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A decorative designer table lamp with true eco-friendly contents using built-in LED module and recycled plastic materials.

A decorative designer table lamp with true eco-friendly contents using built-in LED module and recycled plastic materials. Read More
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About this project

Ah-Bre Table Lamp is the first product we plan to introduce to our eco-friendly product line, EcoDeco. This is a very high quality table lamp with built-in energy efficient LEDs and is constructed with almost half of its contents in recycled materials and over 98% of the contents are readily recyclable materials. The stylish, contemporary design has been created by our design team in Barcelona. This lamp will highlight your home with style.  Last but not least, it is priced reasonably.

Here is a brief explanation for those of you who are new to Kickstarter. The pledges you make entitle you for the corresponding rewards. The pledges have nothing to do with investment in neither the company nor the products. So simply pick the reward you like and make the pledge. In addition, the pledges are not effective until Feb 15th and only if the total amount raised is over $20,000. Every pledge you make is significant in making our dream come true. Your action will make the difference. Your help in spreading the word of this project is much appreciated.

Lamp Shade With Floral Prints
Lamp Shade With Floral Prints

Main Features

  • Contemporary European design patented to avoid piracy.
  • Design inspired by nature and bringing a feel of nature to your home.
  • Highly decorative with a good selection of new colors for lamp body and lamp shade continuously. Lamp Shades are also available with graphic printings to match with your taste and with your furnishings.
  • Smart design of the lamp post and lamp base for handy storage of small personal items such as rings, keys or watches.
  • Use of super high efficient and extra long life LEDs with built in current control circuitry for extra protection and extended life. 
  • Integration of the LED module into the lamp body to achieve a clean and compact design.
  • Integrated light diffuser reduces glare from the LEDs.
  • Built-in dimmer on-off switch controls the intensity of light making it suitable for a bed side reading lamp or a low power night light.
  • A truly eco-friendly product with almost 50% recycled materials and 98% of the materials can be readily recyclable.
  • No toxic materials or surface coating with heavy elements in our products. 
  • Top quality requirements in line with top European/USA brands.
  • All products are covered by a 3 years warranty.

How are EcoDeco lamps truly eco-friendly?

1.      All our lamps use energy efficient LEDs. LEDs use 85% less power than incandescent light bulbs and 30% less power than florescent tubes or light bulbs. In addition, LEDs do not contain any mercury like florescent tubes and bulbs do. LEDs have a typical lifespan of 30,000 hours or more. This is equal to the lifespan of 30 incandescent bulbs. Using 6 hours per day and365 days per year, a LED lamp will last over 13 years. That is why the LEDs in our lamps are not designed to be replaceable.

2.      We maximize the use of recycled materials and materials which are readily recyclable.We believe the best way to reduce the consumption of raw materials is to re-use the old ones. Every part we produce with recycled materials reduces the consumption of primary materials by that much. In addition, we prefer using readily recyclable materials unless there are no suitable alternatives.

For example, here are the key materials used in our first lamp, Ah-Bre:

  • 100% Recycled ABS – usage by weight in the whole product is around 45%. It is used in the lamp base, the dimmer control cover, the lamp post and the lamp shade holder.
  • Polycarbonate – usage by weight in the whole product is around 45%. It is used in the lamp shade and the LED cover. We will switch to using recycled material if we can find a good alternative.
  • Aluminum – usage by weight in the whole product is around 5%. It is used in the heat sink and the printed circuit board for the LED module. According to the International Aluminium Institute, recycling of aluminum products needs as little as 5% of the energy comparing with production of primary aluminum. Recycling is a major aspect of continued aluminum use, as more than a third of all the aluminum currently produced globally originates from scrap. It is reasonable to say that over 30% of the aluminum used in our products is recycled material.
  • All of the above materials are readily recyclable. Other low usage materials in our lamps such as steel, copper and silicon are also readily recyclable. Overall, over 98% of the materials used in our lamps can be readily recycled.

3.      We never use any materials which are toxic or any coating materials which content heavy elements. All our materials and paints comply with the US CPSC requirements for toys. We want to be sure that our products are safe beyond typical lamps.

4.      We minimize the usage of packaging materials while providing sufficient protection for shipping. We maximize the usage of recycled materials in our packaging such as carton inserts and shipping cartons. We do not use Styrofoam (EPS) due to the low efficiency in recycling this material and a very high percentage of EPS ending up in the landfills. We will stop using polybags in our packaging as soon as we can find a good substitute.

Who are we?

This project is a collaboration of three partners in different countries but sharing the same enthusiasm for high quality, eco-friendly and stylish products.

Phil Kimmel runs a marketing and manufacturing company for over 20 years using state of the art equipment in Florida. With the warehousing facilities in Florida, his company will provide the US order fulfilment support for the web-shop we plan to set up after the completion of this project. His manufacturing facilities may also be suitable for new products we will be developing.

Stimulo is a product design company in Barcelona, Spain. They have created many successful products in a variety of categories over the years. Besides their creativity, their knowledges of the technical aspect of the products help them creating products with a good balance of style and functionalities such as the Ah-Bre lamps.

Wing Yen has started his company 15 years ago in Hong Kong providing services in product development, production control and quality assurance for clients in the US, Europe and Japan. He has a passion for high quality products with cool designs such as the Artemide lights and Philippe Starck designs. However, the very high prices have made these products almost like art pieces affordable only by the collectors and museums. It is his dream to offer products with cool designs at affordable prices and combining eco-friendliness thinking into the products.

What is the status of the project and why do we need your help?

Ah-Bre is fully developed with prototypes already tested. We are ready to start the tooling and to place the first production order. We have managed raising the fund needed for the tooling but we are short by $20,000 for the first order. With your supports, we can proceed with the tooling, the first production order and to set up our web-shop offering more of these eco-friendly products.

Product Specs.

LED power: 9W (typical)

Color temperature: 5.0~5.5k

Product height:      40 cm

Product diameter:

      Lamp shade – 26 cm 

      Lamp base – 25 cm.

Power adaptor:

       Input voltage: 110/220Vac

       Output voltage: 22Vdc

       Wire length: 3 meter


We are reserving some of the units from the first production run as rewards at very attractive prices. The normal price we plan to offer the Ah-bre table lamp on our web-shop will be around $100. In addition we have come up with a limited edition for those who want something different for this special event. We have limited the quantity of all rewards available so that we can be sure we will deliver the rewards on time.

Limited Edition Keychain
Limited Edition Keychain
Limited Edition Reward
Limited Edition Reward

Risks and challenges

If the funding of this project is successful, there are still the following steps before the rewards are ready to be dispatched to you. These steps involve different parties which require many months of concentrated effort and follow-up to be sure every step goes as planned. This is a big challenge we have to face up to.

- Start tooling for mass production
- Place first order and start procurement of parts
- Final approval of pre-production samples
- Start production for the first order
- Pre-shipment inspection of finished goods
- Shipment of inspected goods to the US warehouse
- Shipping out of the rewards from our US warehouse

Fortunately, the electronic circuit design has been completed and the complete unit has been life tested for many months without any problem. As all the part drawings are ready, we are ready to proceed with the production tools immediately. Our project management team will monitor closely the mold making process with multiple on-site visits. Our project engineer will work closely with the mold shop engineers along with our own quality assurance engineer to make sure the testing and the debugging of the samples from pre-production pilot runs will be executed effectively and efficiently.

After the approval of the final pre-production samples by our project management according to our quality specifications and applicable international safety standards, we will proceed immediately with production. Our quality control staff will monitor the production processes and sample checking the production to make sure all products will comply with our strict requirements.

We have set a limited quantity for each reward so that we would not be surprised by overwhelming responses. With over 15 years of project management, quality assurance and quality control experiences for multi-million units shipped worldwide, we feel confident we will execute our task satisfactorily on schedule.

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    Pledge $10 or more
    About $10 USD

    0 backers Limited (100 left of 100)

    Keychain With Mirror Back
    - Especially designed for this funding project.
    Made in the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Only United States
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $70 or more
    About $70 USD

    29 backers Limited (71 left of 100)

    Ah-Bre Table Lamp (Early Bird Special)
    - Extra saving on top of the Kickstarter special price. A complete unit of the Ah-Bre Table Lamp together with a power adaptor suitable for USA, EU or UK. The lamp body is in matt white. The lamp shade is in your choice of translucent green or translucent golden orange.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $75 or more
    About $75 USD

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    Ah-Bre Table Lamp
    - Special Kickstarter project price at $25 less than the normal price at our web-shop. A complete unit of the Ah-Bre Table Lamp togther with a power adaptor suitable for USA, EU or UK. The lamp body is in matt white. The lamp shade is in your choice of translucent green or translucent golden orange.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $90 or more
    About $90 USD

    3 backers Limited (297 left of 300)

    Ah-Bre Table Lamp (Limited Edition)
    - In addition to the standard lamp, the lamp shade has the graphic printing in colors designed especially for this funding project. This special color edition will not be offered in the future.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $90 or more
    About $90 USD

    2 backers Limited (298 left of 300)

    An-Bre Table Lamp (Floral Print) - In addition to the standard lamp, the lamp shade has the white floral graphic printing. The lamp body is in matt white.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (33 days)