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Help get the next run of the award-winning show Sally Spectre the Musical up and running on-stage just in time for Halloween/2011!
Help get the next run of the award-winning show Sally Spectre the Musical up and running on-stage just in time for Halloween/2011!
64 backers pledged $3,287 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Sally Spectre the Musical!

I want to thank EVERYONE for EVERY dollar shared with us in order to bring Sally Spectre the Musical back to the stage in October!

This on-line campaign has been a smashing success due to your support and both the production and creative staff are tremendously appreciative. We still have plenty of work to be accomplished before we open, but knowing we have your support and a healthy amount of fresh funds to address the upcoming costs allows us to breathe a little easier and focus on making the show as good as it can be.

Up next - We'll be auditioning in the next few days and hope to announce our cast as soon as the following week.

We'll be sending out occasional updates to keep you informed and you can always go to our facebook page or main site for details!

From our hatchet to yours...

Thank you again! 

David P. Johnson

Let's see how far we can get!

A continued thank you to everyone that's taken the time to look at this campaign and donate to our production! We're starting to collect information and put together everyone's rewards and perks for helping us out. You'll be hearing from us shortly!

All that said - we still have a couple of weeks left on the campaign, and while we've exceeded our initial kickstarter goal as listed, we're hoping that we can collect a bit more, (Not from you - you've all done your part!), in order to continue to offset the pre-production costs of the show. The full pre-production budget calls for over seven thousand dollars! That's right... seven thousand dollars!

So while you've all done your parts and then some, it would be terrific if you could pass on info about our campaign to anyone else that you know that might want to support new musical theatre like Sally Spectre the Musical.

It would be tremendously helpful if you would be willing to post the link to the campaign on your facebook for a few days and just boast about your support of our efforts... Awareness is key! Often your friends and pals just need to know about something in order to provide a little support... and like that old television commercial - they'll tell two friends, and then they'll tell two friends! Before you know it - we'll have all the bills paid and will be able to focus on the creative aspects of the show!

Above all else - I want to thank every single donor in every single category! Every effort and contribution is important and we're thrilled that so many people have already stepped up to help us make this production exceptional!


David P. Johnson

Thanking everyone!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that's already donated!

We've still got more costs on the horizon, (Everything from insurance and advertising to construction expenses, various fees, props, publicity, effects etc.), and have some other fundraising efforts going on... but all of your contributions right here on kickstarter will prove to be tremendously helpful in putting up the show!

That said - we'd be thrilled to have new donors contribute a little here and there to help address these other costs... thanks to all of you - this campaign has already been successful - and now we're hoping to make it an even bigger success!

All of you rushed to our aid and we are extremely grateful!

Simply put - we are moved by your support!

David P. Johnson