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Mounts, Tigers and Bears! Oh MY! (but mainly just mounts)

Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

Hey everyone!

After an amazing first 24 hours, with over 900K raised in pledges, we wanted to share with you some concept art for the reward mounts in our kickstarter packages.

These mounts will only be available to backers of our project and will be pretty awesome in game.

They will stand out in some unique ways, with particle fx and unique emissives on the models.

Let's start with the White Runic Steed

White Runic Steed
White Runic Steed

This Runic Steed has emissive textures on it's body that glow, along with particle FX that come from it's mane and tail.

Obsidian Stallion
Obsidian Stallion

The Obsidian Stallion is also covered in emissive runes that glow with power.  While this mount runs, its hooves will emit fire FX on the ground around it.

Spectral Mare
Spectral Mare

The Spectral Mare is a ghostly beauty.  The textures on this mount have a degree of transparency, and a mist FX flow from the creature into the wind.

Moonstrider Mule
Moonstrider Mule

The Moonstrider Mule, is a hybrid mule that acts as a slower mount though also allows for the transit of goods (on a much smaller scale than the caravan system) and this little guy has some cool saddle bag animations on his sides that show the contents moving around during movement

Dawnbreaker Mount
Dawnbreaker Mount

Finally, we have the Dawnbreaker Mount.  This mount has the ability to glide through the air, and has a shimmering emissive that glows on its wings in many colors. It stands larger than other mounts of its type. The Dawnbreaker also emits a dust particle FX that comes from its wings on takeoff and landing.

Color Shifts
Color Shifts

But probably the coolest aspect of the Dawnbreaker, is its ability to change colors based on the player's mood.

I hope you all have enjoyed a look into the mounts of our reward packages!

We are all so happy to have each of you on board! Keep an eye out for an update to our stretch goals and we will also be adding backer goals soon!

Much love,


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    1. PlagueScape on

      Cosmetic stuff just tends to be fluff to me, the mechanics of how something functions is far more important. With that said the sparkle gorilla-falcon-chameleon-moth looks really neat.

    2. Crymoar on

      Really nice!

    3. PAN on

      I realy would love to upgrade my pledge once I see the angelic /daemonic skin ❤️

    4. Joshua Pabalan on

      Is it just me or is the Runic Steed cooler than the Obsidian Stallion?

    5. Missing avatar

      Orthogonon on

      are these one time use or account bound?

    6. Truper on

      That's Awesome!!! So looking forward to see theses in game Question could you do a post about

      "Kickstarter Exclusive - Demonic / Angelic Character racial skin"

      Thanks for sharing!!!

    7. Mathcore on

      just beautiful

    8. Missing avatar

      Kane Wright on

      Gorgeous concept art. Keep it up guys.

    9. Raul Torres on

      The other will just glide a bit then go back down like in other mmorpgs were they just glide some cm above ground.

    10. Missing avatar

      Adissaric on

      @Joshua Johnson,
      The only flying mount in game will be dragons. Which can only be obtained as a leader of a castle or a metropolis for a total of 10 dragons in game. Mounts with wings will be able to glide when falling.

    11. Joshua Johnson

      Is the dawnbreaker an actual flying mount or does it just have a gliding animation? if it does fly that could be a significant in game advantage.

    12. Missing avatar

      Courtney Lewis on

      Omg they look incredible. Amazing work :)

    13. Marquie on

      I hope there will be an opportunity to buy and sell these.. OK.. mostly buy. I'll try to get the entire set. Hehehehe

    14. elliott ireland on

      amazing gives me a feel for what they will look like in game.

    15. Solaris on

      I love that Moonstrider mount. Even though I'm getting higher Tier mounts, that's the one I want more than anything!

    16. Walter B on

      Amazing! This is very cool stuff. Thank you for the update.

    17. Blackghost on

      Hey DEVS,
      How can you be sure that the game will stay Pay To Play?
      And not free to play after a few months?

    18. Seekvaira on

      Hype turned to 11

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      omg! this looks so good!

    20. Joseph Chaney on

      Awesome. I would love to see a panther type mount in game with some neat FX

    21. Missing avatar

      Tim Sollen on

      Nice designs, and a fun idea that you have them in different sizes :)
      Keep up the good work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Avery on

      Absolutely stunning concept art - hype meter is pegged!

    23. Raul Torres on

      Show Concept Art Guild Hall and Angelic Demonic Skin per Race players are willing to to buy $1,000 Pack but theres no pictures.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Burnett on

      Oooooh my, the concepts are great. Nothing generic in the slightest!

    25. Ceivent on

      Awesome artwork there Jeff!

    26. George NoX on

      these look amazing

    27. Fortie on

      Jeff did awesome work ! :3

    28. Stephen on

      Color changing mount! Yay