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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
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Expansions, Backer's Accounts and More!

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Glorious Ashes Community!

Happy Monday!

You will be happy to hear that we are currently in the processes of integrating the information from Kickstarter into our Account database and will be sending out emails to your Kickstarter registered emails by Tuesday of next week (June 20th).  June 20th will also be the launch of our store at where members who were unable to participate in the Kickstarter, due to limited payment processing, will have an opportunity to back Ashes.

You may have seen the first week of June we announced some new additions to our team;

Rocco Scandizzo - Lead Economic Designer
Rocco Scandizzo - Lead Economic Designer

Rocco has almost 20 years experience in the video game Industry, owns a Ph.D. in Economics, and MBA in Marketing and a BA in Economics. Prior to joining Psyop Games as managing director, Rocco spent more than ten years working in positions of new business, strategy, and marketing. Formerly an Agent at CAA, Partner at ISM, Director of Franchise and License Development at Activision, Director of Strategic Growth at Vivendi Games, and previously at THQ and Atari.

AKil Hooper - Lead Technical Designer
AKil Hooper - Lead Technical Designer

Akil Hooper has a long and storied history in the game industry. He's been a designer, a lead, a producer, and a creative director, on games such as EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Fallout: New Vegas, and companies like Sony Online Entertainment, Obsidian Entertainment, and Disney Interactive. Akil is a master at his craft, and is able to find the fun in any system he's involved with, and he'll be bringing those skills to his position at Intrepid Studios.

Kevin McPherson - Lead Programmer
Kevin McPherson - Lead Programmer

Kevin has had the opportunity to work on many MMO's over the past 20 years, including EverQuest 1 & 2, Planetside 1 & 2, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Shadowbane. Intrepid is excited to have Kevin's experience and passion contributing to making Ashes of Creation the penultimate fantasy MMORPG experience.

Senior Character Artist
Senior Character Artist

Mat Broome is an experienced game developer and professional illustrator with over 15 years on multiple AAA MMO games. Mat has shipped seven cross-platform game titles including the hits H1Z1, Planetside 2, and DC Universe Online and lent his skill to hit titles such as Everquest.


Graduate from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2012. Soon after, began working for Amazon as a software developer for the past 5 years. Alex is an experienced programmer, having released multiple products such as AWS Mobile Analytics and AWS Pinpoint.

Intrepid will be continually hiring and expanding as we began to ramp up production on Ashes of Creation! As you can see by our office today :)

We have some exciting announcements to make this month, during our live streams on June 16th (3pm PDT) and June 30th (Noon PDT), so make sure to tune in!

The road ahead is an exciting one, and one that we could not be more grateful to share with all of you.

With love,


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    1. RyonDK on

      Still no email .. :/

    2. Reece Oleary on

      No received an email yet. please update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dale Colton on

      No email, two ignored direct messages.

    4. Quentin Merlot on

      I didn't get any email either :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Bjørn Pedersen on

      I have still not received a mail, could you resend it?

    6. Edward Drummond

      Same here, no email yet :0

    7. Missing avatar

      Mingthe Brainless on

      Resent the email to my NEWLY attached kickstarter email the old one is invalid! Please! Or at least read the message I wrote to you personally on Kickstarter, I've been waiting days and days without a response. Thank you!

    8. Dennis on

      No email yet.. please resend it !

    9. Missing avatar

      Ulrike Jung on

      No email yet, send an email to you guys CS.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Mills on

      I too didn't get an email, can you please resend it?


    11. Christopher S. on

      Also have not received an email for this as it appears many others are in the same boat.

    12. Amanda Hamilton on

      I didn't receive my email from you guys yet. If you could resend it to me that would be awesome. TIA!!!

    13. Judge on

      Still have not received an email

    14. Randal V. on

      The summer sale is now half over! If you missed the kickstarter this is your last chance, now with Paypal! You picked up a package on kickstarter but you want to upgrade? Its almost ready! Time is short! Sign up now and stay in the loop! The community is awesome! Claim your package, you need to create an account first! Its all right here!

    15. Missing avatar

      Warwick Roberts on

      I still dont have an email?

    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Mangum on

      Got my email just fine. Hope all the others having issues have good luck.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Schmiedel on

      I am sorry to say that i didn't recieve an email, despite the fact that i am a donator of the kickstarter project of AoC...

    18. Tony on

      No email yet.

    19. Missing avatar

      Tobiko on

      Hi :) Just want to ask, when can I/we expect to geht the mail? June the 20 is nearly two weeks ago. An update would be nice.

    20. MajesticMaerlyn


      I don't appear to have received any email either, and I have a registered account from months ago on the site.


    21. Randal V. on

      Seriously?!? Why haven't you signed up on their main page? Missing the Summer Sale? Its live right now! Kickstarter information should be 100% completed by July 6th! Upgrades and new exclusive rewards! Sign up now! Do not miss the chance to get super early Alpha keys and beta keys + Mount! Join the community!

    22. Missing avatar

      ahmad alblowi on

      I got no emails yet?

    23. Missing avatar

      Reaper Sykko on

      no mail on the 20th either... what gives

    24. LordMatsu on

      I got no emails on the 20th

    25. JaPeMo on

      Congrats to all team and welcome to new members!!!!

    26. Randal V. on

      Less than a week to go! Soon the new online store will be here, upgrades for those that already pledged... and a chance to back one of the best MMORPGS for those that either missed out on the first shot or needed a different way to pay. Might as well sign up, chances of getting in the alpha / beta and a mount as well each week. Sign up, get the latest news, don't miss out!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jakob Gunn on

      if you need anyone for a think tank and a positive mood booster, I don't take up too much space. i'll sleep under a desk or in a cupboard and you can just pay me in food. if you gave me money i'd just turn around and pledge it back to ashes.

    28. Missing avatar

      David on

      Nice people with invaluable experience.
      Welcome aboard and try to do your best! We will do the same!!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      zenrogg on

      Didn't know it was possible to be more hyped than I already was. This makes me have so much more faith in the game.

    30. Missing avatar

      Megs on

      Welcome all you wonderful new people to the project!

      From a backer, community perspective, we're all terribly hyped, and so positive, happy and hopeful about Ashes.

      With your expertise on-board this is going to be even more epic!

      Hoping you all have a fabulous time and this turns out to be your once-in-a-lifetime dream job,

    31. Missing avatar

      Sune Dahl Iversen on

      More updates like this!
      Seems like your team is quickly adding many many years of experience from games both good and less good, which in my opinion is very valuable, as people that has worked on projects that didn't turn out quite as well, will have great input on how not to do it :)

      Keep it up!

    32. Missing avatar

      Julia Price-Kent on

      So great to see the new people and I hope we will get a glimpse of them in the Stream. I, too, am gratified to 'team members be introduced. Love the openness of Intrepid Studios. Keep up the good work and see y'all Thursday. Woohoo!

    33. Duane David Kinney on

      As someone who works in the industry, it really means a lot to see a company not afraid to show off the folks they hire. It makes you not a group of faceless devs, and for the devs it gives some great validation. A great crew of skilled veterans, I look forward to seeing their work.
      The one caution, is that with showing these devs it's also your responsibility to defend them, especially if any one of them are attack for spurious reasons. Don't be ashamed of them, don't give into mobs (they are smaller than they appear), and back them up. Only let people go due to lack of merit or finances, not fear for reputation.
      Keep on trucking!

    34. Missing avatar

      AdamIves on

      Love that you are looking for highly skilled and very experienced members for your team, It's comforting to know when you say you're aiming to do something, you deliver. Proud to be apart of this MMO backer community. Congratulations @Steven. Congratulations @IntrepidStudios.

    35. Robert Curtis Sharp on

      This is so cool!!!! Well done! this gives me increased hope!!!

    36. Ed Davis on

      Love the diversity!

    37. Ed Davis on

      Love the diversity!

    38. chad wells on

      I was not a EQ1 person, but I did start MMO'ing with Asherons Call. It's good to see people still involved from that era.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tyler Young on

      I've heard about Mat Broome and Kevin Mcpherson on how they're making another game called Kinetik. This actually got me by surprised and gets me even more ecited to hear them join the team I really do feel like ashes of creation is in good hands.

    40. Roy Thomas

      Every time I see Everquest in a team member's history I cry Yes yes yes to myself

    41. Missing avatar

      Shozakken on

      I love you guys, good luck with the development we know you can make the best mmorpg out there. Also welcome new recruits

    42. Randal V. on

      Do not forget to keep up with the game on their own site, register to win mounts and beta / alpha keys, and be ready for the store when it goes live in the next week!

    43. Colt on

      Thank you for providing the professional experience and the education backgrounds of the new associates!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Sonntag on

      Nice to see how well everything seems to be going. A big welcome to the new guys. Can't wait to see how well they work with everyone and what new ideas they might offer.

    45. Matthew Peterson on

      Much excite! Good luck team!

    46. Missing avatar

      Frederick gibeau on

      Welcome to the new recruits !! :D