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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
19,576 backers pledged $3,271,809 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Nikputnam on

      A cool opportunity availed itself and got the $200 warrior of old opening. Think there's a lot of adjusting going on. Finances will align and worked out well. Thank you karma.

    2. Nikputnam on

      Greetings. I would like to upgrade my kickstarter from settler to warrior of old after the finish of kickstarter. I don't have funds right now. Will Intrepid consider offering upgrades after June 2nd for a limited time for those who have already pledged during kickstarter? Have to get the pack mule and tier 3 freehold as a crafter. Best.

    3. Nathan on

      IIRC, the origins of the stock exchange were for mitigating risk for transporting goods. A group could invest in a caravan/ship and if the ship returned the profit was shared among the investors. If the ship was sunk/pirated then the investors got nothing. More investors meant more financing, which meant more product could be bought/sold from the expedition.

      I imagine/hope this is how it would be implemented in the game. You wouldn't buy 'stock' in a guild, but rather have investment opportunities from guilds who run caravans between locations. So you wouldn't buy 1000gold of "Carl's Caravan Company", but you would invest 1000gold into "Carls Caravan Company expedition of fur from Portsmith to Landhill on 1417AC"

    4. Trx on

      With that point I fully agree Thomas! I wouldn't want the game to have any feature which could be easily exploitable.

      My point was just that this isnt really a stock exchange since the prices do not go up and down based on supply and demand. In terms of exploitability it is actually worse than a stock exchange because if the price is only based on performance it would be very easy for a guild/etc. to misperform on purpose so that some people get the "stock" for super cheap.

      I guess it all depends on how it is implemented.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chelsea on

      I'm very torn on this one... The clincher for me will be how they actually apply this. I'm not sure being able to invest in specific guilds is good for reasons previously stated. At the same time though the development team seems to actually take into account these type of things and I'm sure there will be some type of safe guard. If there isn't one already in the basic concept I'm sure after reading everyone's comments they will come up with one.

      I have very high hopes for this game. I actually left the genre and I'm coming back for this game. I have faith that we'll all make history together, the development team and the backers. Waiting for this is going to be worse then waiting for the second season of Attack on Titan.

    6. Missing avatar

      david gallardo on

      I have been thinking about this and thomas makes a good point, been thinking how this could be manipulated, guilds warring or or agreeing on caravan routs only safe between themselves ect, and new people may not want to try the gameif there to far behind in this area or dont want to bother trying to learn about it. They have enough in the game already, this is over kill and unnecessary.

    7. Nathan on

      This got me thinking, What if these social organizations were the types of Guilds that you could form. So you could have guilds creating alliances with other different guild types, or similar guilds in different regions, and competing against other guilds of the same type within your own region.

    8. Dirk "The Dude" on

      keep on being active in the forums and on the official kickstarter <3

    9. Missing avatar


      I'm very excited about this! But please dont get overconfident. Make sure you knock it out of the park on the basics before moving onto all the shiny bits. I think we will all agree that a high quality but limited game is much better than one that attempts to fulfill every promise poorly.

    10. Blackghost on

      Stock Exchange for 3 000 000 ? Really Steven? You're getting greddy already. You first asked 750K for your game and you're asking 500K for Stock Exchange... dude. DUDE...

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kowalczyk on

      Andrej, thanks for taking the time to reply.
      From what I read you can invest in regions and nodes, but also in guilds and social organizations (like the Thieves Guild).
      Imagine you're in a guild war, and someone manipulates the outcome - say, there's a "gentlemanly agreement" between two guildmasters. Guildmaster A is invested heavily into his guild's "stocks" and promises to pay Guildmaster B a handsome sum if he agrees to just lose the guild war (say, by feeding B's guildmembers wrong info about where to be in a specific fight). Guild B loses, Guild A's stocks rise, Guildmaster A gets a boatload of money and pays off Guildmaster B.
      Is that the kind of "Player versus Player" I want? No, definitely not. And this is just one example of how things could go wrong, right off the top of my head.
      I'm hoping AoC won't be "Gold Man Sax the MMORPG".

    13. Trx on

      Thomas, as an economics t I can tell you that what they are proposing is not a stock exchange at all. In a modern stock exchange prices rise and fall due to the change in supply and demand (among other things). This doesn't seem to be the case here. This is just investing in a region, and investing always existed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kowalczyk on

      For my part, I absolutely detest the idea of a "stock exchange" in-game. Something like that feels utterly out of place in a high-fantasy world.
      I mean, where does it stop if you introduce such a high-profile modern concept into a quasi-medieval fantasy world? Will we have NPCs in cities that continually stare at their "magitech communicator"-smartphones? Will the dwarves invent the printing press to publish the "Financial Times"? Will minotaurs hunt specific player guilds so that they can realize a higher profit margin on their puts or calls or whatever they are currently playing around with on the FASE ("FAntasy Stock Exchange")? Will dragons lose their hoard of gold due to mis-speculation, and need to be bailed out by the nearest metropolis?
      I seriously hope you will reconsider. Having a stock exchange type mechanism in the game will only detract from gameplay.

    15. Tim Hancock on

      Awesome, this is going very well indeed!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jessica coultrup on

      I love the idea of the stock exchange

    17. Missing avatar

      tomerockx on

      Very nice!

      I wanna see the world burn! should I put money to help the Thieves Guild? hahahaa

      Thankyou guys! :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter DAbreau on

      Ok, I have been following everything that has been going on, but this "stock exchange" just had me going "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow". One thing is for sure they are going to significantly affect the genre either way. Steven and crew you are creating a hype of such magnitude that when you deliver its gonna be crazy. On the other hand if you don't (not an option) games after trying to kickstart will struggle to be taken seriously. Right now you're playing some good music, keep it up!

    19. Missing avatar

      Alex Parker on

      This could be interesting. If you see a node doing well in the stock market early on you could try investing in real estate there in the expectation that it would evolve from say a village to city, and your house would become a mansion.

    20. Missing avatar

      KuronishiX on

      Really looking forward to the 3m goal. The rich would be able to level up nodes and contribute more to them.

    21. Emma C on

      Please don't let us down, I was very hesitant to kick this because I have kicked so many duds recently. Please please please don't let us down

    22. JaPeMo on

      LOL, this is incredible!!!!! This is love for Ashes... CONGRATS TO ALL!!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Anderson on

      I love the hype, but would like a bit more clarification upon how this sort of investment system will work. If I invest money into a node and other people are selling at good profit, would I have also made a profit from this?
      Keep up the awesome coming, really appreciate how invested everyone on the team is!

    24. Missing avatar

      Annette Kempf on

      Congratulations :) wishing you the best. Thank you for the continual updates.

    25. Skybourne on

      This is awesome! Congrats Intrepid Studios! Cannot wait to see the game live!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Scantlan on

      I like the Stock Exchange Idea, very unique.

    27. Hero Machine Studios on

      Awesome, couldn't happen to a better team.

    28. Michael Kuentz on

      .........I thought the last stretch goal was going to be spell crafting.....LOL.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Kranz on

      Congrats guys :)