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$174,010 pledged of $400,000 goal
By Silverball Studios
$174,010 pledged of $400,000 goal

Please help us to relaunch Pro Pinball!

Thank you for backing Revived & Remastered last year and thank you again if you have already backed Timeshock! – The ULTRA Edition this year.

If you haven’t backed our new Kickstarter yet it might be because Timeshock! isn’t your favourite table or what you really wanted from the last Kickstarter was a brand new table from Pat Lawlor, or maybe we're not supporting your favourite platform yet.

So I wanted to make it clear that it is still our intention to create ULTRA Editions of all the original tables and create brand new tables too. If we do get funded, we can finish Timeshock! by the end of this year and if that does well, use the income from that to have the other three tables out next year and hopefully at least one brand new table too. Also, if we can hit our goal with time to spare we can add stretch goals for all the remaining platforms.

1,296 of you were kind enough to back us first time around. The new Kickstarter is already 72% funded with 656 backers. So if just half of you who haven’t backed us again were to do so, we should hit our target!

We’ve already put out a few cool updates since the launch of the new campaign, so please take a look at the new Kickstarter HERE. You’ll also find some new videos we’ve put together below.

I do hope you decide to back us again, with just a few more pledges we can relaunch Pro Pinball and make something truly special.

Thank you,



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