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Infernal Relics is the second expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
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PAX Prime 2012!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Greetings, start kickers!

Next week, Greater Than Games is going to PAX Prime! We will be on the 6th floor in booth 6416, so come by and see us, because we'll have exciting things happening in the booth!

(Here's a bigger version of that map.) What sorts of exciting things? Similar to what we did for Gen Con, we air-shipped 200 copies of Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Edition and 200 copies of Infernal Relics, so we will at least have some products to sell. If you are a Kickstarter backer, come by and pick up your rewards, but be forewarned: this is on a first come, first served basis. We are very sorry for any misunderstanding that occurred before - we simply do not have the storage space to bring games and not unload them by the end of the con, but we do not anticipate selling out as quickly as we did at Gen Con, as PAX is a very different show. Same as before, if you want someone else who will be attending to pick up rewards, message us with their name so we can be certain we have them on file. They will need your full name and an ID proving they are who they claim to be to pick up your rewards.

Besides just having copies of our games, promos, playmats, and t-shirts, we will also be doing our organized cooperative play in the booth! Play Sentinels of the Multiverse and win Sentinels Points, which you can use to win all sorts of nifty prizes!

Look at those nifty banners! They worked marvelously at Gen Con, but we've added something new to the line-up since then. Now, we also have Sentinels of the Multiverse PINS!

How cool are they? Answer: very cool. Thanks to Ken at Geek-Craft, we have a limited supply of these awesome pins and will be giving them away for 50 Sentinels Points a piece (while supplies last, of course).

Also, we will have art prints and playmats, even though we did run out of them at Gen Con. We have a fresh new batch for PAX! Here's that playmat again, in case you missed it before.

So, if you're going to be at PAX, definitely come by and see us!

We have received word on the mega-shipment of all the games and they're due in our warehouse sometime in the first week of September! So, as soon as we get back from PAX we'll be able to start shipping out your rewards! 

Thanks again for your patience, and keep on protecting the Multiverse!


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    1. Penny on

      I picked up my games but didn't receive the art prints. Will those be sent to me?

    2. Brian Denning on

      You'll put up a announcement once the shipments go out, right?

    3. David A. Harris on

      Is there any way else to get the buttons? I can't go to PAX PRIME.

    4. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      We are also selling the playmat for $49.95!

    5. Escher0

      Awesome, I didn't know you guys would be at PAX, that lets me get my game earlier! Are you guys selling the playmat also or is it just available with points?

    6. Penny on

      Can't wait to see you at Pax!

    7. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      Yup! For PAX, we will only have 7 pins. If they are a hit, we will do more in the future!

    8. Russ Luzetski on

      Shiny! Are those seven (the Freedom Five, BB, and SotM) the only pins? Just want to make plans for which we're going to pick up. :-)

    9. Chad Denton on

      So jealous, those pins would have gone great with the huge collection of random pins I somehow acquired at GenCon.

    10. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      Yup! Just show up, prove that you are who you say you are, and you'll get your rewards. Also, same as Gen Con, anyone who picks up their Kickstarter rewards will also get 200 Sentinels Points, which is 4 pins! You only need 150 more points to get ALL the pins!

    11. HikariStarshine on

      So if we want to do a PAX pickup, do we need anything besides an ID with our names?

      And if we do that, do we get Sentinels points? Those pins look spectacular.