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FAT GIRLS FLOAT is an independent documentary that gives a voice to fat women in four countries who show perseverance in a 'thin-centric' world.
FAT GIRLS FLOAT is an independent documentary that gives a voice to fat women in four countries who show perseverance in a 'thin-centric' world.
93 backers pledged $6,559 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jenn Thoman on

      WHOOHOO!!! Congratulations! I'm so proud and honored to be a part of this inspiring project.

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      Kat and Avery Colter on

      Congratulations Kira and comrades! Here's to many warm moments this winter, and to many minds this film will touch!

    3. Nancy Goddess of GoddessBBW.Com on

      Ms Nancy Goddess Will be atthe Pool Party with Kira. who wants to match and meet Nancy Goddess in here Bikini,

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      Sydney Bell on

      Great project - I am proud to have had the chance to support this film.

    5. Emily D on

      Congrats, Kira!

    6. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilbert on

      Love, respect, and congratulations to you, Kira. You've made your friends proud, and now, you've made your goal!

    7. Heather Boyle on

      Getting so close !!! I hope anyone on the fence that's reading this helps put over Kira over the goal so that all this hard work isn't lost!!

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      Golda From Body Love Wellness on

      I'm so excited to be a backer and a pro-FGF blogger!

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      Ivan Greene on

      I am happy to support this noble work!

    10. Essa Adams on

      Kira - this is an amazing video, I love the women at the end, a startling concept. Good luck to you. Essa

    11. Heather Boyle on

      Good luck Kira! I know you have been working on this project for a very long time and that you have put an amazing effort into it. I know that this project and you will be a complete success, because you won't accept any less!

      Note to anyone on the fence about participating: Don't even waver - send in whatever you can spare - even if it's only $1. Every bit counts and if you don't know Kira, I can personally vouch for the fact that she is upstanding, generous and kick-ass. Make your voice be heard through Kira!

      Fat girls for the win!

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      Bruce Gilbert on

      GO KIRA GO!! Ladies and gentlemen, Alex is right; Kira is the embodiment of what a true diva is, as she is beautiful, intelligent, spunky, and passionate. She has taken all of these marvelous traits and has been pouring them into this project since before I met her at the NAAFA convention in 2006, and she does it to represent YOU. She lugged a camera around the world to give you a voice, so please, pledge what you can and spread the word.

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      Alexander Stone, Financial Consultant on

      Let's hit $10,000!!!! Come on people, you haven't yet told everyone you know!!! Every person counts!! Please help Kira..... one of the most genuine people you'll ever find on this planet....nobody deserves this more....please do your part! Thank you.