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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
19,576 backers pledged $3,271,809 to help bring this project to life.

Over 9,500 Backers and Counting!!

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Glorious Ashes Community!

We have passed the 9,500 Backer Goal and are moving swiftly to the Underrealm Stretch Goal!

The unique armor set granted to every backer, will never be available again to players who did not participate in the Kickstarter.  You may wear this armor skin as a badge of honor, standing apart from other players in the game and showing that you were here at the beginning of this journey.  You helped breathe life into an MMORPG that will change the face of the genre forever. <3 And we are grateful for that.

The next backer goal, at 11k backers, is an underwater mount named the Tidesnapper! This turtle looking creature will glide through the water and take you to sights beyond your imagination.  

Tidesnapper Mount
Tidesnapper Mount

We cannot express to you all, the excitement and gratitude everyone at Intrepid Studios is feeling and we are committed to bringing you the best MMORPG possible!

Thank you all,

Steven <3

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    1. Missing avatar

      Harle on

      Things are really looking up! =D

      My hope is that the tidesnapper will be able to slowly traverse on land as well. Given it has legs. But who knows.

      Also kind of hoping that the sitting position becomes more hydrodynamic with underwater mounts! It'd be super hard to stay sitting upright like that, the moving water would want to push you right off. Nitpicking, I know, but just saying! <3

    2. Missing avatar

      Greypelt on

      On one of the streams the said that the weapons and skins would be available on only one character, but transferable between characters on the account

    3. Missing avatar

      Evan Waninger

      Will the armor and weapons skins be available across multiple characters or one time use on only one character (which would suck)

    4. Anthony hodges on

      Will need at least another 10 k supporters to keep it going long term

    5. Missing avatar

      Ledocia on

      I'm so excited about this project and couldn't be more thankful to this group of designers that are working so hard on something so many of us have been waiting for

    6. Aaron Johnson on

      I would say that the time spent waiting is all relative. For someone nearing 40, waiting a couple years for development will go by in no time at all. If you're a young teen though, that'll seem like forever. ;)

    7. The Merchant on

      Congrats to everybody, really hoping for the release of Alpha 1

    8. Missing avatar

      Zack Weinzierl on

      That's a sick water mount tho!

    9. Bryan Meehan on

      Now we just need to SEE the armor set!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      My only issue with this game is that it probably won't be out until at least 2020 or 2022

    11. JaPeMo on

      Every day I'm very happy with this game for open development, big community and evolution.

      Congrats to all!!!

    12. Walter B on

      Very cool! This reminds me of the MMO that came out in 1999 called Asheron's Call. When the game first started, it was unusual to see flaming swords, so whenever somebody got one he'd go to town and run back and forth with his flaming sword, and everyone would run beside him ooohing and awwwing. Fun times are coming back, I think!

    13. Missing avatar

      Krailack on

      No........ THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You guys are so amazing. Also, if you need someone to make/pour coffee, take out the trash, or make sandwiches/bacon please let me know. I would be glad to do it. � I cannot stop thinking about all of the possibilities your MMORPG will provide for us. But seriously, let me know! Take care guys!

    14. Tim Hancock on

      Congrats to us! Do we know yet whether the unique skins of weapons and armours will be once per account or will they be available for every character we create? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      ndantony on

      Yes. More exclusive rewards for us backers!!!