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i+Case Signal Testing on iPhone 4

Posted by i+Case (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We know there's been some concern over potential signal issues and I tried to alleviate that with the update a few days ago ( that talks about the iPhone 4S's new antenna configuration. That doesn't address the iPhone 4, until now.  

Signal strength and reception isn't a simple cut-and-dry issue.  Almost any case could cause signal issues, but there's more to it than that.  Those with iPhone 4's know that even without a case that the signal can change on just how you hold the phone.  This doesn't take into account the towers, the building structure the user is in, etc.  Cell phone signals bounce off objects in the environment and arrive at the phone's antenna from various directions and with various time delays. These all add up, sometimes increasing signal strength, and sometimes decreasing strength. This changes continually, since things move in the environment, like cars, trucks, airplanes, tree leaves, and buildings swaying in the wind. It is also highly position dependent. Again, as I stated it's very complex and not a simple answer.

These signals exist with any phone, not just iPhone products.  

With that said we've posted two videos that demonstrate what happens to the signal when we put the cae on the iPhone 4.

Video 1:  You'll see that there is absolutely no change in bars and the phone remains at 5 signal bars. 

Video 2: You'll see that the addition of the case causes one bar drop, from 4 to 3.

So in summation we've designed the case the best that we could to alleviate any signal issues, but given the amount of variables in signal strength, many of the variables are out of our control, and often out of the control of the manufacturer.  We hope this helps demonstrate our pursuit of not only making a case that looks good, but performs just as well. 

Thanks for your continued support.

Jason & Chung


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    1. Sayambhu Choudhury on

      Can we have some more pictures of the black version please, or even better, a video ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jaspreet Sidhu on

      Alright, a few questions have been asked already, but specifically, can you put a GSM iPhone 4 (or 4S) in field test mode (dial *3001#12345#* ) and see what the dB loss is with / without your case.
      I just returned an Element case and noticed there was a 12 - 14 dB loss with the case vs no case and an 8 - 10 dB loss of signal attenuation vs an Apple iPhone bumper.
      Unfortunately, the loss of that much signal strength was too much (especially in low coverage areas) where I would go from 1-2 bars, to 0 - 1 bars of signal strength.
      - Jaspreet

    3. Rian on

      I don't take this as a so-biggy issue. Cases always cause bar drop, and it's incredibly odd to even ask to mask a case that will not cause bar drop. Of couse some may cause less than the others, and maybe even not able to be observed with naked eyes. To be perfectly honest, unless the case will cause death-grip, like the one happened with earlier iPhone 4 models, it should be fine. As far as I'm concerned, thank you for letting me know and no more comments.

    4. i+Case 2-time creator on

      Fixed..KS was adding a % sign for some reason..

    5. Paik on

      Video 2 link doesn't appear to be working as of 12:31pm EST.