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Support our teen company performances, musicians and tech for Keur Khaleyi's second annual African dance concert: Mansa Bakary 2

Keur Khaleyi African Dance Company turns two! 

For our second annual showcase, Mansa Bakary 2, July 7, 2012, we're raising funds for costumes for our teen dancers and other production costs.  Keur Khaleyi, (pronounced Hah-lay-ye), means house of the children --we prioritize the transfer of our shared African cultural legacy to young people of all backgrounds. Community classes for children, teens and adults focus on conveying the traditional songs, rhythms and movements of the dances. 

Mansa Bakary is a story about the Mandinka King who led an expedition across the Atlantic to the Inca civilization. He realized that both Mandinka and Inca shared a lot of similarities in customs and religions, therefore they celebrated.
The teen company is preparing two pieces for our summer showcase: Lenjeng and Sunu. Your donations keep our company and community programs going and specifically support the construction of traditional beaded tops and dance belts for our teen company members, traditional costumes for our young drummers, payment for musicians and production costs for lighting and sound tech for the 2012 concert.


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    You give for the joy of giving. We know how you roll. We'll thank you by listing your name in our conference program recognition list, even though giving is your true reward.

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    Your show of support is greatly appreciated. We humbly invite you to join the family. Come and take a class at Eubie Blake Cultural Center (one free class, master classes excluded). We have classes for children and adults. It's a great workout and all levels are welcomed. Not a local? We can't pay your travel, but we'll hold a space for whenever you have a chance to visit.

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    You donate as a service. We receive your gift with gratitude. Come to the show on us. Please join us if you can. While we can't help you travel to the show, we will save one (1) ticket for you. And you can take a free a class as listed above and have your name published in the program..

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    You want to make a difference. You have!! And for your generosity, we have all the prior items--one (1) class, one (1) ticket to the show (but you have to get yourself to Baltimore without our help) and your name in the program. We'll help you keep that happy African Dance feeling all year long with one (1) copy of the Mansa Bakary 2 DVD, mailed directly to you when they are done.

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    You are looking to make an impact. We want to thank you in a big way, with a 1/4 page individual recognition add in our commemorative program. And bring a friend to class or to the show: two (2) classes and two (2) concert tickets are on us (excluding travel to Baltimore and lodging) and yours to share.You still get the DVD. Ah, sweet memories!

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    You are a supporter. Your donation is making things happen. We want to give you something that will keep us close to your heart and make you one of us. A Keur Khaleyi T-Shirt! You'll get four (4) tickets to the concert plus all the other goodies from reward level 5, including the 1/4 page thanks, dance classes for two (2, excluding travel and expenses). So start thinking of who you want to bring. And relive the excitement until the next year by watching the DVD at home.

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    You are a true patron of African dance. Your donation insures we can continue to pass on these cultural traditions to adults and children alike. And pay the drummers. Let us continue sharing African culture by bringing the teen company to perform at your venue (withing 90 minutes driving distance of Baltimore or further, if you support the transportation and any needed lodging). We'll also provide four (4) tickets to the concert, DVDs from both the 2011 and the upcoming 2012 concert, one 10 class card for adults or one month of children's classes for your favorite young person. And become one of us by wearing your own Keur Khaleyi company T-Shirt.

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