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Silverball StudiosBy Silverball Studios
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Silverball StudiosBy Silverball Studios
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pledged of $400,000pledged of $400,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, October 5 2012 8:00 AM UTC +00:00

Nothing to Lose - Everything to Gain!

Posted by Silverball Studios (Creator)

When we launched this campaign about a month ago we had 0 backers. We now have over 1000 backers whom on average have pledged a category beating $113 each! Thank you, each and every one of you, for your generosity! 

Regardless of the outcome of this Kickstarter we are determined to bring Pro Pinball back. It might just have to take us longer to do than we would’ve liked and have a few less bells and whistles. But the bottom line is over 1000 of you want more Pro Pinball and so do we! 

So, as a BIG thank you for supporting us, and in the event this Kickstarter doesn’t hit its target, WE make the following pledge to all of our backers: 

If Pro Pinball is Revived or Remastered without Kickstarter, we will still honour ALL the following rewards (if your pledge level includes them) for FREE! 

  • Wall Papers
  • Thanks on the Webpage
  • Digital Manuals
  • Digital Soundtracks
  • Insignias
  • VIP Forum Access
  • Glass Off Mode
  • Beta Access
  • Thanks in the Games
  • Custom Dot-Matrix Sequences
  • Initials in High Score tables
  • Special thanks on the Playfields 

Some of you reading this might be still sitting on the fence, or thinking there’s no point pledging because it’s a lost cause! But to you we say: 


Pinball Needs You - You have Nothing to Lose - Everything to Gain!

This offer is made in good faith, but we reserve the right to withdraw it without notice.

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    1. Missing avatar

      John on

      I've always been curious what exactly was meant by the reward "Special thanks on the Playfields ". To be honest, that always bothered me a bit. Do I really want to play these games with the names of big donors littered all over the table? I'm pretty sure that would really bug me, though a mention in the credits is certainly in order. Well intentions aside, they never really contributed the money since the project failed, so that would make it even more annoying. Which brings up another concern. I thought the promise of putting the big donor names on the play field, whether the funding goals were reached or not, would be a great lure for someone to go ahead and pledge it at the last minute knowing they were risking nothing and in return getting their name on the playfield. I know you had at least a couple honest donors early on, but the rest of those high-dollar pledges being filled so late makes me think you've been punk'd.

    2. Maggus on

      Yesterday there was a news article in Germany's big IT portal about this project, unfortunately quite late now, and because I read it only sporadically these days as a fan of the original series it was pure luck I heard about the campaign at all. I really think it is very important to "think international" in this case, since Pro Pinball is special interest in comparison to action or stragey games, Well I became a backer anyway.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jools Henn on

      I'll take that gamble. Increased from $50 to $175, and in the event that this does make it, I'll stick by it :)

    4. Missing avatar

      steve on

      Lovely offer and a great attitude, looking forward to what comes next guys, best of luck. Keep us updated as much as possible!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jens G. on

      Great offer - I upgraded my pledge, too!

    6. Martin Antholzner on

      That's a very generous offer - thank you so much.
      I upped my pledge once more. We need to make this happen! :)

    7. Silverball Studios Creator on

      @Craig & David: Thank you for your concern. You are right that it could be abused, but hopefully people will treat the offer as it was intended, in good faith. However, we now reserve the right to withdraw the offer without notice, just in case. To anyone else reading this, please don't pledge more than you can afford on the assumption we don't hit the target, because Kickstarter rules can stop you from reducing or cancelling pledges on the last day in some circumstances.

    8. Paul Denning on

      Theyve already covered that. The bulk of the work is the first table due to the new engine etc so it'd still be a large amount. 240k for one table sounds crazy next to 5 for 400k.
      At the end of the day it's a $50 pledge for 5 amazing tables. That's all that should matter. And while I'll be crushed if it fails to hit the target it's just a sad reality that people who really get pinball is vastly diminishing to be replaced by the zen/arcade casual fan :(

    9. Aaron Charron on

      Silverball Studios.

      Honestly, why not bring the tables back one at a time. They could be released like software updates to one another so that they remain in a congruent collection. Seperate yet modularized. Why not start another Kickstarter with a more moderate goal? Use that to re-release a mastered table (Timeshock) Then use the profits to remaster the table that needs it most (The Web) and then so on and so forth. The tables are designed, and the overhead should be...well relatively minimal...once you start seeing a can set aside how much you have and do another Kickstarter to help fund the rest of the Lawlor table. Quite frankly, your original four deserve to be "preserved" and to have them in an enhanced format would be great.

    10. Silverball Studios Creator on

      @Tim Sampson: If we don't hit our goal, but go on to do Pro Pinball without Kickstarter, we won't collect any pledges but will still give away the rewards we listed to those that did pledge. Hopefully that clarifies things.

    11. palenoue on

      I do hope you try again. I've backed several projects that succeeded on the second try, it's like you've got a jump-start the second time around.

      I also agree with the suggestion that you try for only one or two tables at a time. This approach has worked well for Pinball Arcade, and speaking as a fan I'd rather get a table a month (or two) than have to wait a long time for the complete set to be released all at once.

    12. Mike Gervasi on

      Take the pledges direct from us after the Kickstart is over. Just focus on making the Lawlor table for now for iOS.
      THAT is what I most want to see.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on

      I don't really get the bit about honouring the pledges if this happens without Kickstarter. Does that mean you get to keep the records and you will give us the chance to give you the money direct?

    14. David on

      I have to agree that this can be easily abused. I hope you have thought this through. In any case, I'm still hoping that this project succeeds against all odds!

    15. Daniel Lewendel on

      There is no Pinball like ProPinball! It's sad to see that this awesome project doesn't hit it's goal. :(
      Zen Pinball and all the others are nothing compared to what you have created and might be able to create in the future.
      Please make the remakes for Android and iOS or even only PC. This should give you some income to work on the new table. I will buy it definitely! Greetings from Germany.

    16. Flo Schneller on

      I've been waiting for so long, I'm sure I can wait just a little bit longer - the prospect of finally getting my hands on all of the original tables without the hassles of virtual machines PLUS one shiny new table will keep me a happy fanboy of the best pinball series that ever happened to exist.

    17. Thomas Samdal on

      If the total pledge gets high enough, some fence sitters might join in and pledge as well. Let's hope for a last minute rush!

    18. Missing avatar

      Craig Booth on

      This could so easily be abused if you don't make it. Be careful.

    19. Missing avatar

      micmon on

      It's sad so see you only got 123k so far. However, I cannot say that it surprises me. Even I was unsure about backing this project at first because the reward levels are just to costly compared to other projects on kickstarter. The announced Linux support made me pledge $15, though I was not happy to only get one table. The alternative would have been $50, way too much. I finally upped to $30 but I guess most people did not check back to learn about the new pledge levels. Still, $30 seems a lot for a pinball game and you basicly preorder at full price without any guarantees of ever getting anything. For one Table, $10 would be a good price or $20-25 for all tables, maybe adding $5 for additional Android downloads.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      "No point in pledging" would be the stupidest thing people could think, since they'll only get charged if it succeeds anyway...

      And I sure hope that IF you don't meet your goal that before you consider doing it at a lower quality that you'll consider maybe trying Kickstarter campaigns for one table at a time. It seems to me people might grasp the value better.

    21. Jeremy Williams on

      Great news and true class, guys. Cheers!