick starter was that with 24hours left for this project all rewards were made invalid unless pledges were increased beyond the levels they were set at and I felt that it was breaking the kick starter rules. You have since backed up and I actually thank you. Your explanation of how this happened just does not make sense to me and since I can not find what you are saying now as truth I can not trust that anything you say is truthful any more.

      So, I hope that the people who still back this project will get what they want out of it. I just do not have that good feeling any longer of helping a person who is really trying to bring something useful into the product consumer market. If I eventually see this case up on a shelf some where I will certainly look it over. But I do not feel right about trying to help it to exist any longer, hence where I think you will find alot of the confusion coming from.

    47. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Reiner Knudsen When you order a product from Amazon, ebay, etc, do they ship you the product if you don't pay for shipping? I'm not introducing some new shipment paradigm here or asking for anything that's out of the norm. This is how all online commerce works, you buy a product, pay for shipping and the product is shipped.

    48. Paik on

      @Jason I wouldn't change my backing if you weren't changing your project. If you significantly change what you said would be the project, then I should be able to change my mind. Look at the other comments. Am I the only one complaining about your bad attitude or your possibly "shady" demand for more money? No. There are a lot of people who realize what you are trying to do. And just like me they are canceling their pledge not just because of the few extra dollars you are asking but because of your bad attitude. You are offending a lot of your backers, not just me. If you can't see that in the other comments people are posting then that's just shows that you don't care.

      But you're right, I SUGGESTED changes to the design after backing it but that's not fair to do to you and Chung. You said it couldn't be changed and I didn't complain about it again. But since 85% of the people liked the idea of a more subtle you changed it. I think that's a good thing for your backers. Other people suggested other changes like color. You don't have to take the suggestions. That's up to you. You decided to research other changes and to take a vote. That choice was yours not the backers so don't charge them for that and especially don't blame them for it.

    49. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Paik You just won't let it go! What I said was I copied it from another project. NOT my past project. I copied the shipping comment from the More/Real cap and if you look at their FAQ ,did a quick edit and changed the cost of the international price. I'm done justifying myself to you. I see what kind of person you are. You kept your $1 bid to banter back and forth and suck energy from this project and be a distraction. You can either accept that a mistake was made or think there's some big cover up. I'd think you'd have better things to do with your life than waste your time with a rude jerk like me, but apparently you like it.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mark Slosarek on

      @Jason, I understand that @Paik has obviously rubbed you the wrong way. That is fine, I wouldn't like it either, but you aren't helping the situation. I was annoyed at the demand for more money if the first post, but I was willing to pay more because I liked the product. I liked more because of the changes that you made to the logo. I understand there are costs for making changes, but you didn't have to make them. You chose to make them because the customers wanted them. If you had not made the changes, maybe fewer people would have backed your project, maybe not, but you chose to make the changes. I added additional money because I like to project and we are all here to back projects we like, but you are starting to rub me the wrong way. If you need more money ask for it, many people are willing to give it for the best project, but maintaining this argument in front of everyone is very unprofessional. It has nothing to do with the project, it is entirely about attitude.