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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
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New Backer Goal!! + Monster Coins (>'.')>

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Hey everyone!

We have added a new Backer Goal for our last week on Kickstarter!!

As we near the 13,500 Backer Goal of our unique mount barding that will make any mount stand out with this emissive and epic armor set, we have added a new backer goal at the 16,000 back number!

The new backer goal will give all backers a set of Kickstarter Exclusive Skill FX, this set will apply to certain skills and include unique colors and additional fx for the skill it is applied to.  Meaning a mage with her fireball skill may fire off a ball of searing white flames as opposed to the traditional colors of that skill.

We have also published an in-game video showcasing how our monster coin system will look and feel.  As events spawn within the world, with monsters attacking civilization, players will have the opportunity to play as these creatures with unique objectives and access to a wide diversity of monsters.  Watch this Pre-Alpha footage below, to get an idea of what this will look like!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and helping us to spread the word.  We are grateful beyond words. <3


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    1. Shiver Carr on

      New to the snooping around the game but I feel sorry for that poor female fighter who wasn't covered by armor. Please, give both male and female avatars options of armor that covers them.

    2. Sean Robert Walker-Milne on

      Richard Byers from what they outlined in one of the twitch streams a few days ago thats not how the system works. The player with the coins doesnt get to choose where to hit or even when. It's more of a pool system where folks with coins get to control monsters that the system generates and assigns. if no one has a coin the system still puts out an AI monster to challenge players.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Byers on

      My concern is the potential for griefing. Imagine a group of friends from a rival node/city who decide to save their monster coins and travel to a different city.

      They decide to use their monster coins all at once; a couple of characters camping the graveyard/resurrection site etc. Others destroying the city resources.

      How would you deal with monster coins being used during off-peak hours to prevent players from going to bed, only to wake up and find their lands ravaged during their absence?

      I understand it's up to the "players" to defend their city and that the spawns are proportional to the size of the node; but you will have players who enjoy PvE will not leap to defend the city because of the PvP element. Monsters under player control will be very obvious compared to those following some script or aggro dynamic.

      So having one side under "intelligent control" such as a griefing guild; and then another group that only has partial participation is a very real possibility.

      How can someone break this and make it not fund for someone else is always something to consider.

      (I'll try to repost a more indepth discussion when the new forums come up)

    4. Missing avatar


      This system looks great! But I have a couple questions:

      So we can only use the monster coins during the event, correct? What if it's already ongoing?

      What if multiple players used one?

      If you disconnected during the event as a monster, does an AI take over? (For those of us with poor internet connections)

      And is there a way to obtain more of these coins, since they (if I understand correctly), are one time use consumables?

    5. Abdullah Fahad Al-Mowiyjed on

      A stretch goal that I could care about, make it look good on the Angelic racial skin; white and holic, please.

      Unlike the Demonic skin, there aren't many colors can fit the Angelic racial skin.

    6. DP on

      To those thinking the numbers have slowed the past couple weeks, it's totally normal for pledges to surge in the last 3 days because of the Kickstarter reminders going out. It's completely within the realm of possibility to get that last 500 grand in the last few days. We'll see how many procrastinators there are

    7. Zaryaa on

      i absolutely love the new backer goal but im quite certain we will not reach it, ever since we hit the 2million goal its taken 6-7days just to get 400k plus 5-6 days to hit 1.5k backers to get the 13.5k backers..since its 16k for the goal i just cant see it happening which makes me sad, that new goal looks nice

    8. Missing avatar

      Aron on

      I like the new goal. Hoping we get there. I also hope there is some way in game for future players to change their spells effect colours too maybe not to the same colours as this milestone but something equivalent to be fair. It's nice to be unique and all, but if it alienates new players, makes them feel like they missed out on too much, that's no good.

    9. Blackghost on

      The new goal is kinda meh.

    10. Missing avatar

      William Bermudez on

      Very excited to hear about this update! Sorry that I can't pledge more than the minimum, I want to support you guys but I'm not crazy stable myself yet, either. Either way, I think you guys are going to make a fantastic game and I'm looking forward to it a lot. :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kilgore on

      @Todd I was thinking the same thing but one can hope! Lol @Kyle I hadn't thought of that, I was thinking of angelic ranger shooting white flame arrows. That would be sweet. Either way can't wait for the skins!

    12. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      I really like this goal. If u wldve stuck to the 1500 backer increase patern it prob wldve been hit. Idk about 16k tho. The amount of backers this last week has been stagnant. Hope it works out tho.

    13. Missing avatar

      Annette Kempf on

      I'm a sucker for cosmetics.
      Pretty excited for the monster coin system! :D looks awesome

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle Pattison on

      Love the new goal hope we get this one, I really want to make my Angelic Mage shooting out white flames or maybe demonic with black flames. Good luck to Steve and the team.