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Clean and beautiful, the i+Case for iPhone 4S and 4 looks good in any situation. From the streets to the club and even on the sidelines
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    1. Rian on

      @Jeffery totally agree with you. If backers don't like, they can remove the pledge, and that should be it. We, as pledgers or investors, don't have right to rule over the whole project.

    2. Jeffrey B George

      "Jason Valalik 1 day ago
      @Jit we also reserve the right to not ship products to certain backers if we choose. We want and appreciate the support of most members but when your behaviors undermine the projects goals and are disrespectful of our work and effort we may choose to exercise that right. What you are doing is disrespectful and in effort to serve your own agenda."

      I don't understand the motive of threatening one of your backers for having a voice. I understand frustration, I am a designer as well and it hurts when people criticize your "baby". You should feel defensive for your hard work, stress, etc. I totally get that. I also believe you have to stick to your plans, but if a great idea comes up, maybe consider it. i'd respond to @Jit by saying "thank you, and suggest checking back to see if a future version will provide those features they consider important. I'd also suggest telling them to pull their pledge, so they are not disappointed by this version, before the deadline."

      I do agree if someone doesn't like the direction of the project this is the time for them to remove their pledge. It is okay, maybe some new project with fit their needs, this meets the needs of many of the backers. I am excited to see this project reach great heights in backers because I think the design is awesome, it doesn't fit my needs for screen protection, but it is very lovely and would buy one immediately if it did. I am holding out hope a future case will be a front bezel to protect a little more as If there is a 1 percent chance of dropping something and breaking it, I'll do it by accident. Please, if a post upsets you by a backer, just skip to the next. Best wishes

    3. teegee on

      Just wondering if this confirms there will be no 'premium' option for a Gun Metal color? I seen you mentioned earlier it was a possibility.
      Thank you. :)

    4. Alex Weyermann on

      @Jit You knew what the product was, and how it will look before becoming a backer, now be respectful and shut up.

    5. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Jit we also reserve the right to not ship products to certain backers if we choose. We want and appreciate the support of most members but when your behaviors undermine the projects goals and are disrespectful of our work and effort we may choose to exercise that right. What you are doing is disrespectful and in effort to serve your own agenda.

    6. Jit Wei Tan on

      And this is the reply I got from Jason:
      "When you back a project on KickStarter you back the projects design as it stands up. You aren't backing the right to customize the case. This project wasn't "Customize your i+case Bumper" it was we are developing this case, if you are interested in supporting this project than do so, otherwise if the case doesn't fit to your liking as we've designed it then you shouldn't back it.

      We don't want any unhappy customers and you don't want a product that you don't like. So if you think that's the case I suggest you unpledge."

    7. Jit Wei Tan on

      Now I start to see why their first attempt to sell the case failed. I was really convinced at the beginning that they will pull this off perfectly since it is now the 2nd attempt and they should have learnt their lesson. No doubt this is a great case but replying your investors in such manner is a big no-no. Yes, point taken that you're an artist/designer and you should stand by your design. That works if you are selling some artistic painting and we can choose to stare, admire, buy or just leave the gallery. The problem now is, its OUR money that you're using to "KICK START" your casing so I think we deserve the rights to comment and request for minor amendments. Most importantly, no one is asking you add wings to your case or change it from aluminum to titanium. It's a minor request for the logo to be more subtle. That's all. Quoting you: "A lot of the time it's doesn't make sense from a business stand-point to incorporate them." Which part of yours investor's request doesn't make sense to you?

    8. Jeffrey Kang on

      Oh one more, please test the noise reduction feature of the iPhone 4/4S with the case attached. It would be pointless if the case does affect that feature of the phone. Thanks!

    9. Jeffrey Kang on

      I think as 'investors' at this point of time, it would be a right thing Jason that you take some time off your busy schedules and simply post actual photos and videos of the various colored cases against the white and black iPhone 4 and 4S. Yes, the cases may not be 100% accurate but we will take 99% accuracy for the time being. There is no reason why a 1% will change our minds from supporting this project.

      I'm sure this is a valid and simple request, performable by you or Chung Ming. Besides, it will not take so much of your time, just an hour of photography and videography of the cases with the phones. At least this action will prove to us that your progress is going on fine and we have no reasons to doubt or be wary of this project. Go give it my request a thought. It will help allay some doubts and improve your integrity standings.

    10. Sayambhu Choudhury on

      Sorry to say this but I agree with Jeffrey. No matter how politely it was written, the vibe didn't feel nice reading it. Not because you guys are sticking to what you want (our suggestions are only that, ofcourse they are not demands and you have all the right in the world to sell what *you* feel like), but for stating Steve Jobs quotes and finding multiple ways to say the same thing over again - "we made what we made, now please go away." To be honest it felt like that.

      I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs wouldn't have both sides of his case filled with logos and 'model numbers'. And also that he would have a proper advertisement of pictures and videos for his product before selling it. Most of us are basing our praise on the renderings and our criticisms on the existing few overexposed and small sized photos. In that spirit, I request one more time for some more pictures of the *real product*. Since you are replying to comments, specifically ignoring some are not so nice. Yes / No / Soon / Later -- even a little acknowledgment goes a long way.

      I personally would like to see and explore properly what I am buying, I'm certain many others would want that too. Thanks again.

    11. Sayambhu Choudhury on

      Jack - do you exactly know what they are offering ? Are you aware of the fact that the actual products look different than the renderings ?

    12. Jack Chan on

      Hi, I chose this product because I liked the way it looks and the color, not because I wanted it to look/be something else. I think you should stick with it and not change anything else, because that wouldn't work for the people who want exactly what you're offering.

    13. i+Case 2-time creator on

      @Jeffrey, not asking that at all and am not sure how you can get that from an update opening with a thanks and closing with a thanks. That's not the tone of someone asking people that support our project to piss off. I'm sorry you feel that way. I've been pretty clear of the take-away. thanks for your support.

    14. Jeffrey B George

      Seriously, you need to step back and let the frustrations subside. We are investing in your product and taking a risk just like you. There will be criticisms and there will be praise. You definitely need a PR person to spin criticisms into positives. I am discouraged reading this update, I feel like you are asking us to "piss off".

    15. i+Case 2-time creator on

      thanks for the spelling corrections, noted that this isn't a strong point for me. The first priority was to communicate some of our frustrations. @Gerald, we absolutely will consider all suggestions for future designs.

    16. Rian on

      I couldn't keep straight face while I was reading this update. I understand the frustrations you guys are dealing with, but please correct some of mistyping. For instance, I believe you mean "whether" not "weather" for most parts. And again, -since I got you mean- I truly thank you guys for coming up with such great idea. =)

    17. Sayambhu Choudhury on

      Can we have some comprehensive photographs / videos of the product ? For $65 I think it'll be better for customers to know more closely what they are purchasing. Thanks.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Exactly what I've been saying. We'll go with whatever you wish to offer Jason. YOU are the designer. Your case will do well. Maybe the suggestions can be taken aboard for version 2 of the case. Thanks for the awesome design!

    19. Dave on

      First, I love the use of the Steve Jobs quote. Stick with your vision. Asking you to leave off the logo is like asking Apple to leave off their logo - it's a ridiculous request.
      As far as the colors, it's your product and you alone should be the one to choose the colors - if there are people that can't accept that, too bad.
      I respect that you are staying with the plan and not trying to please everyone. I'm a backer on another kickstarter project that is way past the expected completion date because of that.

      p.s. You used "weather" in a couple places when you meant to use "whether."

    20. i+Case 2-time creator on

      Thanks Scott. We appreciate the feedback.

    21. Missing avatar

      Scot Ballard on

      I think you guys have done a great job with the design from what i can see. I am excited to try this on my new iPhone 4S.