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BEARD! is a casual, Beer & Pretzels, style game where you race your friends to be the first to grow an epic beard. For 2-6 Players.

An Epic Card Game about growing a beard before your friends can!

BEARD is a brand new card game from Beer Star Games! Designed for 2-6 players, its a ridiculous romp through reality as you compete with your friends to grow the first truly epic beard!

It plays in about 10 to 30 minutes, and is not to be taken very seriously. We call it a Beer & Pretzels style game. There's enough strategy to keep the game fun, but not so many mechanics that you can't play it while drinking.

The game was originally concepted and designed by Daniel Curran with additional design work by Brian A Liberge. 

"BEARD! is a nice, light and silly game! Unfortunately, playing it has left me lamenting my lack of facial hair." -Aerjen Tamminga, Boston Festival of Indie Co-Producer and Games Curator, Game Designer,

"Despite being an awesome, easy to learn party game, BEARD! is a down-right hilarious experience." - Eloy Lasanta, Game Desinger,   

"There are two great things in this world: beards and games. When the two are combined, something magical happens." - Simeon Cortezano, Reporter,

Gameplay is simple. 

1. The player with the largest beard chooses who goes first.

2. The first player draws a Save Or Shave card (SOS Card), reads it out loud, and does what it says. Hopefully, it tells you to draw Beard! Cards, but it might tell you to lose Beard! Cards, Steal the Cards of others, roll a six sided die, or choose between multiple options.

3. Play continues clockwise.

4. Each Beard! Card has one letter: B, E, A, R, or D. The first person to have one of each Beard! Card, wins the game.

68 Save Or Shave Cards, each with a unique scenario and instructions. Please note, contains profanity.

30 Beard! Cards

4 Rule Cards

2 Blanks, to make your own SOS Cards.

The game has been written and playtested. Its been dragged to bars, parties and even GenCon. It premiered publicly at the Boston Festival of Indie Games just this past September, and we have been listening and revising the whole time.

Wesley K Hall has completed the art. (

It has been edited by John Adamus (

Daniel Solis has agreed to do layout. This Kickstarter is paying him to do so. (

These cards are examples from our prototype deck. This is not the final layout.

Additional Copies! - If you would like to purchase additional copies of the game you may do so for $15 in the United States or $25 internationally. If you want more than 3 copies of the game please send us an email at I would like to support retailers in whatever way we can.

Bottle-Opener T-Shirt! - We're working with Spreadshirt to bring you the ultimate Beard/Beer Star Games t-shirt! It's got a bottle opener built into the hem of the shirt so you'll always be ready to open a fancy soda. As a bonus award, it acts like a Save or Shave card giving just the slightest edge while playing. Wizards and up can swap their regular t-shirt for this one at a cost of $20.

As we hit certain key funding marks we'll be releasing preview content from our other lines, directly to backers!

HIT! - At $1200: Scentia, Besieged Within and Without -  Our next Pulp! Fantasy supplement, by Seamus Conneely. Save Towertown from the militaristic marsh hoppers, and the secret their phalanxes hide. This document is already in a light layout and waiting on art. You also get the full PDF at funding, two weeks before it goes public.

At $2400: The Lost Ships of Smargaid - The following Pulp! Fantasy Supplement, by BEARDS!'s co-designer Daniel Curran. Investigate the isles of Smargaid and Rubin, discover where the jewelers caravans have gone, and journey below to battle what lurks beneath. This project has just finished editing. 

At $3600: Ace Adventure and the Turtle of Providence - Ace Adventure takes 1920s Pulp style fighter pilots, fighting giant monsters in an alternate, decopunk, America. It's going to be our next big setting after Pulp! Fantasy. I wrote this adventure for GenCon 2013, and it was a huge success.The Turtle of Providence is a Fate Accelerated adventure taking our heroes to the harbor of Providence, but how does the infamous P.T. Barnum factor in?

Pirate! - We'll make a backer only update on day 1 that has the Word Document version of the Cards. We understand that this will allow you to print the game out and stop backing. We hope you won't but if you do, we hope you have fun.

Lumberjack! - The final release of the game, printed and shipped by GameCrafter. 

Gamer! - The Game, and six six-sided dice, one for each player. Black with white pips, except on the 6 side. That side says Beer Star Games.

The Wizard! - The Game, Six d6's, and a black t-shirt featuring the Beard King, and the phrase 'Year of the Beard'. Coming to you from TeeLaunch.

The Cheat! - The Game, Six d6's, the t-shirt, and a set of six, fake beards you can wear on your finger! Each beard has five removable beard pieces so you can grow your own beard as you collect Beard! Cards. Created by Anna Walker of

The Writer! - The Game, Six d6's, the t-shirt, and the chance to work with us on a Shave or Save! card for a future expansion. You will receive full credit for your work.

The Producer! - The Game, Six d6's, the t-shirt, you get to work on a SOS! card and a sit down session at a convention. We know we'll be attending Arisia, PaxEast and GenCon in 2014. This is all about working with you as a designer. If you want to play your own prototype when we meet, great. If you just wanted to support Beard! then get a bunch of your friends together and we'll play something else, like Beard! You need to cover your own expenses on getting to the convention.

The Time Traveler! - The Game, Six d6's, the t-shirt, every game we've published and will publish up until October 2014. That means we'll send you the Pulp! Adventure Estia, and it's card deck as soon as this funds. We've got two more Pulp! Adventures in Editing and Layout, two more supplements in development, a new setting and more in the works.

Santa! - We know fake beards aren't worth a thousand dollars. You get everything at this level and a huge thank you. You are very generous and you've helped bring Beard to the world.

We hope you enjoy Beard!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We've attempted to minimize the risks as much as we possibly could. The game is written and edited. We have a printer and layout artist lined, both of whom are well-know professionals with a lot of experience.

It's always possible that something goes wrong in the printing process or that Daniel will get sick, hurt, angry or have his computer get struck by an asteroid. Delays are possible, but we'd like to think them unlikely.


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    Pirate! - Support the game with your money! In exchange you'll get access to the edited word document version of the game (before proper layout). Print and play or just read it and laugh!

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    Digital Pirate! - Your here for the preview PDFs. It's ok, we like you all the same. Get each preview PDF as soon as all the other backers, and the full version of Scentia, Besieged from Within and Without. If we release any other full versions of PDFs from stretch goals, your guaranteed those as well.

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    Lumberjack! - Pancakes, axes, oxen and a most glorious beard! As Pirate, and you get a physical copy of the game in all it's printed glory! Includes free shipping in the United States and Canada.

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    The Gamer! - You enjoy dwarves, graph paper and dice! Sweet, sweet dice! You need 1 six sided die to play Beard. Others may steal it from their copy of Monopoly but you only want the best. As Lumberjack, and you get Six Custom Beer Star Games d6's.

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    Wizard! - You shoot lightning from your fingers, start and stop the rain as you please, and understand that having a set of fine robes is very important. As Gamer, and you get a fine t-shirt, featuring the Beard King and the phrase 'Year of the Beard!'

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    The Writer! - You may not yet be ready to become an alcoholic, but you'll at least think about it as you take a big step forward to share the bearded word with others. As Wizard!, but we'll work with you on developing a card for a future Beard! Expansion pack.

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    The Cheat! - Maybe no one will notice if you just wear a fake beard. . . As Wizard!, and you get a custom set of six fake beards, with individual pieces you can collect instead of Beard! cards. Our most requested item, in a very limited amount.

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    Producer! - You understand the power of Lucas, Spielberg and depressed Al Gore. Beards get things done! As Writer!, and if we can get to the same convention as you, we guarantee at least 1 hour of time to share a drink and play game. We will be at PAX East and GenCon in 2014.

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    Time Traveler! - With you mighty beard a wagglin' in the streams of all time you make an investment in your future of fun! As Wizard!, and you also get a copy of every product Beer Star Games has currently produced and everything that we release until October 2014!

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    SANTA! - Your generosity knows no bounds! You have made a glorious effort to bring BEARD! to the world. You get everything offered to Producer and Fake Beard, and we'll have everything shipped to us first to sign. You're now our very good friend.

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