Ashes of Creation ~ New MMORPG by Intrepid Studios

by Intrepid Studios, Inc.

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    1. Matthew Prince on

      congrats on 1mil!!!

    2. Matt Parr on

      Grats! Can't come soon rnough!

    3. Faelen on

      Congrats on the milestone! I've been looking for an MMO like this for years, since eq2 started going downhill...

    4. Missing avatar

      Clinton on

      Woooo! Hype!

    5. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      The project is estimated to reach 10 Million at this point :D

      Obviously there isn't enough data to have a reliable prediction but it'll be cool if we even got to half of that. Keep in mind to not make to many promises guys. To much work can make a project to complicated and at the end you look like as if you under deliver.

    6. Marquie on

      Like Lucas before me has indicated. Careful what you wish for and what you promise. I think as a community we would rather see a great first release that you can iterate on and deliver engaging content for over time rather then creating a beast to release on day 1

    7. Darren on

      Gratz on hitting 1mil so quickly, as a long time MMO player I have been looking for a new MMO to call home for a very long time. I have a lot of hope that this game could become that home for so many of us.

    8. GamesGliches Happen on

      I cant wait =) Getting that EQ Rash again...itchy as sht!

    9. Abdullah Fahad Al-Mowiyjed on

      I'd like to see underwater combat skills for each class as the final stretch goal.

    10. Christopher on

      I second @Alice, if guild wars 2 did it, it'd be fun to have a better version of underwater battle as a strech goal =) Only a maybe, an extra option in gameplay for players to enjoy. In any case, grats for the over 1 mil!

    11. Paranam on

      Gratz on 1 million..
      All abourd!!!

    12. Katzuki on

      That is pretty late for EU, is it possible that you'll record it so we can watch it later please?

    13. Blackghost on

      Hey DEVS,
      How can you be sure that the game will stay Pay To Play?
      And not free to play after a few months?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Edwards on

      Blackghost, what? I don't see any reason to think they'd just up and change their model, particularly in only a few months. That would be silly. These aren't devs completely unfamiliar with MMOs. The creative director Steven has gone on at length about the why Pay to Play is the only model that can work longterm for the game Intrepid is trying to make. I see no reason to doubt him.

    15. Casey Wyzlic on

      I may have backed the wrong game, I thought this was for old school MMO"ers. A puppy or kitten? What is the target age for this game? 10 year olds?

    16. Fortie on

      Casey Wyzlic, what's wrong with puppy/kitten pet ? Everyone loves them !
      Congratz to 1m ! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hart on

      I would like to see more regions, dungeons, developers, races, mythical creatures, writers of lore & story and procedurally generated caves & ruins, I don't care for the current goals.

    18. Purrmaid

      @Fortie - Expect most mmorpgs these days seem unable to make a proper cat-pet. Have you seen the ones in GW2? In Black Desert Online? Has nobody seen a real cat at these studios?

      @Casey Wyzlic - I don't think this game will attract a lot of the younger gamers. P2P alone keeps most of the youngings away, but I think some of the systems here will simply be too complex for them to grasps.

      Of course, they'll all try the game. Any mmorpg that starts gets a whole slew of mmorpg-jumpers at the beginning and people who come simply to scream "wow clone" and then leave.

    19. Fortie on

      Purrmaid, maybe they never saw a real cat. Who knows :D We will see how pets will be look like. But I trust them ! :3

    20. PAN on

      If you guys give me that feeling I once had 20 years ago when i first started EQ, than it was all worth it!

    21. Missing avatar

      Zagan on

      I would prefer a big cat or a big dog instead of little ones, I don't see those fitting in the game, I feel like more "serious" pets would fit better. But anyway it's a nice thing to do for your backers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Logan Field on

      @Sonia Mendoza, how cool would it be if they grew though?

    23. Ashlea Pelger on

      It would be awesome if one of the goals gave us jousting and galdiator fighting!!

    24. Raul Torres on

      Different Races instead of variations of the same race would be better.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zagan on

      @Logan Field That would be too cool and add more depth to the game, I hope pets or at least mounts are something you can put time on to get different or better ones, like for example breeding or taming things, hope that's a thing, and if they added the grow thing (maybe you have to lvl them up for them to grow bigger and stronger) that would be super cool but I may be dreaming too much :P

    26. Missing avatar

      Joseph Clark on

      I'm with you Raul i would much rather have more race variety then just sub races. It's the only thing it is missing for me. Not liking the race you have to pick is a big downer for me. So many options i wonder if they did it to cut out animation and modeling cost. Maybe more races are in the stretch goals. C'mon Imperial Lizardmen!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Johnny Jordan on

      I am looking forward to this game cannot wait to stream it