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Its time for me to come home for a NW tour and to see all you wonderfully beautiful people.

Alright.  I miss the NW and I want to come tour.  I wish I could afford it myself but with the time I would have to miss with work and very little vacation pay it would be financial suicide to do so, especially since I want to make sure to see as many of you amazing people as possible and that will require hitting up 4 cities. 

If all goes as planned I'll be in Seattle, Olympia, Vancouver & Portland over the course of a week.  Everybody Weekend will be touring with me, and I will hopefully be playing a few shows with HeadShapes. Any extra funds raised will go directly to recording an EP, something I've been wanting to do for some time.  Any person who donated will get a free copy, no questions asked.  Jesse Perrel of the Levee Breaking in Seattle has agreed to release it once its recorded, VERY exciting. 

Thanks in advance for all the love, regardless of the funds.  

(>^_^)> <3 <3 <3 <3

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Alright. Successfully completing an EP will definitely take some time. I have a few people I am interested in recording with so once I know I've got some funds I will be able to make more of a decision on who exactly would be best for my sound.

Being in school and working full time is going to be my biggest challenge. It is going to take a minute and a great deal of patience to get tracks down. Then there is production and getting things going with my distributer in the NW, so obviously there is plenty of room for hiccups along the way.


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