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This innovative compost bin eliminates all that stinks in kitchen composting. No odors or fruit flies! Hands-free operations.

This innovative compost bin eliminates all that stinks in kitchen composting. No odors or fruit flies! Hands-free operations. Read More
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About this project

Wondering where to store the CompoKeeper?

Watch this video to learn about an exciting new development that gives you storage flexibility. 

When our project runs out of time we'll send out a survey to discover your color and storage option preferences (floor vs under-counter). 


Thanks for taking the time to watch our video and for your help getting our awesome compost bin made in America.

Pre-order a CompoKeeper now for a better composting experience & to keep manufacturing in the US.

Since day 1, the goal was to manufacture the CompoKeeper in America. It doesn't make sense to make such an eco-friendly product in an unfriendly way. 

By supporting our Kickstarter project, YOU can make a BIG difference. The funds raised will be used to pay for the higher tooling costs that US injection molding manufacturing entails. 

Kitchen Composting

When it comes to keeping food scraps in a tiny compost pail, we would have to agree, it stinks.  

  • rotten odors
  • obnoxious fruit flies
  • constant trips to empty it
  • a cluttered countertop 
  • fumbling with the lid

Doing the right thing for the environment shouldn't have to feel like a chore.

Our innovative, patent pending, kitchen compost bin solves all of these problems. 

The Best Compost Bin Ever!

3D Printed Prototype (2013)
3D Printed Prototype (2013)

No odors. No fruit flies. 

The clamping mechanism within the bin automatically seals our 100% compostable bags (ASTM D6400 certified), locking odors in and fruit flies out. 

The CompoKeeper offers quadruple-action odor control. With 1) the bag sealed, 2) holes for improved air circulation, 3) an odor obsorbing carbon filter and 4) a stylized lid - the stench of compost is under control and fruit flies are left looking for another party to crash. 

Stop wasting your time on waste.

Food scraps make up 33% of the average home's waste stream. The realistic (6 gallon) size of the CompoKeeper will allow you to store more for longer. 

Enjoy clean, convenient, hands-off composting.

With the foot pedal doing the work of opening and closing the bag, you get to keep your hands clean and free.

Keep clutter off the counter. 

Due to it's large size and foot pedal operations, the CompoKeeper lives on the floor instead of on your prepping and cooking surfaces. 

Product Dimensions: 16.5'' tall x 12'' wide x 14.8'' deep (15.5'' including foot pedals).

Fearless bag removal.

You don't have to worry about the bag ripping and leaving a rotten mess all over your floor. The bag tote allows you to comfortably remove and carry a full load of food scraps to the compost outside. 

New Design & Colors

We are currently fine-tuning the design to make the CompoKeeper slimmer and sleeker. Head over to our website to see additional computer renderings with color options. 

In addition to incorporating more ease-of-use features suggested by our community, we went to our friends for feedback on color. We presented a variety of color choices to find out which were best suited to the kitchen and over 80% favored one of two colors

With a CompoKeeper PRE-ORDER you'll get to choose which of these two colors you want to display in your kitchen, office or school.

Eggshell-Green Apple   |   Eggshell-Charcoal


We understand some rooms are designed for a bit more flair. Choose the MAKE YOUR MARK reward (on the right) and lend your stylish eye.

Vote on the Third Color from the Options Below.

Green Apple-Charcoal   |   Blueberry-Charcoal

Charcoal-Green Apple   |   Eggplant-Charcoal

Beetroot-Charcoal   |   Cherry-Charcoal  

Compostable Bags

Compostable bags and carbon filters are available in many home goods and grocery stores across the nation. CompoKeeper's compostable bags and carbon filters will also be available through a subscription plan. These items will be delivered to your home, business or school as you need them.

Our bags are BPI approved and meet ASTM D6400 requirements. They're 100% compostable. Click here to find a professional composting facility near you. 

Our Story

This is a true story about a father-daughter duo (Van & Kristen Hess) set out to change the way people think about composting.

Image by Michael Myers, Boulder County Business Report

In 2008, Boulder, CO initiated a curbside composting program to achieve their zero waste goals. The city dropped off a third curbside bin to single family residences for food and yard waste–to be picked it up every other week. 

Well, Van loves to cook and thought it was a good idea but didn't love the idea of odors and fruit flies swarming around the kitchen. So he went into his workshop to tinker. A few weeks later Van emerged with a better way to get his food scraps from the cutting board to the curbside bin.

With a bunch of hand-built prototypes, Van went to the composting community for feedback. After years of testing–improving–testing–improving–testing–and–improving; he's now developed a [ community envisioned ] odor-free compost bin that makes kitchen composting odor-free, clean and convenient.   

Meanwhile, Kristen was working on a Marketing degree while interning for a reputable ad agency. Even so, as a yoga-practicing, earth-loving, minimalist, she wanted nothing to do with businesses that only existed to sell more “stuff.” After surrounding herself with likeminded and inspirational people, Kristen quickly realized that business can be a powerful way to do good

Now, Kristen believes that, 

"Business– injected with passion, honesty and heart-felt intention– can improve a community faster than any other force." 

After graduating from college, Kristen joined forces with Van and, for the last four years, they've been working together to bring the CompoKeeper to the public. 

With the support of friends, family and help from their advisor, Steve Savage, founder and former CEO of Eco-Products and current CEO of NEW (National Eco Wholesale), they're very close to realizing their dream. Give them a hand and get the Best Compost Bin Ever in return.

Timeline Goals

Risks and challenges

TRANSPARENCY is important to us. You can expect that we'll be honest and up-front with you and the rest of our community if any changes or challenges occur.

WHERE WE'VE BEEN: For the last 6 months we’ve been working with a local product design firm. Together we've built a working 3D printed prototype and are now making the finishing touches. The components will be the same however, additional refinements may be incorporated, depending on the community's feedback. We'll only make changes that boosts the product's coolness for everyone.

WHERE WE'RE GOING: We've got US plastic injection molding manufacturers lined up who will do it all; molding, assembly, packaging and shipping too. But, to realize our dream of keeping our product production local, we need to reach our Kickstarter goal in 30 days. When we do, we'll need to fine tune the design details, order the molds and give the green light for our first production run. We're PUMPED!

KEEP IN MIND: Similar to most projects, timeline goals are great, but can be tough to meet. In an injection molding production process, there are a number of challenges that could come up and, as a result, push the expected delivery date back. Supplier delays could also effect our production process.

STILL, we've selected a fantastic team of talented people and partners. Together, we will be working diligently in order to have a high quality product delivered to you by or close to, our estimated delivery date.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • As we've said, we've done A LOT of product testing with composters and here's what they said:

    Jack Macy : We were especially pleased with the design of this compost bin as it allows air to flow through, removing any odor that accumulates. This creative and effective solution to clasp and seal the liner reduces the occurrence of fruit flies and the foot pedal assisted in the ease of use.
    Department of Environment, San Francisco, Zero Waste Coordinator.

    Dan Matsch : This is a must have appliance.
    EcoCycle, Boulder, Compost Department.

    Doug Johnson : After having a resident of our community sample the prototype model we can now attest to the value and functionality of the product. As the manager of Creekside Soils, I would be pelase to recommend your product to our residents as I believe it to be a great storage option to help increase participation in our program.
    Creekside Soils, Minnesota, General Manager.

    Ryan Welsh: I like that I can easily dump the sink strainer or handfuls of pineapple rind into the CompoKeeper without having to fumble with a lid.
    CompoKeeper User

    Dale Ottley : "I've tried three kitchen composters including yours and the CompoKeeper stands far about the rest with no odor, spillage or flies"
    CompoKeeper User

    Jessica Burtenshaw : "We love the CompoKeeper! I'm shocked that it really has no smell, even when it's filled to the top."
    CompoKeeper (Business) User

    Jennifer Wisher "We love the CompoKeeper. We have a staff of about 35 staff on this floor so it gets a lot of use and works well for a shared space. It totally keeps the smell down."
    CompoKeeper (Business) User

    Stacey : I've actually been using the CompoKeeper as a diaper pail and it works fantastic. The foot pedal is very sturdy and easy to use and the secure closing keep the odor in the bin. I would highly recommend this product."
    CompoKeeper (ComPooKeeper) User

    Karin Olah Knowlton : No diaper pail compares to the ComPOO-Keeper. Not only does it effectively trap odors, it's simple and efficient, easy to change bags, and HANDS FREE! Hallelujah! I love your invention and it's changed my life for the better! Thank YOU!
    CompoKeeper (ComPooKeeper) User

    Vanessa Adao : This is great! I'm totally OCD and scared of bugs, and because of that, I have never had a trash can inside my house. What I do on a daily basis is throw every bit of trash into a little bag and give it a knot to keep it closed. At the end of the day I throw that into the trash outside. You just solved my problem.
    Excited about CompoKeeper

    Liz Donaghy : As an organic gardener who is committed to composting and teaching others about it, I would recommend this product to my clients.
    Excited about CompoKeeper

    Last updated:
  • The bags are 100% compostable but break down slower in a backyard system because backyard compost piles rarely get as hot as a professionally regulated systems. "Gourmet" or fast composters tend to empty their food waste into the pile and leave the bags out. You can bury the bags in another spot and they'll break down over time. When left in the compostable bags will completely disintegrate between 1-6 months.

    Last updated:
  • You're not alone! Follow this link to learn 3 Simples Steps to Start Composting:

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