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Where culture and economic development meet. Long-form journalism and commentary. For Cleveland and around the rust belt.
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Why Aren't I A Member?

Posted by Anne Trubek (Creator)

 A few Kickstarter backers have asked this question, so I'm writing to all to clarify.

The Kickstarter campaign asked you help us launch our first issue. In return, we offered you rewards: books, t-shirts, party tickets, etc.  But we did not offer memberships. 

After we launched, we started memberships. Memberships are basically like subscriptions in the world of print journalism. It goes like this: We make a product, Belt. Then, instead of asking you to pay for this thing we make, we give it away for free. We still need revenue, of course. So we offer memberships, which come with promotions and discounts, to help us stay in business. 

So if you are not a member and want to become one, just hop over to our store here. We would love the support. But membership is optional: you--and everyone-- can read Belt for free. 

One more note: we have not automatically added your email to our weekly newsletter. If you want to opt-in to receive these emails, click here

I hope this clarifies any confusion. And we hope you have been enjoying Belt. We certainly have enjoyed bringing it to you every Monday.


Anne Trubek, Editor-in-Chief

Final Update: Our 2nd Issue, The New York Times And Memberships

Posted by Anne Trubek (Creator)

Even before our 2nd issue went live, the New York Times wrote about Belt Magazine (including mentioning you guys, who kickstarted us). Thanks once more!

I'll stop bothering you unless you ask to be pestered, so this will be my last update. 

To receive our weekly newsletter going forward, consider becoming a member  (this will also help sustain us and keep us free on the web). We have a great group of members already, and would love you to join us.



Issue One!

Posted by Anne Trubek (Creator)

What started with this Kickstarter campaign back in May resulted in our first issue, published today. In it you can--

--read about Cleveland's little-known, high stakes book award,

--find out why the weather makes Alissa Nutting turn to S & M and

--and learn about the surprising demographics of Cleveland's 'gentrification'

We hope you like it and, if you do, you will share what you read with others and consider becoming a member. 

--Anne Trubek, Editor-In-Chief, Belt Magazine 

The Atlantic Covers Belt

Posted by Anne Trubek (Creator)

We're very excited about this story about Belt that was just published by The Atlantic Cities:


Posted by Anne Trubek (Creator)

 Belt is now live--and you can find your names in our list of supporters! Come visit us:

 We will be running previously published material until September 9, when our first issue will be released.

Ever thankful,

the staff of Belt