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The nightmare of a young woman fighting for her humanity. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 28, 2013.

The nightmare of a young woman fighting for her humanity.

About this project

The Scoop

Thank you all for visiting our Kickstarter page! For those of you who are not familiar with this website, Kickstarter is an internet only fundraiser for new artistic creations. Our project is an independent feature film titled Capgras.

We have a goal of raising $4,000 that will go to help making this film a success. Of course $4,000 is the minimum we need to proceed. There is no limit to how much we raise, and there is a plethora of ways we could use additional funding. Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraiser, so unless we reach our goal we will not receive any money and you won't be charged until we hit that $4,000 mark. Keep in mind, Kickstarter is not a charity. For every donation amount there is a reward or incentive. So take a look at what's being offered in our side column.

Keep checking back here at the Kickstarter page to follow our progress, and to see video interviews with the cast and crew! Follow us on our website or Facebook for updates in general!

The Film

Capgras is a psychological drama that experiments with narrative form. The subject matter revolves around the detrimental effects of loneliness, particularly its catastrophic influence on a person's empathy. Capgras is an artistic expression of this ailment, and how it relates to young adults today.

The Team

We are a group of filmmakers primarily from Richmond, VA and Washington, DC. Matt Giordano is the writer/director on Capgras, which will be his directorial debut. Bruce Milton is lead producer along with co-producers Andrew Melzer and Kyle Talley. The lead actress is Irene Kuykendall, a performer of both Richmond film and stage. Supporting talent includes Janey Robideau, Bryan Austin, and Jenny Christine Haining.

Many of the crew members wore multiple hats as far as the work load went, and a large number of them were student volunteers. Some of us have worked in the professional arena, and some of us haven't. What brought this team together was the desire and motivation to create a unique cinematic experience. Unlike many production crews where people are interviewed or referred, this team for the most part was comprised of complete strangers when production began. By the end, we emerged a tight knit group of friends.

This experience allowed us to create this harrowing tale with a fiery passion that is without equal. Now we need to put the finishing touches on this project and send it out into the world. This is where you can help us.

What's Left to do

The film has two major hurtles in its immediate future: professional color correction and film festival submission fees.

Color correction allows filmmakers to manipulate the image into the most desirable look for the story. In this case we want a cold and bleak color palette that helps reflect our protagonist's state of mind. Professional color correction is a process that all professional films go through and for major studios is a minor expense. For our crew, it is a serious expense.

Film festival submission fees on average range from $35 to $100. Some are higher due to conversion rates (the Euro, ahem). To be competitive out there in a market where thousands of indie films are released annually, we have to get as much exposure as possible. With the rate for submission fees, and postage costs for mailing in a copy of your film, we need some serious pocket change to reach a large number of festivals.

Without professional color correction the film will not have the visual impact that the story needs, and without adequate funds to send Capgras to film festivals, exposure for the film will be nearly non-existent. We’ve gotten some incredible deals along the way, but you can only cut the price point by so much. We need $4,000 at least, and we have forty-five days to raise it in. 

If we go beyond this goal, we'll be able to tackle self distribution which is a likely scenario for us getting the film out there if we are unable to secure a deal with a major distributor. Along with that would be advertising.

You can help us reach this goal! And if money is tight, that's okay, you can still help us succeed! Just spread the word about us to your friends and family, or give us a shout out on Facebook (but don't post us on people's pages or websites that wouldn't appreciate it, be mindful). Helping spread awareness about our campaign will be a key to our success.

Risks and challenges

The road to completing this film is far from over even in the event of a successful fundraiser. Music, or the film's score, is a major component of any movie. Right now we have some very talented musicians and composers volunteering their expertise, however time is something that can be hard to manage. It may take a while for us to find the sound, and once we have that figured out, getting everyone together to record in a studio could add significant time to when the film would be released.

The audio editing in general, which includes dialogue and sound effects, could also take longer than expected. We have a very talented and professional sound editor on our team, but that being said, he is a professional, and he does have to make a living. With him volunteering his talents we cannot begrudge him if he has to take more time on the project.

Another major risk if we don't raise much more than the $4,000 is that we may need additional funding. This isn't likely as our budget has been accurate for over a year now, but you can never foresee all the snags that may or may not come up. This would result in us looking for another investor to bring on, which we wouldn't want to do, so we can retain creative control.

The challenge for this film after it's finished will be promotion and distribution.

It''s easy for a film to be drowned out in the sea of indie films that are released every year. The competition is only getting better and more plentiful. Traditionally film festivals have been the best way to promote an indie feature film and in many regards they still are. In our campaign to submit to dozens of festivals, we're not just sending the film out with reckless abandon, we're targeting festivals that have major professional press time. Articles/interviews in major entertainment magazines and on websites for these prestigious festivals, is one major way to make the world aware of your film, its message, quality, etc.

In the unfortunate event that we do not get significant press time on the festival route, our backup is the internet. We hope this will not be the case, but we are actively preparing for the worst case scenario to be safe. Currently we're building an active internet presence through our website, Facebook page, and Twitter. Through friends and word of mouth we can generate some traffic and hopefully a fan base. Even this Kickstarter helps with this internet presence, and if you're reading this, then you know it works.

During and after the festival route we'll use our admittance to festivals and whatever awards (hopefully many) we've acquired to get some press time in local publications that we can then post on our various internet outlets. This way as we generate traffic the viewer will have something to see other than just us ranting and raving about our own film (which we love to do). Our producer Bruce Milton has experience with many of the local news groups in both Richmond and DC, and he has already gotten us an article in the TIVA-DC newsletter. He has gone through similar article campaigns for his short films.

As for distribution, ideally we'd love to walk into a festival, win the Best Film in the Universe award, and get a deal for a few million dollars that puts this movie in theaters. This is not the reality for most indie films, and unfortunately many of them never get seen again after their run in the festivals.

To prevent this depressing outcome we will use paid solicitors, and websites that act as such, to market ourselves to Netflix, On Demand, and other video streaming services as this will reach the largest number of viewers and give us maximum exposure. We'll also reach out to various distribution companies on our own initiative, and query if they'd be interested in a film of this nature that has been to X number of festivals, received these awards, etc. Even a minor deal with any of those venues would be huge for this film.

Finally, in conjunction with, or if the above routes fail, we'll self distribute the film digitally off our own website. The way to do this? Make the film into an app. Unlike most downloadable digital movies, the app will keep all of the special features that would normally come on the DVD, and you'd be able to play the movie on any TV or device that works with apps. Going this route will also allow us to control what price the film sells at, and allow us to keep 100% of the earnings and creative control.

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