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Rook City is the first expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Rook City is the first expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
402 backers pledged $27,880 to help bring this project to life.

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Core Games Shipped!


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Kickstarter: Complete!

Wow!  This entire process has been amazing!  Well done, Sentinels fans!

We are so thrilled to have been able to do this, and now, with your help, we will print the Rook City expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse!  In the next few days, you will start receiving messages from us asking for the information we need.  Addresses, preferences, pictures of you to be put in the game, etc.  After the start of next year, we will begin polling you fantastic people to determine which of the revealed arts you like most as art prints, so keep watching for more of those!  Why, look!  Here's some now:

Expatriette's "Flak Jacket"!

A defensive card which allows her to negate massive damage she might otherwise be dealt!

Plague Rat's "Sewer Fiend"!

A card which allows Plague Rat to blend in to his surroundings, protecting him from Environment damage.

Great work, everyone!  We are deeply honored to have had such a phenomenal outpouring of support, and look forward to showing all of the cool things we will do as a result!

Almost there!

This is it!  We are in our final 24 hours, and we're scrambling to get everything ready here at Greater Than Games.  We'll post another update tomorrow about what will happen moving forwards, but first, let's push this through to the end!  If you have been biding your time, waiting to see what happens with this Kickstarter, wait no longer - the time is now!  Have you told your friends?  The window is swiftly closing, so get your last minute pledges in so we can all make this entire Rook City experience the best it can be!

Here are some exciting arts for passing the 26k level!

Expatriette's "Speed Loading"!

Plague Rat's "Ravage"!

Art Prints for everyone!

$25k? Sentinels fans are the greatest fans!  We still have a few days to go, and will continue to show off exciting arts at every additional 2k level.  We've had such a positive response to Mr. Fixer's Driving Mantis that we are going to open up the art prints for requests.  Instead of just us picking our three favorites, we will send out a vote as part of the final Kickstarter information gathering give you all the choice of which art prints we will produce!  So, keep an eye out for more revealed art as we get ready for our big finish in just a few days.  Hey, here's some art now!

Finish strong, Sentinels fans!

More art!

Woo!  24k!  Looks like we won't have any problem getting those Rook City art prints to everyone at the 25k level!  Think we can make it to 30k for shirts as well?

Here's one of Plague Rat's cards: Vicious Onslaught!

Look out, Bunker!  This is one of the few cards in which Plague Rat is just attacking the heroes!  He has lots of vile tricks, so be wary!

Keep an eye on our Twitter for any Sentinels news as it happens!