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Ashes of Creation is an open-world, non-faction based, no P2W, high-fantasy MMORPG. Join us as we change the face of the genre.
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Enhanced Mounts Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Hey guys!

Awesome news! Ashes of Creation will have Group Mounts!

We smashed our $1,250,000.00  stretch goal in under 4 days, all thanks to the unbelievable support from each of you! We cannot express our gratitude enough and the excitement we are feeling!

These epic mounts will move through the world, carrying you and your friends across a vast wilderness that awaits your discovery!

Thank you all for helping this community and our kickstarter grow into such success! Keep up the amazing work in helping us spread the word!! New Goals revealed just now on the Kickstarter!!! The Underrealm...

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    1. Nikputnam on

      Stretch Goal Expansion Idea!

      Title: Badlands Expansion: Adversarial AI Nodes.

      1) Badlands / Desert Environment Expansion with corresponding themes - Mummies, Scorpions, and Non-player adversarial Races / Classes.
      2) Limited A/I & GM adversarial nodes that rise and fall:
      a) As adversarial nodes build, players can raid and siege for loot and take over said nodes in this expansion area;
      b) Adversarial nodes, if unchecked, can fore into player territory with reinforced reconnaissance to probe;
      c) Adversarial nodes can raise a modest army to siege player nodes. Beware! Just because you were successful in vanquishing another player node, one may draw attention of the A/I & GM adversary to undo the potential gains.

      Beyond token play. Best,

    2. TryHardigan on

      Group mounts are awsome

    3. Missing avatar

      Lucas Slauenwhite on

      Love to see a video explaining all these stretch goals. Especially the ships and this new Underrealm.

    4. Jason MacNeil on

      OH MAN can we make freeholds in the underrealm? o___o

    5. Crymoar on

      Good stuff!

      I hope you get so much support you have to start inventing new stretch goals.

    6. Tazuras on

      All sounds great so far! Will 250K be enough to build an entire underrealm?

    7. Haki [] on

      Thank you for making mmorpgs great again :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Antyr on

      !! Congrats for this excellent result !!

      About LINUX:
      A LINUX client would be perfect ... I think this can be also a business case for the company because a lot good MMO's doesn't have a LINUX client. And to play a Windows game with wine in LINUX is really not to compare with a real LINUX client. Unfortunately, as far as I know, UE4 doesn't run on LINUX.

      Best regards


    9. Bigonekris on

      Congrats on reaching the $1,250,000.00 goal.

    10. Tim Hancock on

      :-) Most excellent and thank you for the reply! I hope the dev interaction will continue well into the live game, GM events keep things lively. *salute*

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Sharif Collaborator on

      Great point Tim! I assure you, our stretch goals will not impede the production of the game <3

    12. Tim Hancock on

      Congrats! :-) please don't attempt to add all stretch goals for launch. Keep in reserve for future content. Establish a polished and concrete foundation first.

    13. Plebeian Games on

      Also +1 for Linux
      I have a couple #NoTuxNoBux friends that are interested.

    14. Plebeian Games on

      Can we get some epic group mounts as backer rewards?

    15. Ron Hunn on

      Awesome news.. how about a Linux client? Trying to do the Win10 detox program. �