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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
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We Just Broke $1,500,000!! New Backer/Stretch Goals!

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Everyone in our community continues to humble the team here at Intrepid Studios with the support that Ashes has been shown!!

We have unlocked the Enhanced Naval Content Stretch Goal!!!

Everyone here is SO EXCITED about the additional ships and water content that we will be creating.  Sea based trade routes, combat ships, treasure hunting, underwater dungeons and mounts! A whole new sea of content :)

With that latest unlock, we have added a couple more goals to reach!! And we know we can count on everyone to help spread the word about Ashes, so we can get this content unlocked!

All backer goals that get unlocked are given to all backers of the project, and we want to make sure you guys are aware that none of the goals on our stretch goals will result in scope creep.  We have carefully planned out all of the work necessary to achieve these goals.  Which is why they are at the values they are at. We will not delay the release of the game in any way because of these goals!

The Social Organizations Stretch Goal includes new progression paths for individual players to participate in.  A social structure associated with different types of organizations that relate to unlocking certain mechanics for your role as a citizen in specific nodes, and even the world. It's exciting new quest lines and social hierarchy that we think will bring a fun dynamic to your storyline and gameplay.

I am sure you saw the new race on that chart.  If we can achieve that funding goal, we have planned a new player race.  The Underrealm player race were left behind on this world, when all other races fled.  They have existed in the depths, finding safety in the darkness.  

It is a big addition, but one we have been planning for... And we. are. excited!

Do not forget our streams are every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 3pm PDT.  We had a special guest today, and the recordings can be found on our youtube or on twitch!

Thank you all for the amazing support.

With love,


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    1. Missing avatar

      tomerockx on

      @feedanumbaone Hallo! I had that idea when I saw the 2 million hit, “SOCIAL ORGANIZATIOS” Added Social Progression Paths.

      I thought lending something could be more social. And all the mechanism
      Actually I was thinking in something like the 4° options you described. The players get a negative $ and when he loot more money this money would be transferring to the guy who helped him.
      Your point 4 - Thinking in this (4°) way (be prepared, the description became boring): Of course the lender take the risk that the guy won’t pay. But if he lends 1.000, he would receive about 1.100 (10% interest) from that player.
      If he lends to 10 guys the same amount he would receive 11.000. Now we can say that from that if in our population we have about < 1/10 bad people that won’t pay, it would be good for the lender.
      And here we could say that we could choose characteristics that the player must have if he wants to borrow money. He must have a good social progression path, be from that X village, race, class, level, etc…

      Your point 2 – Yes, I liked the idea but I need more time to think about a good possible mechanic. In some games we always have that NPC that says “bring me 10 pieces of iron and I’ll give you $500 , 200 EXP and this sword”. Imagine I were a good crafter I would love to show my special crafts, that sword I crafted were so lucky that were perfectly made, but I’m a ranger and don’t care about swords. I would love to create a quest and say “if you are brave enough to kill that Giant Hydra and bring me that 8 Giant Hydra Head I’ll give you this sword”.
      (and of course, I cannot give EXP for that player, but the mechanics from the “SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS” could work some way here.

      Wouldn’t it be more fun to have special conditions like a NPC does? Trading your crafts for something that have a good impact in the world?

      Q: Now comes a question about that: If you just sell that sword for 2.000 and buy the 8 Giant Hydra Head materials wouldn’t be the same and faster?
      A: Just buying the materials from the broker wouldn’t make a good change in your node zone. Imagine your node have some problems in the south bay where ships cannot bring materials from other nodes because there are some Giant Hydras in the sea that block the passage. You want that materials but you can’t do that alone. I sounds like a normal NPC quest, but that YOU!
      Imagine you want to level up your craft, and for some days you don’t want to farm, hunt… You could stay in the town and offer your service like this! Oh! That would be so good for resting from, farm farm farm and more farm.! Stay in the town crafting items and knowing that if your offer is good enough you will make players clear the sea/river/road that bring you more special materials!

      Thanks for the ideas! I need to think more about this, and organize my ideas in a way that these mechanics could make you change the evolution of your node.

      PS: Hope the staff read this and come with even better ideas :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Joseph Clark on

      Willie Pierce that sounds cool. Maybe get gear exclusives that help you explore? Grappling hook, climb better, and ect. I like the idea

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Hey Steven, started playing MMO's with The Realm when I was 9, did Asherons Call, DAoC, EQ etc. etc. etc. your story resonated with me - hopefully the project exceeds expectations. But i'll be honest its been years since a MMO has blown me away!

    4. JaPeMo on

      LOL Underealm area and race.... AWESOME new stretch goals....

      Inrepid Studios want to kill all fans with hype!!!! ;P


    5. Willie Pierce on

      If your giving a social progression path, I think there should also be a exploration path.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Zuniga on

      Underwater breathing spell pls

    7. Purrmaid

      Hitting 2.5 would be amazing. But I don't think we'll hit that.

      Not unless some big corperations want to help fund and start picking up some 10k pledges or something.

      Well, who knows. Imo the last livestream was a little boring, the guest asked questions that's already been answered mostly. I felt like the dude hadn't done his research. BUT maybe if the devs would release some new fancy gameplay videos *wink wink* we'd get those backers.

    8. Missing avatar


      ...since reporting and getting him banned would be boring

    9. Missing avatar


      @tomerockx I like the idea but there must be some mechanism to secure that you get back your money.

      If we could lend money from a bank then if we don't pay back the money they could send letters to your house, send a messenger to you or pin wanted poster trough the village/Node you're in. Worst case they could take your house. We would be wanted by officials, maybe not by the citizens but need to disguise us from this point in this area. We could even choose the Robin Hood way and take control over a whole city, throwing the goverment into turmoil while taking over the villagers, starting a revolution.

      If we ourself could lend money to other player and the money is not payed pack in time then the pay time is expired for a fixed amount once. After that either:

      1. I myself could expire the pay time, or grant him deferred payment, what only would work iff I
      know or at least trust that player.
      2. I could sent the other player on „mini missions“, like gathering meat, herbs (could work with the
      bank too) or get them to help you with missions that only can be accomplished by 2 players, like
      convincing NPCs, etc. to work off his debt. However there are too many things to go this part and
      in general: different missions/ player lvl, how much is 1 mission worth and who sets the price,
      how much time to complete the missions, what if he doesn't care all that? Is there a max.
      amount I can lend (per day/player/lvl), only 1 credit at a time , can I lend money to everybody or
      just trusted guild members and friends and on top it would be missused if you lend money, get
      missions (with or without reward but XP fore completing) and never have to pay back
      everything. In the end I would loose my money for things I could gather or maybe buy myself.
      Also wasting this amount of playtime for others wouldn't be tollerated.
      3. If he doesn't pay, or even straight after lending the money, you'll get a fixed % of all his money
      income untill you got yout money back.
      4. The player in debt could go in the red, having -$ so he can't buy anything. But assuming that
      potions and other items you need for a normal gameplay will not be free, this wouldn't work.
      5. The other player wouldn't get loot until he's out of debt, but only if he mets requirements like
      being online and playing but not answering anything for some days. Pretty much the worst
      6. Report him to officials (ingame, soldiers etc.) and send him to's stupid I'm out of ideas
      7. All or nothing. Gamble your ass out of that situation. Or make even worse and become my

      Maybe we can demand interest and build a small business, hire guards, being robbed, having our friends/family threatened or taken hostage.

      Maybe I wrote too much again.

    10. Shino on

      Congrats :D I hope you guys reach more. I look forward to the beast race :D

    11. Bigonekris on

      Congrats in achieving the $1.50 million goal.

    12. Tim Hancock on

      Congrats Steven & Co!

      @Sunnun, 64 archetype combinations because you can choose a secondary archetype for further specialization on top of your main class. eg, tank/tank, tank/mage, tank/fighter, tank/cleric, tank/rogue, tank/summoner, tank/ranger, tank/bard. So 8 variants for each main archetype.

    13. SUNNUN on

      @alice 64 class ?

    14. Abdullah Fahad Al-Mowiyjed on

      I am not impressed yet, show me how will you balance 64 class.

    15. Abdullah Fahad Al-Mowiyjed on

      Ok, it's time to save your money for skills and combat mechanics, don't you think so? You have 64 class to worry about their balance.
      If the combat is mediocre, all your efforts will be a waste for most players.
      Personally I'm hoping for fast action paced with the option to target allies and locate the area of supportive skills only.

      You have 3 years until launch.
      Make the world x4~x5 times bigger than BDO's, and leveling is difficult even in low levels but not boring(diverse and dynamic), so hardworking players(including life skillers/artisans) will have far different strengths(new skills, skill exp(or level- more %damage) and combo access).

      Make gears work differently according player's gear exp/habituation(not knowledge), Hard to level(Again, make it diverse, exp upon killing different types of enemies(including players), fighting in different environments, repairing .. etc) but limited and a lot more effective than with a player who only meets the gear's recommendation(class, level ...).

      Lastly, make monsters smart and not easy to predict, able to rush and jump(because why not? they're fighting to survive), with deep boss mechanics.

    16. Missing avatar

      tomerockx on

      WOW!! so much good things!!!

      with all these contents I would like to think furthermore.
      I'm a banker, and I ask you:
      Is it possible to make some kind of economic thing where you can lend some money to that new player that need so much that 2.137 coins to buy the sword he needs so much? and then that player can pay you in 1...2 days the amount you lend him?

      I'll tell you, I love the economics of MMOs, and this would be a dream for me!
      I would love to think more about the way you could do this!

    17. Alan Espasandin on

      Water craft? YES!!!!! I'm so happy!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      ndantony on

      Looks like AoC twitter account is pretty dead. Could have gotten more backers too.

    19. Ceivent on

      I'm drooling, uncontrollably. Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      ndantony on

      This is awesome!!

    21. Alberto B.(Batroel) on

      holy jesus, underrealm race???!! make it happen, please!

    22. Seekvaira on

      some really good stretch goals :O

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Clark on

      Newwwww race hypeeee! C'mon be Lizardmen...... Could be cats though oh the dramaz

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kilgore on

      Holy. Expletive. Need. Now.

    25. Ang Wei Jie on

      Awesome! Spread the word so we can hit the next goal!

      Sign up here for weekly alpha key giveaways: Https://