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Infernal Relics is the second expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
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Gen Con Pickup!

Since yesterday's update, we've had a lot of questions about how we're handling the picking up of games by Kickstarter backers at Gen Con. Here's the plan:

 - You come by booth #1404 any time during regular show hours on any of the show days (Thursday through Sunday). 

 - Tell us your name and be able to prove it! Photo ID, con badge, something like that. (If you want a friend to pick it up for you, be sure we have that friend's name before Gen Con, please!)

 - Collect your game(s)! Also, we are giving any Kickstarter backers who pick their rewards up at Gen Con 200 Sentinels Points!

Pretty simple, right? So, you don't necessarily need to let us know if you're picking up your stuff in advance. Only if there is something out of the ordinary, such as, "Oh, I can't make it to Gen Con, but my friend Meredith Stinson will be there - can she pick it up for me?" At which point, we'll make a note that Meredith Stinson is picking up your games and rewards. She'll need to prove that she's really Meredith Stinson, though!

Hope this helps - we look forward to seeing you there!


    1. Creator Chad Denton on July 27, 2012

      So glad I'm actually going to GenCon this year!

    2. Creator Rebecca Zoole on July 20, 2012

      Be prepared for the thrilling spectacle: hundreds of GenCon goers, standing one by one to join in the cry of "I'm Meredith Stinson!"

    3. Creator Christopher D on July 20, 2012

      Meredith Stinson is Tachyon.

    4. Creator David A. Harris on July 20, 2012

      Maybe.... MAYBE.. Meredith Stinson is the name of an upcoming hero or villain in an expansion!!!!

    5. Creator Jason Arnold on July 20, 2012

      Mental note: make a Meredith Stinson disguise.

    6. Creator Tim on July 20, 2012

      Could Meredith pick up ALL our orders? I mean, I figure she's got to be faster about deliveries than any other shipping service.

    7. Creator Fred Graves on July 20, 2012

      I would have thought you'd easily recognize Meredith Stinson. ;)