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A documentary about how an ordinary man's mental illness inspired him to confront his struggles in an extraordinary way: by walking.


Hey Team WM!

Thank you for everything you've done to support this project. Because of you, we've reached our Kickstarter goal! What's more, we still have 24 hours to grow the team, and every extra dollar helps. If each backer found one new person to pledge support, we could begin editing the film as soon as we finish production in Missouri. The sooner we get Walking Man edited, the sooner the rest of the world gets to see the film that you made possible.

Again, thank you for all that you've done to get us to this point. Let's go make a movie.


Eric & Josh


Our total budget is $82k, but if our Kickstarter can reach these goals, we'll be able to put together a first cut of the movie at bare minimum costs.


Thank you for spreading the word about Walking Man! As a special thanks for your generous support, we're excited to announce two new rewards.

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FROM THE OUTSIDE looking in, Mark Norwine has lived the ideal American life. But he was living with a secret: Mark had lived his entire life battling a misdiagnosed mental illness.

On April 26, 2013, Mark will walk across Missouri by way of the state's historic Katy Trail. This walk is more than just a literal one; it is all part of Mark's journey to process his struggles with childhood bullying, depression, and bipolar disorder. As he travels from Kansas City to St. Louis, Mark will relive his story with friends, family, and those he meets along the road.

Walking Man is more than one man's story.

Mark is emblematic of so many others struggling with mental illness. After our initial shoot in Missouri, we will interview mental health experts and advocates in order to gain insight into how broader health, social, cultural, and political issues influenced Mark's perception of his own mental illness and how these issues affect the national conversation.

Mark's walk will end on May 11, 2013 at a candlelit vigil for those who have lost someone that suffered from mental illness. This last leg of his journey will be taken side-by-side with friends and strangers alike.

...a fitting end, to what would otherwise be a lonely walk.

Mark talks to students about identifying signs of mental illness and suicide
Mark talks to students about identifying signs of mental illness and suicide


  • Created this Kickstarter, the Official Walking Man Website, Twitter Account, and Facebook Page.
  • Wrote a detailed budget and shooting schedule.
  • Developed a film treatment, which will act as a narrative roadmap throughout the filming process.
  • Negotiated discounts of up to 50% for equipment.
  • Received a number of equipment donations -- including cameras.

But there is more to do! And that's why we need all of you.


BY JOINING OUR TEAM you ensure financing of Walking Man's initial production, which takes place from April 26 - May 11, 2013.

Because of your contribution, we will be able to build on what has already been accomplished. This includes:

  • Ensuring our Sound Operator and Director of Photography have the equipment (lenses, microphones, etc.) needed to make a great film.
  • Covering all airfare, lodging, and meals for our hard-working crew.
  • Purchasing hard drives so that our footage is safely stored.
  • Paying a top-notch crew to make sure the film sounds and looks as great as we know it can.


Reaching the base goal of $20,000 guarantees the Missouri portion of the movie can be shot for bare minimum costs. We would love to reach our Missouri shooting budget, $30,000. Every additional dollar contributes to interviews and the post-production process: editing, collecting additional footage, music, sound mixing, and everything else that goes into finishing any movie.

These finishing costs also include preparing the movie for submission and premieres at major film festivals across the U.S. and around the world.

We firmly believe in the power of Mark's story. The central theme of Walking Man coincides with the realities of filmmaking:

No one does it alone.

Thanks for joining the team,

Josh & Eric

For more Walking Man information and all future updates, please visit, follow us on Twitter, or "like" our Facebook Page. Special thanks to CHADS Coalition for their guidance, support, and all of the positive work they continue to do through their organization.

Talking Walking Man with CU@USC!
Talking Walking Man with CU@USC!



After graduating from Columbia College Chicago's film school, Salzberg began his career interning with directors Ridley Scott and Alexander Payne. He went on to co-write and edit Blood Equity, a documentary about the physical and mental health consequences of professional football - featured on HBO's Inside the NFL.

Since then, Salzberg has worked in post production on several movies, including Adam McKay's Step Brothers, The Other Guys and Judd Apatow's latest, This is 40. Most recently, he edited two independent films, the latest an Official Selection of The 2013 Sundance Film Festival.


Norwine's passion for documentary filmmaking was formed while studying at The University of Missouri's Journalism School and eventually The University of Southern California's film school. He produced six short films at USC and would go on to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

Norwine interned with Will Ferrell’s production company and continues to work with his comedy website, Funny or Die. His feature film credits include Fun Size and an upcoming independent film edited by Salzberg.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Every documentary has its challenges, but Walking Man is very fortunate to have an incredible support network.

We have kept our budget as slim as possible, received equipment discounts and donations, and assembled a fantastic crew who have agreed to lowered rates in order to make the best film possible.

While the shoot this spring is a major part of this film, documentaries are made in the editing room. We plan on keeping a tight schedule and have a talented editing crew that is committed to finishing Walking Man in order to make this year's festival deadlines.


  • Kickstarter is all or nothing. If Walking Man fails to reach its goal, all backers are refunded, but that means Walking Man will lose all of the pledges made. We don't want that to happen so keep spreading the word!

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