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We hope to heal, inspire, and educate people through a channel of ancient cosmic magic!

Video Filmed by Lawrence Martinez, Illustrations by Nick Mann, Song by Nick Mann & Alex Fermanis

Crystal-Eyes is a project that combines ancient wisdom with travel, healing, painting, cinematography, and music. Nick, Alex, and Lawrence  will set out on a journey, collecting crystals along the gem trails of these beautiful United states.  Each crystal/ gem will correspond directly to the 12 constellations of the western zodiac.  Field recordings of rivers, animals, fires, winds and musical instruments will be taken as well.  These recordings will replicate the seven healing frequencies that are emitted by our seven sacred planets.  These frequencies also correspond to the seven chakras in the human body.  All of this magic will be inclosed in a geodesic dome that will be constructed in the near future.  The healing chamber will mirror the microcosmic and macrocosmic magical realms of our solar system and universe.  The dome will be painted with colors that correspond to the various crystals and healing sounds.  A film of the journey will be also shown at the exhibition space.

Goals:  We are conducting this project with the intention of educating, healing, and inspiring people through a channel of ancient wisdom and magic.

Materials needed: rockhounding materials, field recording equipment, film/ processing, geodesic dome construction materials, gas, and vehicle maintenance.

Here are some of the stones we will be rock-hounding for:

Aries: rock crystal, carnelian, diamond, amethyst
Taurus: rose quartz, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, boji stones, amethyst
Gemini: agate, tiger's eye, dendritic agate, apophyllite, phenakite, tourmaline, amethyst
Cancer: aventurine, moonstone, pearl, amber, amethyst
Leo: sunstone, rock crystal, bronzite, boji stones, larimar, amethyst
Virgo: jasper, citrine, peridote, amazonite, garnet, amethyst
Libra: howlite, tourmaline, sapphire, ametrine, jade, amethyst
Scorpio: hematite, topaz, malachite, boji stones, variscite, amethyst
Sagittarius: tiger's eye, chalcedony, topaz, sodalite, sugilite, amethyst
Capricorn: obsidian, onyx, jet, labradorite, magnetite, amethyst
Aquarius: falcon's eye, blue celestine, blue obsidian, moonstone, amethyst
Pisces: calcite, turquoise, smithsonite, amethyst

Donations of any kind will be greatly greatly appreciated!

thank you!!!!

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