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$174,010 pledged of $400,000 goal
By Silverball Studios
$174,010 pledged of $400,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      negatus on July 27, 2013

      Thanks. I missed the update on Facebook.

      I've been playing some Pinball FX 2 recently and it's fun, but it just doesn't quite feel authentic. Looking through my old collection of games, I found The Web and found that it works fine on my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC. Even the first Pro Pinball game has better physics & control response than Zen's most recent attempt.

      Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next iteration of Pro Pinball.

    2. Silverball Studios Creator on July 26, 2013

      The info on Facebook was only posted in response to some questions, which is why it should've been more prominent. As for T2, that was FarSight's Kickstarter for Pinball Arcade: Terminator 2 which successfully finished last Sunday.

    3. Missing avatar

      steve on July 26, 2013

      There isnt any info on facebook? whats T2?

    4. Silverball Studios Creator on July 25, 2013

      Apologies. The new Kickstarter was pushed back a little because of the recent T2 Kickstarter. We did mention this on Facebook, but we should've made the information more prominent there, here and elsewhere. We'll have more to share very soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      negatus on July 25, 2013

      It is no longer early July yet there have been no updates. Not here, Twitter, Facebook, or even the official website.

    6. Aaron Charron on July 19, 2013

      I was in last time and I'll be able to be in for more this time.

      Good luck with this project guys

    7. Joshua Washburn on April 5, 2013

      The studio was acquired but still exists, and the project now has resources from the studio's new owners, from what I can tell from Facebook.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on March 1, 2013

      Is this project and Silverball Studios dead?

    9. Yukikaze on November 15, 2012

      I only care about an Android Version.

    10. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Husmann on November 15, 2012

      I don't care about any of the goodies, as long as you release a Mac version which is better than “mediocre“.

      The following items are OK for me (but not essential):
      ➤ Beta Access
      ➤ Digital soundtrack download
      ➤ Credit on the Pro Pinball website
      ➤ Credit in the game
      ➤ Special Thanks on the playfield

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim_Manch on November 15, 2012

      ■Operator's manual PDF
      ■Beta Access
      ■Glass-Off Mode
      ■A custom dot-matrix sequence
      ■Initials in a high score table

    12. Missing avatar

      Craig Day on November 15, 2012

      I second all of what Andrew says. I must have cabinet support. To be able to use the front end Hyperpin would definitely be a real plus. I don't need over-the-top graphics like being able to see the filaments in the light bulbs, for example.

      A signed boxed copy of the game would be nice, but again, I agree with Andrew. To keep your costs down, forgo the physical items. A CD in a jewel case will suffice to keep mailing costs down.

      I'd go for credit on the Pro Pinball website, digital soundtrack, digital download of the original PC version, Operators manual PDF, and glass off mode. But only if they cost you minimal money.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jay Ducharme on November 14, 2012

      The full-size poster of the table sounds great.

    14. Missing avatar

      Roland on November 14, 2012

      I am not interested for the listed goodies.
      But for portrait view. Could be cool to take advantage of Oculus Rift 3D glasses!?

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew on November 14, 2012

      I don't care about any of the goodies, as long as you release a PC version with cabinet support! At least proper views for 2/3 screens with customizable controls.

      Support for nudging, plungers, real DMD screens, command line launch (for entry from front end programs like HyperPin) and other cabinet features would be a bonus. I know the budget might be tight initially. Maybe some things could be added in the future if the projects are successful.

      My advise is to at least not waste money producing physical items like T-shirts and keychains. I guess some of the digital stuff might be nice if it doesn't cost much to create.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on November 14, 2012

      I'm very happy that Timeshock! is likely to be done first. This will get the best pinball design ever into the hands of a new generation. New games would hopefully follow.

    17. Missing avatar

      Angie Winterbottom on November 14, 2012

      All I care about is some digital downloads, old and new tables.

      Soundtrack is the only nice-to-have I care about.

      Not bothered about the trinkets or credit or whatever.

      If anything, I'd like you to add one feature that no other pinball games has - the ability to enter your height, and it to place the camera at your head height. Most digital pinball games put the camera too high or too low, or pretend like your head is on a 4 foot extractable stalk.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sandro Fouche on November 14, 2012

      Rewards I care most about
      Multiple Platform Downloads -- missing from the list you sent
      Digital download of the original PC version of Timeshock!
      VIP Forum with exclusive information
      Operator's manual PDF
      Credit in the game
      Boxed copy of the game
      Beta Access
      Initials in a high score table

      Ok, but not essential
      Credit on the Pro Pinball website
      Digital soundtrack
      Signed boxed copy of the game
      A custom dot-matrix sequence

      The rest I'm not particularly interested in, or are too rich for my blood (launch party, lunch w/Silverball).

    19. Missing avatar

      Jurgen van Dulst on November 4, 2012

      We just have to have some faith, I'm sure they'll be back

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on November 1, 2012

      I miss the buzz of this project.

    21. Missing avatar

      Bas on October 22, 2012

      For me the biggest reason to pledge was the OSX version...

    22. Missing avatar

      Bruce Elson on October 17, 2012

      Oh, come on!!
      No one at Silverball has said anything about no PC version. Just no Android. Android is so fragmented and they keep changing things so developers have a hard time keeping up. Don't blame the game developers. Blame your phone os developers.
      Anyway. I can't believe people would not support development of a PC version just because Android has to dropped from the initial development.

    23. Andreas Voringer on October 17, 2012

      i would also not pledge for an ios version. PC and Android please!

    24. Thomas Samdal on October 17, 2012

      Too bad an Android version is not prioritized in the second go of Kickstarter. To me, Android would actually be my first choice of platform and PC second.

    25. Are Nybakk on October 16, 2012

      Basile: Mobile is big for sure, but if we're talking about a kickstarter campaign where most of the pledgers are old Pro Pinball fans, they would want the best possible experience. As a fan who'd really like to see this thing happen, I can say for sure that I would not pledge for an iOS version.

    26. Paul Denning on October 16, 2012

      Justin, it's even worse than that. Farsight wanted 55k just for the licence. It didn't cover the cost of building it and unless I'm mistaken you did t even get a copy of the table!

    27. Basile Grammaticos on October 15, 2012

      Dear Are

      Please allow me to disagree. If a single version should be developped first that should be the iOS one. Have you ever checked how many pinball apps are sold at the iTunes Store? That's where the money is nowadays.

    28. Are Nybakk on October 15, 2012

      I'm not sure if I agree with the choice of only developing for PC and iOS. For me it's PC first (for obvious reasons) and Android second. I think most of the other backers would also pick PC as their first choice. Therefore I think you might as well postpone iOS and thus lower the goal further.

    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Fletcher on October 15, 2012

      What people seem to forget about FarSight and The Pinball Arcade Kickstarters is that the are funding only a table. FarSight is building that table with an existing engine that was already developed for a released, commercial product. That's why their goals seem more "reasonable" than Pro Pinball.

      Silverball has explained that they need around $250K for the first table to develop their new engine. Therefore, it's unlikely that we'll ever see a $70K campaign "for just one table" unless the secure outside funding.

    30. Basile Grammaticos on October 14, 2012

      I have just read the article at Red Bull and was delighted to learn that the Silverball team is preparing another Kickstarter campaign. After the success of the first one (yes, it was a success although it did not make the cut) it is clear that a well focused project can reach its funding goal.
      In order to get some idea of what could be a realistic goal I visited the projects of Farsight. In both cases they reached their goal with a comfortable margin. So, if Silverball wished to copy their tactics they could cut up the Kickstarter campaign into several parts, one for each table. Timeshock could be a project of, say, 60 to 70 k$ (forget pounds, most people are familiar only with dollars) but not more than that. Its funding will allow the team to work in a focused way and, once it is released, the income from it will make things easier. The remaining tables could in turn be proposed as kickstarter projects with perhaps gradually diminishing goals until The Web is out. Then a more ambitious Kickstarter could be introduced for the new Pat Lawlor table.
      The total sum raked in will be comparable to that of the initial proposal but each of the partial goals will be easier to attain.

    31. moewe on October 14, 2012

      I would easely pay 100 us$ for a boxed PC-Version of any table with a cabinet view.

    32. Missing avatar

      steve on October 13, 2012

      Just read he red bull article, you guys don't need to do it in your spare time I genuinely think its fundable and if its iOS and pc initially the great just don't lose momentum and get a new kickstarter plan out ASAP. Personally time shock and fantasic journey for iOS would be enough for me to pledge again.

    33. Stephen Jonke on October 9, 2012

      If you start a new KS, I will join in for sure. The main part I was excited for, I must say, was the new game design by Pat Lawlor. I hope that can be retained in a future KS.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on October 8, 2012

      Been playing Timeshock! again :)
      Agree with the mailing list comment.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeff on October 8, 2012

      Silverball: A suggestion: now might be the time to create a mailing list, so you can keep track of everyone who is interested.

    36. Dan Zawierucha on October 6, 2012

      I dream of mine would be for Williams to allow some of their tables to be transformed into virtual tables by Silverball. Pinbot, The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, Fun House, Road Show, High Speed, The Getaway - High Speed 2, just to name a few. If I were rich I would try and get the two sides together to make these dreams of mine happen.

    37. Ryan Cannon on October 5, 2012

      Well even though the project didn't reach the goal. I was still glad to be a backer and help you guys out. I have played the Pro Pinball games since I was a kid and I still enjoy playing them. I wish you guys luck on the rest of the development, and redevelopment of the Pro Pinball series.

    38. Missing avatar

      Craig Day on October 5, 2012

      @Ivan Kodjabashev,

      I will pledge again. I will pledge the same $500.00 as the first time as long as there are five boxes being offered. If there are no boxes the next time around, then I would consider pledging a lower amount.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on October 5, 2012

      If a rekick start, the questions are: how many of these 1296 backers are going to pledge again and will they pledge the same amount? Like a facebook event: from 1000 people, usually ~50-100 really attempt.

    40. phil-s on October 5, 2012

      I'm sad. This was the project that convinced me to create a Kickstarter account, just so that I could help this succeed. I don't have any experience in this business, so I might be talking out my drain, but here are my thoughts:

      I realise the combination of new & old tables must have been a great way to spread the development costs, but setting the new table aside for now seems like it might be the way to go, on the basis that so much of the work is already done for the other tables, that surely that is the less expensive half of the master plan?

      Start a new campaign for the remastered tables. Set the pledge levels lower. Say $5 per table, and $15 for all four. I'm not sure if that's *too* low, but you need to keep in mind that a large number of the people who would be interested in supporting this will already own the original tables, and the people who don't own them might need the scent of a serious bargain in order to get them on board.

      If you can raise enough to produce the remastered tables (and hopefully within budget), then you can start raising money for the new table, and hopefully you will be seeing profits from the remastered tables which will make that easier.

      The tables for Kickstarter backers (at least) definitely need to be DRM-free, but if you can succeed in getting them into the likes of Steam after they're completed, who knows what could happen...

      Good luck with the project, no matter how you decide to approach it in the end.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nick Dalton on October 5, 2012

      I agree that it makes sense to just do a Timeshock kickstarter. Plenty of new virtual pinball fans, like those that got the bug from Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade, have no idea how incredible these tables are. Let's just get one out there so they can see for themselves.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tim Sampson on October 5, 2012

      A sad day indeed but it's good news that Silverball Studios are determined to make this happen somehow. My suggestion, for what it's worth - get timeshock! to the stage where people can see the incredible detail and some balls rolling around, release the demo and do a new timeshock! only kickstarter.

    43. karl ovre on October 5, 2012

      Silverball. It's a sad day, but you can be proud of this kickstarter. You did a much better presentation than most other kickstarters out there and your fantastic communication with the fans has been remarkable. Rest assured that there is probably a lot more than 1300 people out there that just did not know about this project. I want to wish you good luck whatever you choose to do in the future and I will follow your every step on Twitter and facebook. My sincere thanks for trying to bring back one of the very best digital pinball games ever

    44. Basile Grammaticos on October 5, 2012

      And also, please, do activate the forum on the ProPinball site.
      A momentum has been built here, it's a pity to let it go to waste.
      Of course with the forum you'll get many people nagging you about the date of release of the tables, but who cares: nagging in this case means that people are really eager to get their hands on ProPinball.

      (I apologise for the mistakes in my previous post: I was half-asleep when I wrote it).

    45. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on October 5, 2012

      Commiserations to Silverball though $174K is a target that most projects can only dream about. But onward to Plan B and lots of wet fish smackage!

    46. Melchy on October 5, 2012

      Like others have said, I think breaking down into individual staggered kickstarters for each table would probably be the way to go, Set a smaller target and work on say the Timeshock! table initially. Hopefully this would drum up interest in the other and new tables and profits from the sale of Timeshock! and any subsequent kickstarters could go back into making the other tables. I'd happily pledge again straight away.

    47. doofusmagnus on October 5, 2012

      My contribution wasn't a big one, but I'm another who'll pledge again if you have another go at it.

      My advice is to split it down into separate goals (Revived separate from Remastered, and the latter possibly even broken down into smaller chunks) and then work on them one at a time. Start off with one or the other, and the success of the first may well ease the path to the subsequent ones (you'll have a much more recent success to tout for raising confidence, and that success will be a closer example of what you may subsequently try to achieve).

      And of course it'll probably let you set a more attainable goal. From what I've seen, the most important part of a Kickstarter is hitting your goal early; doing so pushes the undecided folks over the fence, and could wind up bringing in more money than you otherwise would have gotten.

      Good luck, however you choose to move forward. :)

    48. Are Nybakk on October 5, 2012

      It's disappointing to not reach the goal, but you managed to do something right because $174k is a lot of dosh, and the average pledge is over $130!
      That said, I think the campaign was a bit premature. The first impression is vital, and you lacked evidence of the awesomeness that was going to be made. I also think that the pledge tiers should have been given more thought, and that marketing had been given a big focus. You should quite possibly have considered dividing the project into smaller campaigns with smaller goals and greater chance of success.
      I suggest you go together and throw all the experiences you made at the table and discuss them thoroughly. Include the community in this. Then hire someone who's good at marketing and sales to make a well-thought out plan with you. Get some work done so you've got something cool to show off. Fresh up your websites and profiles. Then build up a bigger community. Then, sometime in the future (not too distant I hope), launch a new campaign and it'll happen. I know you can do it!

    49. NamelessPFG on October 5, 2012

      Well, this one didn't work out in the end...but $174,010 is not a small chunk of change, either!

      Maybe still not enough for that $210,000 estimate for a single table, but I'm still not giving up hope on this! This needs to happen, for pinball's sake.

      If you can keep development going on long enough to at least produce some betas for us backers (remember Update #19!), that could drum up some interest, even in an incomplete state.

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