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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
19,576 backers pledged $3,271,809 to help bring this project to life.

The Journey Ahead...

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

WAY TO GO EVERYONE! We smashed records and unlocked all stretch goals!!!

Along with many of you, I watched as the project on Kickstarter counted down in seconds to end a history making month. Because of your support and dedication to Ashes, we have achieved the highest funding on Kickstarter that an MMO has ever achieved, and landed 7th of all video games. That is AMAZING!

Because of the high amount of our members requesting alternate payment methods that Kickstarter did not offer, I have decided that during the month of June I will extend our crowdsourcing through our website for those of you who were unable to purchase packages through Kickstarter.  I felt it was unfair to deny our communities in Europe and abroad, the ability to participate in this amazing kickstarter, simply because Kickstarter does not support Paypal.

All backers from Kickstarter will benefit from this additional month of funding with some pretty awesome backer goals and rewards, which we will be releasing today. We will have the ability for Kickstarter pledges to be upgraded as well, if you wish.  Once June is complete, the Kickstarter packages and unique rewards will not be available again.

All backers of Kickstarter will achieve the additional backer goals that are reached in the June funding on our website. 

A few important notes;

-Backer Goal Rewards achieved in Kickstarter, will only be given to Kickstarter specific backers.

-Backer Goal Rewards achieved on our website during June will be given to both Kickstarter backers as well as June website backers.

-No Early bird pricing will be available on the website during June.

-There are no stretch goals (avoiding scope creep)

This June funding was decided on because it only helps to further include our members who could not participate in Kickstarter, and a Massive Community is what we want.  I know many of you can appreciate that fact.  More funding also helps.   

Below are the June Backer Rewards that all Kickstarter Backers will enjoy if achieved by our June Crowdsourcing extension. (Graphics for these will come shortly after, including further description)

1000 June Backers -Founder's Dance- Dance with your fellow backers to celebrate!

2500 June Backers -Freehold Furniture Set

4000 June Backers -Portable Party - Permanent Firework / Celebration item

5500 June Backers -UI Theme 

7000 June Backers -Backer Unique Parlor Game

8500 June Backers -Backer only ship skin "The Intrepid" 

10,000 June Backers -Freehold Personal statue

12,000 June Backers -Wand of Many Things

Below are some videos that we released this week!!! Including a Studio Tour!!



I cannot adequately express my personal gratitude that your support means. The past 17 months have been a lot of hard work for everyone on my team. And to see the validation of our effort emboldens us to get Ashes done right. Ashes is my baby, and I pledge to you, that this project will make each of you proud.

This community has our undying love and respect.

<3 - Steven

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    1. Weolo on

      The additional month on their website has been delayed, it will happen.

    2. Randal V. on

      Do not forget to keep up with the game on their own site, register to win mounts and beta / alpha keys, and be ready for the store when it goes live in the next week!

    3. Tiras356 on

      Well, they said it was going to be on their website, but I haven't seen anything about it. Maybe I'm missing it or have they just not updated it yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Talon on

      @Lilith That's 12k more than what they had either way. At this point, any dollar amount they make from the June crowdfunding is just extra funding for the game and Intrepid Studios. A backer is still considered a backer, whether it be 1 dollar or 500. They're still supporting the game.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Its really not hard to find a friend or family member that has a credit card or go to a 711 and get a prepaid. Its a lame excuse.

    6. Trenton Dulaney on

      @Lilith The main reason they don't use Paypal is because paypal will get your money back for you in very aggressive ways. Kickstarter isn't rich and doesn't have the best legal team lol. The fact is if a project of this magnitude falls through we won't get our money back, Do you know how hard it would be to refund 3mil? Even then...if paypal was involved then the 3 mil would be directly taken from Kickstarter if Intrepid couldn't return it. That would probably cause Kickstarter to default. ...I wish they did use Paypal, but paypal has fees which would cut into Kickstarters cut...and also kickstarter started with amazon pay which at one point Ebay owned paypal and Ebay and Amazon are direct competitors which is another reason why paypal wasn't excepted here.

    7. TheCouchNerd on

      @lilith they can't just donate $1. They'll have packages for purchase so I'm pretty sure the min price is $25

    8. Tawni on

      Good job on adding Paypal backing! More developers (and Kickstarter!) should realize not everyone has or even wants a credit card.

    9. Missing avatar

      Xauclard on

      Looking forward to this. Can't wait to smith some gear.

    10. Missing avatar

      Angel on

      Can't wait when i can cook chicken in-game! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @reaganSmash They Legally cannot give out anything that was marked "Kickstarter Exclusive" due to legalities. It makes sense. If it is marked kickstarter exclusive like the Lifetime Subscription then it should not ever be available again.

    12. V for Vendota on

      Congratulations guys and keep up the great work. I'm very much looking forward to being a part of the community and eager to play the game when it's time!

    13. Missing avatar

      John lightsey on

      Congratulations people notice a good product when they see one and it shows here the community delivered now it's up to you guys can't wait^_^

    14. Missing avatar

      Lilith NightStar on

      I say to make it fair just extend the same KS pledges outside of kickstarter on the website for backers at a set price rather, and allow both KS people, and others to pledge, as well as throw in some new goals.

      Otherwise 12,000 people lets all just donate $1 if u get what i mean cuz its not actual dollar amount its people backing.

    15. ReaganSmash on

      @charles Andrew Edwards, I agree especially since many people internationally did not have the chance to get in on the kickstarter. As long as they are paying the same (or more if you got an early bird price). I don't see how where they live should deny them access to KS exclusives, especially since they are coming in only a month after the KS.

    16. Missing avatar

      Frederick gibeau on

      I think the problem here is that this decision goes again what was specified in this whole campain... First the mounts thing and now this ... I feel quite uncomfortable with those kind of decisions that does not respect what was tell/promised. What if they do that all the time with all the content that they want to release ... this kind of things can provoke lots and lots of frustration ...

    17. Neo Odyssey on

      Yeaaaaah !! Congratulation i'm soo very happy for you and this project ! I think this MMO will be the better MMO of this generation !! '^'

      So obviously we are with you :p

    18. Chucksta on

      I don't see a problem with giving KS exclusive rewards, just as long as they pay the full price, which presumably they will seeing as the Early Bird is not available to the June backers.

    19. Zeoniknights on

      Congrats everyone working on Ashes of Creation.

    20. Zeoniknights on

      Congrats everyone working on Ashes of Creation.

    21. Missing avatar

      AdamIves on

      Congratulations on a fine KS, I'm very excited (as well as the community i'm sure) for AoC.

      Your studio looks so great. I can't wait for the stream/tour of when you get fully decked out and have a hireling in every corner.

      Keep it up. you have made every backer proud this day.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Congratulations to an awesome Kickstarter campaign!!

      On the positive side -》
      Yeah! This will be so much fun to follow and see the baby grow :-) Can't wait for Alpha \o/

      On the other side -》
      Lifetime subscription (Next to many other things) was promoted to be a KS exclusive.

      What about all the folks that banked on that statement an pledged?

      Why was that managment decision communicated AFTER the KS bell rang? At least that could have given these backers the option to decide which (financial) way to go...

    23. George NoX on

      great work everyone so far, now let's make MMO's great again together !!!

    24. Chucksta on

      Loving this. More goodies for us KS pledgers plus allowing for those that could not get in on the KS action, to now pledge and support the Ashes of Creation project of awesomeness :)

      If the Early Bird options during the KS will not be available to the June backers, therefore paying full price for each tier, then I do not see why they should not be allowed to have the KS freebies too. If not convinced then how about having it as a goal, that if a certain number of backers/money is reached, they get the KS goodies too.
      How about a vote by the KS pledgers to see if they would be for what I have just said?
      I will now wait to be clapped on the back or strung up :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Paul D on

      I can't tell you how pleased I am you decided against endless stretch goals. In my view it's absolutely the better decision to focus on core gameplay & existing features. Making something great and delivering on it is way better than promising the world and falling flat.

    26. Missing avatar

      Frederick gibeau on

      I really wish we could knew before that KS pledger could upgrade their pack though the month of June and benefit the same reward that those who pledge in may... That way I could save more money and plan the extra-time for that ... :/ If people can upgrade their pleges, to be fair, we should allow people to downgrade their pledges as well...

    27. Missing avatar

      Lilith NightStar on


      Okay so being realistic about this, Meh It would be great if those who backed on *KS* Could upgrade their KS pledge through the website after its linked would be awesome cuz I really want to throw another $500+ for the demon skin but I can't do that for a few more Real Life days as it ended a bit short lol..

      But anyways being realistic about this I don't see a lot more people donating to this depending on how much people are allowed to back once you all update the site for it such as $10 $20 and so on could be okay but since you base all the new rewards off of (Backers) there will just be many (Leechers) who wont bother to really back anything else unless obviously 3 million dollars is enough it would be great to be able to just upgrade for a bit longer for original backers and have some new exclusive rewards that might make people give more than just $10 or $20.

      Either way even if you everyone just contributes $10 or $1 but a minimum of $10 USD you will still get $120,000 USD either way, just my thoughts on this.

      And the last issue people are going to mainly argue about the (Lifetime subscription thing) and not offering people who used PayPal this chance, obviously (PayPal) isn't used by Kick Starter Due to Fraud, and some States in the U.S actually prosecute people who do KS backs and founders packages on games, but don't deliver a product as described a big reason why they don't accept PayPal, obviously this shouldn't be an issue with this game but in general its happened with some.

    28. BdB on

      no stretch goals finally someone who uses his brain instead off his calculator ...

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Eckdahl on

      No ks backers get the extended goals as well without haveing to donate more if u dont want to but those who couldnt donate on KS get only the website bonuses

    30. Missing avatar

      Sonny Boy III on

      No scope creep. But I sense a pledge creep on my end. ;-)

    31. Inva on

      So only the ks backers are gonna get the rewards from the June Crowdsourcing extension month ? sounds a little weird considering this is for the people who missed out. welp im not complaining being a ks backer lol

    32. Tina Guitar on

      @TomWoodhouse: it appears to me watching this from the beginning that all of the stretch goals were in their minds as additions anyway. There doesn't appear to be anything major but some niceties that many will appreciate.

    33. Missing avatar


      VERY excited to be allowed to upgrade my pledge again! I assume Paypal will be the option of choice (I hope). Provided Paypal Credit is usable, I'm definitely moving up to Hero. ^^

    34. Missing avatar

      Zach Bergman on

      I really appreciate the fact that they aren't adding any major stretch goals. The scope of this project is large enough as is and I'd rather the excess funding go towards hiring all the proper staff to really make this game a reality in a timely fashion. I have my apprehensions but I'm all in now. Good luck to all at Intrepid!

    35. Michael Willey on

      Ok, Sounds like a good Idea now, Congrats to everyone.

    36. Missing avatar

      Cody Griffith on

      is it possible for ks backers to upgrade their packs to bigger packs? or do we have to get the pack via the website for ashes and msg support later on to combine our two pledges? cause I pledged $25 last minute cause its all I could afford after my sisters graduation so that I could least get the stretch goals. would I be able to claim my items from the ks pledge and the webstite pledge on the same game account? so that I don't miss out on the ks stretch goals?

    37. Missing avatar

      Helpful Machines on

      @Tom Woodhouse It seems to me he just addressed it. Why prevent more income from coming into the system? They are being very conscientious of score creep, and have maintained the exclusivity of Kickstarter backers, so I dont see the problem.

    38. Joseph Chaney on

      Awesome, great new and makes me extremely happy to hear this. :D <3

    39. Kevin Stacy on

      Seems logical enough. KS only backers will get the stretch goals.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom Woodhouse on

      Thats great now please don't extend the backing. KS is finished you achieved 400% don't star citizen us with extended funding and scope creep.