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Clean and beautiful, the i+Case for iPhone 4S and 4 looks good in any situation. From the streets to the club and even on the sidelines
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Posted by i+Case (Creator)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      YOU are a stupid empty conversation!

    2. Max on

      What amount and how to add money for $120 pledge? Can anybody tell me instead of having empty stupid conversation of accusing each other? Thanks.

    3. Max on

      It's still confusing! How much shipping cost I have to add to my $120 pledge (2 cases)?

    4. Missing avatar

      Haven Lau on

      i just pledged $132 for 2 cases w/ shipping to canada, is it ok?

    5. Paik on

      @Jason Link doesn't work, but I did find it. You're right he did call you rude. I apologize. But people should go read Jason's posts that Craig is referring was indeed rude. But you've probably come to expect that if you've read really any of his comments in the updates here or in the comments section.

      But I reiterate, I was wrong! Craig said Jason was rude (which he was and is) but that doesn't make me any less wrong.

    6. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @PAIK Jackass, it's right here >>

      Stop harassing me!!

      And as I said, it was in the comments.

    7. Paik on

      I just seached all 17 updates and Craig has not posted in any of the other posts. So you're accusing the wrong person. You should at least apologize to him for wrongly accusing him. Good job lying again about him posting elsewhere.

    8. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Paik!!! Go look for it then. I'm not your personal research department. I found it in two seconds.

    9. Paik on

      @Jason you said he called you rude in another comment. You should know where it is since you're so sure it was him. I'd love to see the other post so I can apologize if I missed it. But like the rest of your posts, you seem to think you're in the right even though others are posting evidence showing that you're wrong.

    10. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Paik I mean weed through the Comments.

    11. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Paik I don't have time to weed through the updates for you.

    12. Paik on

      @Jason I'm sorry. Where did Craig say you're rude? Was it in another update? Because the only three posts he has in this update say nothing to you about being rude. I definitely have a lot of energy and am trying my best to be productive by outing your lies which will help a large number of people (has already helped about 40 people).

    13. Philip Jordan Wong on


    14. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Paik He did in another post. You assume you know everything that's going on and continue to talk out of line without all the facts. For someone that's not interested in this project, me, or my attitude you still spend a lot of energy on this. I recommend channelling your energy on something more productive, instead of on a rude, lying jerk like me.

    15. Paik on

      @Jason, Craig never called you rude. Try to learn to read before throwing out accusations or in general thinking before you do something and you wouldn't be in this mess.

    16. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Craig when you call me rude and unprofessional that is also attacking me personally, yet as before, it's ok for you to do it, but not others. I keep forgetting that rule.

    17. Craig Dunn

      @"cool"-guy since you've only joined a week ago, you might want to read the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. You just violated them...again.

      I dropped my pledge from $175 to $1 exactly because of attacks such as yours. I reserve the right to clear up the misstatements you are spreading. I had already said everything I wanted to say regarding the PROJECT but you are perpetuating things with your personal attacks which are both uncivil and unfounded.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mat_coolguy on

      Honestly Craig, sit down and shut up. Why someone who has $1 invested here feels they can rampage through the project with negativity is beyond me. If you don't like it DON'T support it! Just leave the keyboard alone and move on to something productive.

      They made a mistake, it's costs $5 more IF you want to pay it. Get a life dude!

    19. Craig Dunn

      The above was before he added the part blaming the backers for the "incurred costs" and his other reasoning....which is still listed in his own comment for this updates. Click "View All Comments" to see the progression and ultimate backpedaling that led to update 17.

    20. Craig Dunn

      Since all the evidence of update #16 has been deleted, here is a copy from the original email sent out for this update.... Prior to it's multiple edits and ultimate redaction...


      All backers must add the cost of shipping to their pledge. Shipping in the US is $5, International is 9$. 

      We will not ship if not paid in full. 

      To do this just add the correct amount to your initial pledge.

      Sorry for the confusion. 


    21. Paik on

      @Mak, yeah but I can't prove it and the new update says it's optional for US backers. So it's good that they changed it. For me personally, I'm going to cancel my backing because of Jason's attitude and handling of the situation. He is incompetent (makes obvious mistakes like not including shipping from Taiwan) and a liar because he says he posts a "draft" update from a previous project when the only previous project he has on Kickstarter is the first attempt at i+Case which failed and there is no shipping update on that project page because it didn't get funded. You can see that project here along with it's updates:

      My only purpose for not having canceled my pledge is so I can post comments and show Jason for the liar he is. If people still want to back him because they like the product, they definitely should.

    22. Mak Shibuya on

      Palk, I believe you are correct too. While I don't have a copy of the original post, I know I read it with shipping costs in mind, and I remember reading something stating that domestic shipping costs were included in the original pledge...

    23. Geerten on

      [quote]All backers must add the cost of shipping to their pledge. Shipping in the US is $5, International is 9$. 
      We will not ship if not paid in full. 
      To do this just add the correct amount to your initial pledge.
      Sorry for the confusion. 

      This is indeed very unfriendly. Rude even, one might say. My initial thought was to remove my backing because of this. Funny thing is my secondary reaction; this message made me reconsider the price of this bumper. With $9,- on top I just think it is a tad bit overpriced, so I'll remove my backing. Sorry folks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Joseph Mauro on

      sorry. I pledged $275!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Joseph Mauro on

      How do I PAY $5 to get the 5 cases I pledged???

    26. Missing avatar

      Joseph Mauro on

      REALLY!!! I pleadge $250 for a phone case and I STILL have to pay $5 shipping just to get them. I will pay but this does not leave a good fealing about this company long term.

    27. Paik on

      Oh and just to let the project owners know, you've already lost at least $800 and over 20+ backers since this update and it's only been 2 hours.

    28. Eugene Panchenko on

      So if we are getting more than one case? Is that 5 per case or 5 for all?

    29. Ricardo de Lemos on

      Yeah this all feels kind of shady. Asking for more money 24 hours before the project ends seems unfair. If i had been a my scheduled trip this weekend I would have been out of the county and out reach of my email for at least two days, meaning I would have lost $65 dollars and not gotten a product because you choose to raise the price. I didn't agree to that.

      I have backed you guys on not giving in to peoples requests because after all it is your design and idea. But in this situation I think you are in the wrong. It is not about giving your backers power of your design but about treating those who are giving you money fairly, and honoring a commitment.

      I'm not sure what I am going to do yet. Hopefully you guys figure something out because I really like this product.

    30. Paik on

      Okay everyone, I got a response back from a Kickstarter rep. They said they can't view revisions to a project description. So unfortunately, unless someone has a cached version of the project, we won't be able to dispute. They said we can either remove our backing or pay the shipping. I'm planning to remove my backing unless someone can come up with some evidence forcing the project owners to remove this shipping charge for US backers or the project owners themselves remove this requirement after seeing all the lost backers and complaints.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jon Nash on

      Monchito- As I start up company I don't expect these guys to subsidise our international shipping costs why should they? However they might want to post a more friendly message about the extra costs required. How Do I pay the extra $4 ? Do I add $4 or pledge a new total amount ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Eugene on

      I may have jumped the gun but I went ahead and changed my pledge amount to reflect the added shipping cost. However, what you just asked, is very unprofessional especially this late in the game. Really? You just factored in the shipping cost from Taiwan to US the day before the funding ends?

    33. Paik on

      I think the project owners just explained what the real reason for this increase was with the post above.

      1) They are making us pay for the extra work that went into the logo redesign which some may view as fair but this should have been explained BEFORE they made the switch. Otherwise you're punishing your backers, especially the ones who wanted the original logo design (they aren't getting the case they original backed and they are paying for the process of changing it to the new design that they didn't support).
      2) Poor planning on the project starters part because they made a stupid mistake of not including shipping charges from the factory to the US? Why are backers having to pay for your mistake?

      I think the fact that you've already lost backers is telling you how big a mistake this is. For the $5 extra you are charging you are losing at least $65 from some people which means if more than 1 out of 13 people back out of this project because of project because this shipping charge, you'll be losing more money than if you just just absorbed the costs because of your own mistakes. Not only that if you did remove important information like "US shipping costs are included in the pledge" Kickstarter will probably make you either change it back or cancel your project completely for unethical policies.

      Good luck...I hope you didn't really remove that text or else most backers will back out and never support your projects in the future.

    34. Nick M. on

      So the US shipping isn't include in the pledges?

    35. Monchito Bumanlag on

      I hate when people try to nickel and dime you... I got the impression that when I backed this project up, that I'm helping you guys out. Instead, you guys are screwing us over! If this is the case, this is just one of those bait and switch scheme, which is illegal if you don't know. A lot if this backers will pull back their money out if you guts don't straighten this out, including me!
      I'll give you a day to make up your mind.

    36. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      @Jason. For a $120 pledge, is it $9 per pledge or $9 per case for international shipping???

    37. appfreak on

      Thanks Paik, you must be right. As an international backer, I always check if international shipping is included and it kind of implied US was and only international backers would have to pay.

      I'm going to continue to back i+Case, but this has been so far the worst experience with any project on the site. Some other designers can really do the "one man show" and be excellent at communicating, sharing their excitement and making people part of the development and fundraising. After reading all the updates and comments, it's clear these guys would be more comfortable doing some client work.

      I feel bad about how the updates have been handled and this last one makes me doubt about it even more. Specially after having blogged and promoted the project. It seems like the designers can't get that 1,000+ people want to help to improve their portfolios and not to make them rich.

      By the way, eight people stopped backing this since I started writing.

    38. Paik on

      @Rajiv it's not a big deal if that's what they had said from the beginning, but my issue is that I'm fairly certain that they've just added this amount and removed the text from the project description that said US shipping was included in the pledge. I can't say with absolute certainty which is why I'm checking with Kickstarter to confirm if they can view this or not. If I'm mistaken, then I'll gladly remove my backing or pay the $5 shipping.

    39. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Palk yes, we were originally hoping to do US shipping as included, but a lot has happened since our original post, based on you the users requests. We understand that all people may not understand this.
      1. The logo change that everyone was clamoring for was additional research and cost effort
      2. Shipping from Taiwan to US wasn't factored in, only US shipping
      3. Canadian shipping WAS NOT included. and we always stated that there would be International shipping. Canada is "international"

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    41. Missing avatar

      Justin Mrkva on

      I also agree with James. You should have had this straightened out weeks ago. Threatening not to ship to backers for a change you make just more than a day from the end date shows not only a lack of proper planning but also a lack of respect for your backers.

      I canceled my pledge but was then not allowed to post this. I have re-backed at $1 and will cancel once this message is posted. I was excited about this case but I won't support this kind of policy.

    42. Paik on

      I'm fairly certain that US backers were supposed to have pledges that included shipping. I've put in a request to Kickstarter to see if they have historical versions of the project pages. The current version of the site even says that "international shipping rates may apply". There isn't any mention of US. If you view the previous attempt at funding, it clearly stated that US and Canadian shipping was included and they copied and pasted that description to this project when it started. I'll let everyone know when I hear back from Kickstarter.

    43. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      I had pledged $120 initially. For international shipping, is it $9 per pledge or $9 per case???

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Prakash Jagwani on

      is that $5 per case ? or per order ?

    46. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Matt. Yep. You are good
      @TSR no you should still be seen in order as you came in.
      @ Dustin and James and others that will write. Sorry, things come up that aren't always accounted for.

    47. Jorrit de Bruin on

      Just made it 74 dollar, when will you ship to Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

    48. Andrew McLaughlin on

      Hmmm... So it's $65 PLUS $5?

    49. Missing avatar

      TSR on

      Will changing the amount of the pledge move us now to the end of the line? I know you said it would be mailed in order of pledging... I pledged on the first day, so I am concerned. thanks

    50. Matt Haughey

      Ok, I just upped my $65 pledge to $70, did I do that right?