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Clean and beautiful, the i+Case for iPhone 4S and 4 looks good in any situation. From the streets to the club and even on the sidelines
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Logo Survey Results & International Shipping

Posted by i+Case (Creator)

Hello backers,

As we get closer to project close and once it's closed we will try and update as best we can. We'll be in full-on finalization mode so please bear with us during this process.

Survey results are in. We are moving forward with the watermarked brand mark design. This was Logo 2 in the survey that is more subdued. 15% wanted the original logo and 85% preferred logo 2.

We've looked into international shipping and it varies quite a bit. So at this time we know that it's going to be under $10.  We'll probably be asking between $7-$9.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Kees Keegstra on

      Thanks guys. Keep on doing a very good job. I can't wait to get the case right a way. Please keep us informed.

    2. Jorrit de Bruin on

      Hope you can sent it soon to Amsterdam!

    3. Jeff Wu on

      Thank you guys for the beautiful case! I can't wait to get it here in Taiwan!

    4. Menno Stil on

      @Jason. Oke no problem.

    5. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Menno Sorry, no. Too much overhead to manage special requests.

    6. Menno Stil on

      @Jason Valalik

      Can we choose between shipping methods? i love to pay extra and see the bumper ship with Ups/Fedex/DHL and not USPS

    7. Missing avatar

      Ting Hsu on

      You guys really need a better camera or a better lens or better lighting for your product pictures.

      Aka, ask a photographer friend to take photos for you. Or at least invite one over for dinner and discuss product photography over appetizers.

      And I like logo #2. Thanks for making the change.

    8. i+Case 2-time creator on

      Cases will ship from the US
      Survey had 713 respondents.

    9. Prakash Jagwani on

      Cool. I'm glad a majority voted. I just pledged some more. :)
      Are you guys planning to be selling these in the Apple Store ?

    10. Jeffrey Kang on


      More than 600 backers chose logo 2

    11. Prakash Jagwani on

      How many people participated in the survey out of the 1007 backers ?

    12. Travelling Philosopher on

      Jason - For the shipping fee, will you be taking payment after the project closes or do you want your backers to include the fee in their pledge amount?

    13. Menno Stil on

      Good news.
      From where wil the cases ship?

    14. Missing avatar

      Vince on

      If it turns out well I'll get everyone I know to buy one. Whether they have a iPhone or not.

    15. Missing avatar

      Pedro Salas on

      Very good price for international shipping, thx from Barcelona, Spain.

    16. calvin on

      Nice to know it's under 10, greetings from Singapore :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Raul Delgado on

      A quedado muy bien, me gusta este logo.
      Un saludo Jason

    18. Noor Ahmed Qureshi on

      hope the under 10 stays true for Pakistan as well :)

    19. pavel foont on

      yeah ! thx guys ! with love and full support from russia ! cheers

    20. Sunoo Kim on

      Jason, your original bumper design does really count, not the logo design.
      Much looking forward to having THE i+Case ~ :)

    21. Missing avatar

      diehard2222 on

      under 10 for shipping? even to here in oz? sounds good.

    22. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Chris Yes, this is in the FAQ's.

    23. Chris Szczesiul on

      And I assume we'll be getting emails asking which color we want?

    24. Jeffrey Kang on

      Wonderful news. Looking to show it off in Singapore! :)

    25. Carlo on

      ❤ from Montréal Canada :]

    26. Christian Schmeer on

      Great! Looking forward to the final product! :)